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Duplicate Store by Small Victories

Duplicate Store by Small Victories

Developed by Small Victories

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  • One click action to have your store duplicated, including all products, collections, pages and blog posts
  • Saves you time from creating a new store and exporting manually
  • Avoid risks in your current store and use a duplicated store to test new features and apps

Easy and Automatic Store Duplication

This service allows you to automatically create a new store and export all your products, collections, pages and blog posts. The new store will use your current Shopify's contact email. Once the new store is ready, we will email you instructions on how to access your new store admin.

How It Works

  1. Click the "Get" button on this page to install the app in your store.

  2. Once installed, go to your /admin/apps section and click the Duplicate App link.

  3. Once in the App, click in the "Start duplicate process" button to start the duplicate process.

  4. A set up page will appear, and then you just need to wait for all processes to complete

  5. Once the setup process is over, the screen will change and then you will be provided with two links:

    • One to access your new duplicated store

    • Another to setup your admin password

Please let us know at support@smallvictories.co if there is any problem through the process.

What Duplicate Copies

  • Products — Duplicate copies products and product details, including product images, from one store to another.

  • Collections — Duplicate copies both smart collections and custom collections from one store to another.

  • Pages — Duplicate copies your pages from one store to another.

  • Blog — Duplicate copies your blog, and blog posts, from one store to another store.



Duplicate Store is a free service. No hidden fees. We make money if you end up paying to Shopify for your duplicated store (Shopify pays us, you don't need to pay us anything).

About the team

Duplicate Store is built by Small Victories. We've been working with Shopify's platform for the last 5 years, helping thousands of store owners to grow their business. We have published two successful Shopify Themes: Colors and California theme.

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I don't have any immediate plans to use it but installed it just in case I do want to use it in the future. Installed easily enough. Will give it five stars just for the good concept.



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