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Duplicate Your Store

Duplicate Your Store

Developed by Small Victories

24 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • One click and you have your store duplicated
  • Uses a store you already created or it automatically creates one for you
  • Choose the data to duplicate: products, collections, pages, blog posts, theme, customers, orders

Easy and Automatic Store Duplication

Our app allows you to automatically create a new store, with the same design as your current store and with all your current products, collections, pages and blog posts. You can also transfer your customers information and orders history. The new store will use your current Shopify's contact email. Once the new store is ready, we will email you instructions on how to access your new store admin.

Note: The functionality to export products is currently limited to stores with less than 1,500 products. Also the functionality to export collections is limited to a max of 10,000 collection products, and for customers and orders is limited to a max of 5,000 customers and 1,000 orders. If you need to import a larger amount of orders contact support@smallvictories.co.

What Duplicate Can Copy

  • Products — Including product images and product variants.

  • Collections — Including smart collections and custom collections.

  • Pages

  • Blog — Including blog posts.

  • Theme (*) — Copies your current store design (active theme files) to the new store.

  • Orders history — Including customers and orders.

  • Redirects

  • Metafields — Including store, product, variants, collections, pages, blog posts, customers and orders metafields.

* - Due to Shopify's API limitations, the app will not be able to copy your navigation menus or the images uploaded through the theme editor (like your logo, your slideshow images, etc.). You will need to re-upload those manually.


Can I use an already created store as the new store?

Yes. The app provides you with that option. Be ready to provide us your new store url and its api credentials.

Can the app change our original store in the process of duplicating it?

No. The app just requests READ permissions. And once you have duplicated your store, you can always remove the app from your store if you want.

Is there anything we would need to do manually to finish the duplication?

Yes. You might need to reinstall your apps (tutorial), configure your store settings (tutorial) and rebuild your navigation (tutorial).

Also for themes with assets imported through the theme editor (logo, slideshow images, etc.), you might need to reupload those.

That should be all.

How customers information will be imported?

All customers information will be imported, except for the login credentials. For security reasons Shopify doesn't provide access to that information, so there is no way for the app to export that information. No email notification will be sent through this process to the customers.

Can we, fairly untechnical store owners, do it or does it require some more advanced knowledge of Shopify?

No technical skills are needed for using this app.

About the team

Duplicate Store is built by Small Victories. We've been working with Shopify's platform for the last 5 years, helping thousands of store owners to grow their business. We have published two successful Shopify Themes: Colors and California theme.


If you have questions before purchasing, contact us at support@smallvictories.co.

Duplicate Your Store reviews

24 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Nice APP!
It works well on my store.

Highly recommend it !!!


Damn it! I found this app too late - I'd already manually duplicated a large amount of my shop. However, I did pay the once off fee of $5 to duplicate my 40+ blog posts - super easy to use, did it in seconds. Recommend!


Had an initial miscommunication with the support team due to an unreceived e-mail. However they managed to reach out to me and fix the situation. The app is very easy to use and works very well (only imported Products + Collections).


Fantastic app, just what we needed.
Developers have created a powerful tool and offer 5*, instant customer service.



I used this app to duplicate my theme, collections, products, etc. to another account and it did so more or less to perfection. There was an issue exporting my theme because it surpassed Shopify's 20MB limit over their API but before I could even write to their team to notify them of the issue, they had already emailed me to let me know they were aware of the problem and would export it manually. After a few minutes they notified me it was done and after checking my theme was installed perfectly. Stellar customer service and very well-working product. Would totally recommend.


The app did 95% within a few minutes. There was an issue apparently, but it was immediately solved by the developer, without any involvement from our side - not even an email - I wouldn't have noticed it if it weren't for an automatic email from Shopify.
I only needed to add the menus and everything works perfect!


Very useful and effective app. Does exactly as advertised, will copy over data but not site settings or interfere with existing store's code. It also doesn't remove any of your current data, don't need to panic about that. 100% recommended!


Waning: Once you hit ‘products’ you have no choices. No way out! You do not pick the products. Even if you just one to import items from one niche, this app will grab hundreds - all you items and suck them in. Even shutting off my computer did not end the nightmare. In my panic I accidentally deleted 50 items from my original store. It is not as easy as they claim to install and Satan himself can’t kill this app once it starts something. Uninstalling in mid move saved me from hours of damage control - or should I say hours more damage repair.


This is a great app. It saves you Time but not money. For a full duplication, you will pay $40. Keep in mind that the whole process can be done in a few hours manually if you follow the Shopify instructions.

I needed to duplicate my store fast and this app allowed me to seamlessly do that. And although I can do it all on my own in a few hours, the time saving allowed me to move onto other parts of m project.


This APP worked fantastic and saved me a ton of time. They were very helpful making this smooth


Export Products FREE
Export Collections +$10.00
Export Pages +$5.00
Export Blogs +$5.00
Export Theme +$5.00
Export Customers +$10.00
Export Orders +$10.00
Export Redirects +$20.00
Include Metafields +$20.00

No ongoing costs.


Shopify Basic or higher


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