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Duplicate Your Store

Duplicate Your Store

Developed by Small Victories

13 reviews
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  • One click and you have your store duplicated
  • Uses a store you already created or it automatically creates one for you
  • Choose the data to duplicate: products, collections, pages, blog posts, theme, customers, orders

Easy and Automatic Store Duplication

Our app allows you to automatically create a new store, with the same design as your current store and with all your current products, collections, pages and blog posts. You can also transfer your customers information and orders history. The new store will use your current Shopify's contact email. Once the new store is ready, we will email you instructions on how to access your new store admin.

Note: The functionality to export products is currently limited to stores with less than 5000 products. Also the functionality to export customers and orders is limited to a max of 5000 customers and 5000 orders. These limits will be increasing on the coming weeks.

What Duplicate Can Copy

  • Products — Including product images and product variants.

  • Collections — Including smart collections and custom collections.

  • Pages

  • Blog — Including blog posts.

  • Theme — Copies your current store design (active theme) to the new store.

  • Orders history — Including customers and orders.


Can I use an already created store as the new store?

Yes. The app provides you with that option. Be ready to provide us your new store url and its api credentials.

Can the app change our original store in the process of duplicating it?

No. The app just requests READ permissions. And once you have duplicated your store, you can always remove the app from your store if you want.

Is there anything we would need to do manually to finish the duplication?

Yes. You might need to reinstall your apps (tutorial), configure your store settings (tutorial) and rebuild your navigation (tutorial).

Also for themes with assets imported through the theme editor (logo, slideshow images, etc.), you might need to reupload those.

That should be all.

How customers information will be imported?

All customers information will be imported, except for the login credentials. For security reasons Shopify doesn't provide access to that information, so there is no way for the app to export that information. No email notification will be sent through this process to the customers.

Can we, fairly untechnical store owners, do it or does it require some more advanced knowledge of Shopify?

No technical skills are needed for using this app.

About the team

Duplicate Store is built by Small Victories. We've been working with Shopify's platform for the last 5 years, helping thousands of store owners to grow their business. We have published two successful Shopify Themes: Colors and California theme.


If you have questions before purchasing, contact us at support@smallvictories.co.

Duplicate Your Store reviews

13 reviews
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We used this app to transfer our store to a new Shop when we changed the name of our business along with overall structure. We could not be more pleased with how easy this app was to use at such an affordable price too! We had one minor issue with our theme icons after transfer. The team at Small Victories responded right away and immediately fixed the issue. Truly excellent customer service and an all around great app! I 100% recommend this app!


Works as promised. Store got duplicated quickly and its easy to set up.

Best and fastest support I've seen so far. Perfect!!


Brilliant app, easy to use and made life so much easier! Great customer service too - thanks for your help Guille!


Does what it does! Fast support


Does exactly as advertised, will copy over data but not site settings. The process for around 180 products and 30 collections took around 30 mins.

For the price it's really worth it, nice to have to pay monthly for an app for once!


Very helpful app and helpful team. It save us big time. Highly recommended. It does what it says. Thanks heaps for the help. Cheers


Very effective and useful app, especialy if you have two, identical Shopify shops and need to copy one from the other. I worked with a few other apps and they eiher did not work or, worse yet, scrambled our store. This app not only works well and eaasily but does not interfere with your existing store's code.

Great customer support, too. Will respond at all hours and over the weekend and will go out of their way to troubleshoot and help as needed. I would definitely recomend this over


AWESOME APP! We all knew that it was an incredible headache but with this incredible app it was a matter of 10 minutes. It work exactly as demonstrated and you literally install the app, sit back and watch it all happening in front of you! Guys, I contacted Shopify support to notify them of this incredible handy app! Well done and I will definitely use this on all my future stores we have to duplicate! I would have easily paid $50 for it!


Please note, that your orders and customers are not part of the default settings. If you miss those there is no other way to import previous order data so you have to start all over again by creating a second shop.

I have a "baby" store. Less than 200 orders. It took several hours to copy and the "Lifetime Spent" and "Average Order" for the Customers isn't copied over so therefore it's pretty much useless to me.

They also nag you consistently to change your review. You gain a second star guys because they acutally answer their email.

If you just want the copy over products, theme, collections over to a different shop, this is your app. If you want to acutal have useable duplicated order data well - better luck trying a paid app which is my next stop.

All I wanted was to change the login myshopify.com domain for my shop and have EVERYTHING else stay the same. Shopify won't let you change it so I wasted hours of my life waiting for this.


I had a situation where I needed to transition my store to a new tax ID...

Shopify reports your credit card transactions annually, as is required for any credit card processor.

Shopify was unwilling to split my store's tax reporting into a "before" and an "after"; so I was forced to start an entirely new store just for tax reporting reasons.

The "Duplicate Your Store" app helped me a lot. It took a lot of the work our of the transfer. Thanks, Small Victories. Totally worth it.


Export Products FREE
Export Collections +$5.00
Export Pages +$5.00
Export Blogs +$5.00
Export Themes +$5.00
Export Customers +$10.00
Export Orders +$10.00


Shopify Basic or higher


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