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  • Reach more than 171 million active buyers
  • Manage your store’s inventory and sales channels all in one place
  • Expand your brand footprint on eBay’s global marketplace

Selling with Shopify and eBay

When you integrate your Shopify business on eBay, you can effortlessly sync your products, manage your eBay orders, and increase your sales velocity.

It’s simple to merge your Shopify business onto eBay. eBay’s Shopify partnership gives your business instant exposure to the eBay online marketplace and mobile apps. It has never been easier to increase the visibility of your products and become a better seller.

Here’s what you can do when you sell with Shopify and eBay:

  • Consolidate your inventory and order management fluidly between Shopify and eBay

  • Grow your brand footprint on eBay’s global marketplaces

  • Manage your eBay business policies from inside Shopify

  • Communicate with customers using built-in eBay messaging

  • Increase your selling velocity

  • Showcase your products to more than 171 million buyers on the web and mobile

Now’s the perfect time to get selling with eBay and Shopify. Take your business to the next level, and let our eBay app simplify your multi-channel strategy.

** The eBay sales channel is currently available for eBay.com (US only). eBay Motors (Parts & Accessories) and additional geographical markets will be supported in the near future.

eBay reviews

58 reviews
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A week after installing and integrating my shop I get an email from Ebay that says my account is suspicious and so they have to Terminate it and in fact, they further went on to tell me to NOT attempt to create another account.
This app is a total JOKE!!!!!!!


Doesn’t work right! Keeps canceling my listings over and over. I constantly have to relist after a day or so. With as terrible as terrible as eBay is to sellers they probably won’t fix this glitch because they make money From the listing fees.


Very Buggy.


I lost my top level status because of this app.....randomly it adds your products for sale for 0.00 with shipping of 2.94....I had to cancel the customers orders resulting in me losing top level status.....THANKS EBAY!


Started using this sales channel a few months ago with enthusiasm and started with about 300 products. Knowing there might be bugs I still went all in. Overall the sales channel app is a good platform to quickly get products onto eBay. I've had minor success and got my first sales using it. However, the fees add up quickly. Most importantly my settings keep getting changed, specifically "shipping". For some reason, things keep getting changed to "FREE SHIPPING" even after I do a bulk edit to all products to have "CALCULATED SHIPPING" only. When the margins are so low there is no room for error. This has put me in the red so many times. I have to remember to go in every day and reset the shipping in bulk to calculated vs. free and even then I'm really not sure if it is happening. I contacted eBay over the phone and got the run around from CSR's that have no idea how to handle this and would not let me speak to a programmer. I was on the phone so long I got exhausted and gave up. Even today as I write I just got an order for a popular product and its shipping is free even though I know I did a bulk edit 2 days ago to make sure everything is calculated shipping only. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think so. eBay really pushes the idea of free shipping so as to become a power seller but they aren't the ones losing money. Everybody makes out except me when this happens. Ebay, my supplier, and the buyer are all happy and who cares if the seller loses money. "Customer satisfaction first," they say. "Join our webinar" to find out how much more money you can lose by keeping customers and eBay happy. I was skeptical about using eBay again for a long time because of the policy of seller comes last. Now I'm back to the same skepticism. I may not use this sales channel app for a while until things get better. Between the high fees and lack of communication, I will be more selective about what gets put on eBay. Sellers last shouldn't be how this business operates. There needs to be balance.

There are other issues with settings. Dimensions and weights aren't loading properly and are inaccurate. All pics don't load. Important things! Why do companies allow other business to be test dummies? Make it right and don't wait for a bad review. Don't you even check your work? I like how they ask to contact them directly instead of leaving a bad review, which I did. Waste of time.

I would like to give a better rating and sell more and make more money. However, until eBay lowers the costs of doing business with them and or backs the sellers as much as buyers, it's not going to happen. I bet the billing will never get adjusted in my favor for these errors either.

Good luck everyone.


eBay is the worst sales app and I would not recommend it to anyone to use it.. I made mistake I did and I wish I didn't. First of all eBay has closed 4 of my cases without checking updates on tracking numbers before closing cases and refunded money back to customers. When I called to find out why they closed my case while items are almost delivered to customers where tracking number clearly shows where the item is and how far is from delivery they said to me "Oops we're sorry that this has happened, this shouldn't have happened and we didn't check updates on tracking number" Then they said once the tracking number shows that items are delivered you can re appeal the case.So I waited for items to be delivered to re appeal the case so once items where delivered and I was ready to repeal the case they put restriction on my account and removed all my listings that I have imported from my shopify store and told me the reason why they restricted my account is because they need to verify my account and that I need to send them some documents for account verification. So after 2 months after I created eBay seller account and made sales and build my customers base they decided to restrict account for account verification and remove all my listings while my shopify store is directly connected to my eBay seller account. SO them doing that to my account I lost all my listings I had on my eBay account and I lost all my customers. Plus they have told me that I can not re appeal my cases while my account is restricted. In fact, so I did send them all documents to verify my account but they keep sending emails back asking for more and more documents and I keep sending them but nothing yet has happened. They have not removed my restriction on my account yet and I'm still waiting for them to remove restriction and it has been 3 weeks already and nothing yet.What eBay is doing to sellers is beyond every imagination and so ridiculous. So guys be careful my advice is to everyone don't use this app. If you do you just gonna experience lots of problems and headaches and lose your money. I would not recommend this app to anyone and I'm deleting this app from my shopify store and I would never use it again it's not worth it and it is so wrong and unfair what eBay is doing to sellers.


At first things seemed to be going well. Items imported well. The big issue came in with shipping and buyers providing negative feedback. I updated all the products to say shipping fro overseas. Somehow after some days the information that I have put in countless times disappeared over and over again. I would save and close and submit changes. Ebay customer service took money from my paypal account several times without investigating. One particular time the item was at the post office and the buyer did not pick it up so ebay took the money from me saying the buyer did not get the item. I signed up for the 3 months free and instead was charged. Be careful.


Horrible app!!! It caused me to get 10 negative feedbacks. When I called eBay for help with this they told me to, "Contact Shopify. We can't help you."
The app caused errors in my listings that I didn't catch until it was too late.


12/01/17 - I eventually removed this sale channel / app from my Shopify store ; too many issues, very versatile & instable app (sometimes the app updates your Shopify inventory, sometimes is does not, so you have to check your inventory after each sale) ; even if you check "unavailable on ebay" your products will still appear in "ready to publish" ; etc etc etc

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EDIT 11/10: much better!!! many improvements!!! way to go developers :) keep going and I will sometime give you 5 stars!!!

to those who have not installed this app yet: WAIT TILL THEY HAVE FIXED ALL THE BUGS & ERRORS!! import & mapping works sometimes... linking eBay & Shopify products does not work at all... publishing an item on eBay is not automatic but as there's no filter to retrieve your newly listed items you have to browse all your inventory to select new items one by one... that's really too bad, I was expecting a lot more than this half finished half working app :( I was supposed to save time and eventually wasted dozens of hours trying to make it work!! I will keep using this app because I've been craving for something like this but I really hope the developers will improve it.

Can I rate this app with 0 stars? the more I use it, the more I hate it!!! new bugs appear randomly transforming the supposedly smooth transfer from Shopify to Ebay in the worst nightmare ever!!! PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!!


After trying to get this app setup on ebay with no success, i call eBay. Ebay stated that they do not support third party apps. I guess this is why we are having trouble with installing this app. I would not recommend this app to anyone. Because to my understanding from ebay it is in violates ebay rules.


Free to install, fees may apply


Shopify Lite $9/mth Plan or Higher
PayPal account for eBayfree
eBay U.S. accountfree
Sell in USD currency


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