Enalito: Intelligent Marketing

Enalito: Intelligent Marketing

by Enalito Automation

Store Analytics & Marketing Automation for Retention & Growth

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Monitor Business Health

Unearth 100+ insights that drive retail conversion & revenue growth. Understand customers and products using vital ecommerce metrics.

Engage & Retain Customers

Most accurate personalized omnichannel recommendations for revenue growth and optimal discounting for maximizing profits.

Maximize ROI

Drill down to each product’s sales performance to target the right customers with right products to get maximum ROI on your digital spend.

About Enalito: Intelligent Marketing

Do you know?

  1. Customer retention costs less compared to customer acquisition costs.
  2. By increasing customer retention an eCommerce store can increase its profits significantly.

Enalito has three Modules, namely Analytics, Onsite Personalization, and Promo.

1. Analytics: Understand Your Products & Customers

Analytics module will help you with three main things:

  1. Generate Smart Customer and Product Segments
  2. Evaluate important Business KPIs
  3. Strategize Digital Marketing Spend

It will give business insights into:

  • Customer & Product 360 Degree Overview
  • Profitability of customers & future revenue potential
  • Products most likely to be purchased
  • Most profitable products and similar products
  • Product & Customer RFM scores
  • Engagement History including browse, purchase & email engagement
  • AOV, Purchase Frequency, Purchase Latency, Current Lifetime Value, Future Lifetime Value
  • VIP customers
  • Customers, you are about to lose
  • Customers, you have lost
  • Customers who were loyal once but not anymore
  • Customers who may come back if you send them right campaign
  • Customers targeted wrongly leading to lower retention rate
  • Star Products
  • Poor Products - should not be shown or can be removed from inventory
  • And many more important insights

2. Promo: Omni-Channel Marketing

Promo will help you to:

  • Run Personalized Marketing Campaigns via Digital Channels
  • Use Dynamic Discounting: Based upon the discount behavior of individual customers, where customers get personalized discount coupons
  • Maximize Profitability: Maximise business profitability by identifying and promoting the highest margin products to only those customers with the highest propensity to purchase them.

3. Onsite Personalization using AI

  1. Onsite Personalization Engine makes product discovery seamless by showing personalized product recommendations based on their behavior for most effective upselling & cross-selling
  2. Onsite Personalization increases the click-through rate & conversion rate manifold
  3. Personalization engine's AI algorithm is able to understand the buying intent of the customers and are therefore able to display personalized recommendations automatically on the home page, category page, product page, checkout page, blog, and other pages:
  • Recommendation based upon Browsing
  • Recommendations for you
  • More of Your Choice
  • Customer's Who Bought Also Bought
  • Seasonal Best Seller
  • Trending Products
  • and many more types of recommendations.

Onsite Personalization would also help to identify:

  • Which products the customers are most likely going to buy and when?
  • Which products will best engage customers, when to present it and how often?
  • What incentives to offer to customers in order to maximize their order value and purchase frequency

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$100 for Every 10k Customers or every 100K Emails/Month Or every 50K Page Views/ Month Or $50K Revenue/ Month

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