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Edited May 22, 2023

They only offer a 3 day free trial. I had a question and could not use the app. They never answered during the free trial, so I had to delete the app. It seems there is a problem with their customer service. Other similar apps I tried answered immediately.

UPDATE 5-22-23
For 2 weeks, they have been bothering us with emails and trying to reach us via our chat, which borders on stalking. Enimoh, if you're reading this, we had reasons for canceling your app, and we certainly won't be re-enabling the app. Because of this bad treatment, I am changing my rating from 3 to 2 stars. I will also report this behavior to Shopify.

United States
1 day using the app
EniMoh replied May 8, 2023

Update June 3: Tried to reach the the user via email and chat, but no response from your end.

Update May 23: Thank you for the review.
When we get a review, our app responsible is to fix the issue of the user, so we try our best to get it touch with the store, we are trying to reach you for last 2weeks and we didn't get any reply, and as a extra effort we are trying to reason in our ways like chat etc...

Our only responsibility is to help you fix the issue, if you would have replied to the email we would not replied on other source.

Thank you for the review, We had not received any emails from you. Our Support is Active 24/7 on email and 24/5 on chat.

We are investigating on where we missed you, I am dropping a fresh mail.

Don't worry about the trial, we will rest it....

Thank you and see you on the other side....

May 17, 2023

Don't waste your time. Could not even load the dashboard to get it all started and setup. Needs to improve before/if we use it again.

High Line Drones
United States
11 minutes using the app
EniMoh replied May 19, 2023

Update: 3 June, We tryed to reach to multiple times on email, but no response from your end.

Hello Sir/Madam,
Just checked at your store and we saw that you just installed the app for 8min, and If you had doubt, we do have chat and email support activate on our store.
Judging a app in 8min doesn't make any sense all, we are here to give you support. :(

June 2, 2023

The other reviews are right…the app never loaded and Shopify sent me a notice that the app was misconfigured. Poor App development :/ also never heard back from the email I sent 3 days ago. Sounds like a plot to get your money SMH

Cocktail Curls™
United States
16 minutes using the app
EniMoh replied June 3, 2023

I see that you installed on 31st and uninstalled the same Day, how do you expect us to respond you in this case :( and you again installed the app on 2nd and wrote a review.

Anyways Thank you for the review, We are trying to reach on email but no response from you end, Please respond to it.

July 23, 2023

Case your bad uninstall function I lost all my traffic conversions.
Your uninstall does not remove CheckProductExistOrNot api call

/apps/enimoh/api/64b5c258eb4ec/product/CheckProductExistOrNot 404
e.fetch @ babd83086w6100c671p96a62313md77ea07am.js:1
e.fetch @ shop_events_listener-65cd0ba3fcd81a1df33f2510 c5bcf8c0e0958653b50e3965ec972dd638ee13f.js:1
onloadCallFunction @ casio-mens-mrw-200h-1b2-analog-sports-watch:1835
(anonymous) @ casio-mens-mrw-200h-1b2-analog-sports-watch:1802

You missed one enimoh liquid file :(

kiwanis shop
Bosnia & Herzegovina
About 1 hour using the app
EniMoh replied July 25, 2023

Hello Sir,

This is Chris from the support team, we understand you concern, We are 100% sure the file doesn't effect any of you conversation and we can prove it.

You just installed the app for 1 hour and we have our 24/7 chat support and email, to fix any concerns.

What the file you are refering only works when the product is imported by our app or else it doesn't.

After you uninstall we don't have access to any of you r files nor we can remove any files from your system.

Let me know if you need any help....