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Merchants appreciate this app for its high-quality products, easy-to-use interface, and smooth Shopify integration. It offers a broad range of customizable items, enabling product line diversification. The customer service is commended for its quick response and problem-solving capabilities. Merchants also value the competitive pricing, fast processing and shipping, and quality packaging. Specific items like faux-leather products and canvas tote bags are noted for their superior quality. The app's branding options and support are also highly praised.

March 19, 2024

Order 2 AOP Hoodies, the quality ? Just horrible, bleeding white, stitches not done and/or end loose, the garment is very bad. So won't be working with them, don't know how the other products are, but that showed me enough
Shipping ? On estimated time, but it was a long time (21days)
Support ? In 24h yes can't complain there
App to create clothes? Not bad, not great.
Refund ? Yes got it.
Packaging ? One side clear, one not, weird.
They have some stuff going for them, but the quality destroys any good that they have.
Also, they have a coupon if you make 5-star review, which you can even use for the first order, I didn't use them. That made me question all the 5-star reviews.

About 1 month using the app
Edited January 11, 2024

**second update** The products did eventually arrive to customers after approx. 3 weeks, all with massive quality issues. The items look nothing like what you would expect from mockups, the fabric is sheer and the printing looks really diluted. The "branding" is just them cutting off the old tag that is sewn in during the construction of the garment (leaving behing the part that is sewn in and the threads) and sewing on a new tag, which looks messy and you can tell was not done during the original construction, then attaching a poorly printed swing tag and putting the item in a poorly printed plastic bag. The plastic bags are all 1 size so a pair of women's underwear is loose in a bag sized for a men's T-shirt. I have had to issue 8 refunds and close my store due to this.

**update** The design tool is great and Wendy is very nice, however the app has a lot of issues intergrating with Shopify. When a customer places an order it is not fulfilled automatically, you have to log in to Inkedjoy and pay manually to place the order. Lots of technical issues. Orders showing as "fulfilled" on Shopify and customers recieving emails saying their items are on the way when they haven't been fulfilled yet, and others showing "not fulfilled" when they should say "processing". Got many emails from Shopify saying that InkedJoy has rejected my request for fulfillment but Wendy assures me that they will be fulfilled anyway.

Also very slow processing. One of my customers ordered an item 2 weeks ago with express postage, 9 days later InkedJoy finally said it was fulfilled and added tracking, but the tracking still does not show that the item is on it's way. I have had to send a refund to the customer at my own expense as InkedJoy told me they don't do refunds. All orders take over a week before they are posted and tracking for all of my orders still shows "unknown" even after many days so I have no clue where any of my orders are at this stage.

About 1 month using the app
August 18, 2023

As long as inkedjoy needs me to pay for something they are attentive, like when they needed me to pay for their branding service, but I have asked them multiple questions through their chat/ticketing system and they have not responded to me.

I had a question about my first order, and they quickly sent me a tracking number when I placed the order, but the tracking number does not have any data in it, so I can only assume that they haven’t shipped it yet. I asked multiple times as to the status and have gotten no response.

United States
10 months using the app
August 6, 2023

They are SCAMMERS!!! DO NOT USE THEM AT ALL! They refuse to issue a refund! So, I got involved with these scammers on my own and really regretted it. I wrote to their support team to have the design printed in the center of the pocket, but they still printed it so that half was on the pocket and half on the shirt. I sent a photo, but they wrote that this is how it should be and that they will not issue a refund! If you have problems with a design, then you should know that they won't help you at all! You'll also have to pay for shipping back such a bad quality item!

United States
7 months using the app
March 8, 2023

This app is a trip. I paid for their branding project under Inkedjoy and now they want me to pay another 20.00 under their old company Eprolo. Beware of what they are doing. I'm filing a fraud claim with paypal and moving on to another app that doesnt do this to you. Stay AWAY from them.

Bikini Luscious
United States
18 days using the app
Edited February 7, 2023

UPDATE 7FEB23: So this does not work like printify or printful. Customers make orders on shopify, and then you as the store owner have to make an order with InkedJoy. That is tedious! When you have hundreds of people making orders... You basically have to make hundreds of orders with inkedjoy yourself. Fix this, and I will add you back to our store.


I will change this review when Inkedjoy gets back to me. It says this is a Print on Demand service. The customization and products look amazing. However, the shipping does not work. I integrated Inkedjoy into my Shopify store, but nobody can order anything. It keeps saying the shipping information is wrong. So basically I have hundreds of people trying to make orders, but it is not possible.

United States
2 days using the app
EPROLO replied February 8, 2023

Hi there,
Please note that when you add a product at Inkedjoy to your store for sale, every order your customer places will be auto-synced to Inkedjoy, it`s automatically unlike what you said, you can create a sample order from your Shopify to find out.


March 2, 2021

Very useless when it comes to POD, too pricey for poor quality. When it comes to shipping...hmmm they use yan wen express for the USA, imagine making products in the USA and shipping them takes 10-15days. their original website seems to have fake reviews, they claim to have more reviews on Shopify but they don't have any on here(this is their first review)

12 minutes using the app
EPROLO replied March 16, 2021

This is a hostility review, the merchant just installed the app for 5 minutes. Never order any products from the app, or use our shipping service. Shipping from the US warehouse will only take around 3-5 days.