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Merchants highly recommend this app for its seamless integration between Shopify and Amazon FBA, enabling automatic fulfillment and inventory syncing. It's praised for its ease of use, reliability, and excellent customer support. Many appreciate its compatibility with other functions like bundles and subscriptions. It's described as a game-changer for FBA businesses, streamlining processes and saving time. It's ideal for any Shopify seller using Amazon FBA/MCF.

November 15, 2023

Let me start off by saying that I didn't mind paying $85 a month for this app because of the customer service. There are many apps on here that are much cheaper, and Amazon even has a free one! I'm a very busy business owner and dealing with customer service agents can be a very time consuming task. Cara is great! The problem is, she's not always there. She will be there on chat, but when chat's not available you get this other agent named Todd. He's rude, condescending and quite unwilling to help. It's a complete 180 from Cara. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue using the app, but if I don't, it won't be because of Cara. Why would anyone want to spend their hard earned money with a company that treats their customers this way?

United States
6 months using the app
Edited January 6, 2023

The 90 day free trial was a promo made available by the company, I was not "given" it as a gesture by them. Seems like they're annoyed that offer existed! The company's response exemplifies the attitude you will experience. Check out other critical reviews to for much of the same. No response on the bugs either, so I guess that should say enough!
Cara is a wonderful support rep that's conscientious and hard working, any issue we ever experienced that she could help with was resolved by her speedily, with care & true professionalism.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the values of the company. We rolled past our free trial by a total of 4 days over the holiday period and therefore fell into a paid period.

After experiencing a few bugs and gaps in the product we had already stopped using it, we asked for a courteous refund but the company refused even though it's clear we'd stopped using the app before this date from our usage logs.

Bugs & holes include:
- inventory update feature not correctly updating which cost us a few days in sales as it would keep marking products out of stock - painful in Q4
- unable to remove markets from billing without the developer
- pricing updates only match list price, not sale price of amazon listings - made this function impossible to as the primary function is to match up Amazon sale pricing to shopify store

Ultimately given we didn't use the product for those 4 or so days & one of the paid features didn't function correctly throughout, it would have been reasonable of the company to refund.

I would be glad to remove the negative areas of my review if this can be resolved.
I'm not sure that $100 is worth souring a relationship.

United Kingdom
7 months using the app
ByteStand replied January 6, 2023

Our typical free trial period is 7 days. However this shop was given a 90 day free trial. This shop went past that 90 day free trial period and was finally charged after using the app for free for 3 months.

Edited May 1, 2023

this app is not transparent about their pricing. I had to spend a lot of time using it before i could figure out how much it was actually going to cost me. It the end, this app would cost me 4x the price of other apps i've already used, that do the same thing.
Frustrating because it's just a waste of my time.
Make a good product and be transparent.
Pricing is only visible once you’re connected everything and spent time setting it up.
It took a long conversation with the chat agent to even figure out the costing.

“Starting at 25$/markletplace would” might be a transparent way to communicate.
No need to obscure the pricing. It just makes you look bad.

16 minutes using the app
ByteStand replied May 1, 2023

Our app was only installed for a total of 15 minutes, which simply isn't enough time to ascertain our value. Furthermore, inside the app all our pricing is laid out plainly so shops can customize it to their exact needs.

January 13, 2023

All the necessary features are extra paid. Don't waste your time as it's not worth it.
Stock sync - 35 dollars, orders sync 25 dollars, app 35 dollars... big no!

United Kingdom
15 minutes using the app
ByteStand replied January 13, 2023

Yes, we need to charge for our services in order to recoup the massive investment in time and energy we've made into all of our apps here on Shopify.

November 21, 2017

*I will gladly change this review to 5 stars if/when this issue gets sorted as I hate leaving anything but 5 star reviews. But after a total of 7+ hours on the phone (conservatively) with staff from Shopify, ByteStand, and Amazon, and still not being able to get this app working as described, I feel this is a fair rating based on my experience; I am sorry.


The gentleman at ByteStand was very nice and professional and we trouble shot via shared-screen a lot of possible issues until everything seemed to be done correctly. However, allegedly I am still unable to fulfill international orders via ByteStand on FBA Export Eligible inventory. I was told that this is an Amazon issue, not a ByteStand issue in spite of my inventory being FBA Export Eligible.

While on the phone with Amazon, they are told me that they do not allow "non-media" products to be internationally fulfilled via 3rd party fulfillment software, so there is a massive discrepancy here in what ByteStand FBA says they do vs what Amazon is telling me.

I politely insisted that they were incorrect and escalated this case all the way up to Catalog Captive Team and then escalated it again to "Leadership" (with screen shots) insisting that this app should be working and that it was set up properly and that the problem must be on their end. The case is still open. However, I expect Amazon sweep this under the rug via ninja-closing-the-case-on-the-down-low and/or ninja-merging-the-case-with-an-unrelated-case-closed-weeks-ago which leaves me pounding sand for the last 2 days.

Besides the app not working properly for me, the people at ByteStand were very nice and professional.

United States
About 1 year using the app
Edited November 16, 2018

International shipping through FBA (Multichannel fulfillment order) by this app doesn't "automagically" work if the items you are selling are

1. Ineligible for FBA export program. (you can check the eligibility in your AMZ Seller central account)
2. Non-media. (Only the following media products are eligible for international Multi-Channel Fulfillment: books, movies, videos, and DVDs (BMVD products)

FYI, https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/help.html?itemID=200149570

I'm going to uninstall this app. It's a real bummer.
Customer service is great, though.

South Korea
12 months using the app
March 19, 2019

I would rate this service zero if i could. I asked one of the customer service representatives Gennifer if they could guide me through on how to set it up properly as the service wasn't working probably and this is the message i received

"Unfortunately, our FBA Shipping app can be complex to setup. It may be a better use of your time to explore other shipping options."

Basically saying they couldn't be bothered.

nomad travel Gear
7 months using the app
ByteStand replied March 19, 2019

We have a detailed record of all the conversations that come thru the help desk. We exchanged 69 emails with Alan of Nomad Travel. Gennifer spent hours explaining our app to Allen, both via email and over the phone, sharing our video library and helping Alan every way possible.

Typically our app takes less than 5 minutes to install.

At some point we have to let the user know that maybe this app isn't for them, we reached that point with Alan.

July 31, 2019

I used this app without problems for a couple months. I woke up today to find that it said there were no rates available for my market, and that customers had been coming to the site for 14 hours without the ability to place an order, due to the shipping methods being broken from this app. I instantly deleted them and will never be using them again.

United Kingdom
5 months using the app
ByteStand replied August 1, 2019

Unfortunately you ran out of FBA inventory. When a shop runs out of inventory Amazon no longer returns rates. The moral of this story is to ensure you do not run out of inventory as our other 800+ customers never had any issues.

July 16, 2020

I can not recommend the app and especially the service provided. We have a running shop and implemented the app. First we never, after several tries got a full setup from the guys. We asked them several times for a detailed documentation about the linking. They couldnt provide and just showed us one crappy video. Then we had some extended requirements about EU wide shipping and different charges. Its not supported. If you sell FBA and FBM you will get in a lot of trouble. Then we deleted the app and all the settings were broken. Just a big mess up. Just to let everyone know. Its a very crucial process with the app and the support is really bad. Thats a reason I wouldnt go for these guys. How can you offer something like this and not even provide a complete documentation for a setup?! Thats in no way professional. And then you get one reply every day. Good luck to get this running.

25 days using the app
ByteStand replied July 16, 2020

This might be the most illogical review we've ever received as our app was working perfectly on this store!! And this customer knew the app was working fine. So no idea why we got a bad review!

As for our customer support, we exchanged 22 chats with this customer. I counted.

We are available via phone, email and chat during normal business hours.

We have a YouTube Video library everyone can see here:

We have FAq's inside the app and on our website.

And if all that fails all our customers can schedule a time on our calendar for a live screen share and walk through and setup of the app. Anyone can do that here: https://calendly.com/bytestand-1

November 20, 2018

I'm having a horrible experience with this app from day 1. It doesn't work, my first order did not get fulfill. I had to do a manual fulfillment after days of waiting. At first, they were answering my emails, and even called me back. But for the past couple of days, nothing. I begged for a phone call through emails, but nothing. I'm asking the status on my request, but not even an email back. I understand they may still working on it, but at least, have a courtesy to reply to me, or a phone call. This is just horrible. I'm starting to think that because I'm still in the trial period, they don't care. Just horrible experience

United States
19 days using the app