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Fomo (formerly Notify) - Boost Sales with Social Proof

Fomo (formerly Notify) - Boost Sales with Social Proof

Developed by Fomo

Price: $14.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Increase purchase conversions rate by highlighting other customers that have bought products.
  • Display orders in real time to create buyer validation and social proof!
  • Create a sense of urgency for visitors, and expose new products!

Over 120 5-star Reviews! The Most Popular Recent Orders App for Increasing Sales. ★★★★★

More than 4,000 Stores use Fomo to Increase Conversions and Show Social Proof

How it Works

Fomo displays recent orders on your storefront. It's the online equivalent of a busy store, and shows prospective customers that other people are buying your products.

Multi-language support! Customize your messages in any language, and the timestamps (ie: 5 minutes ago, etc) will also work in your preferred language.

Integrate directly with Yotpo or Judge.me to show product reviews in real-time! Filter reviews by star count, approval, and more.

After just 30 days of usage, one of our customers (Bariatric Pal) noticed...

  • 164 new sessions from Fomo

  • Direct revenue of $1,519.47

  • 16 sales directly attributed to Fomo

  • Average Order Value of $94.97, which is ~30% higher than their average order size

See Fomo Demo Store Here!

You know how seeing a packed restaurant makes you want to eat there? Fomo creates the same dynamic on your Shopify store.

There's a reason Fomo is the most popular Shopify app for increasing sales and conversions. Here's why:

  • Highly customizable: you can choose to display every order, some orders, or only orders from a certain time period. This means that Fomo will work for you, even if you don't have many orders!

  • Store owners can position Fomo in any corner (bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right) - whatever works best for your store!

  • FAST. Fomo is lightweight and built to scale, so it won't slow down your site (which can hurt your Google rankings)

  • Fully customizable CSS animations and colors

  • Works on mobile! Choose how your notifications are displayed on mobile, or turn them off for mobile devices

  • Randomize notification delays for a more life-like experience.

  • Hide Fomo from specific pages

  • Remove individual notifications

  • Hide specific products from Fomo by tagging them with 'notify-ignore'

  • See users interact with your notifications in real time via our live notification list

  • Store still young but growing? No worries - you can loop notifications and even disable the "time ago" notification!

  • Customize the message, style, position and timing to suit your branding

Encourage Purchases: Create an exciting, live, trusted atmosphere.

Increase your sales and start your free Fomo trial now!

If for any reason you don't LOVE Fomo, just cancel and you will not be charged.

Fomo (formerly Notify) - Boost Sales with Social Proof reviews (121)


Awesome app & great service. I've noticed a huge improvement since we've added this to our website.


Social proof goes a long way in todays world and this app is the best social proof you can get.


I used this app back when it was Notify and eventually uninstalled it. But now they have a cleaner more modern design AND the Yopo integration is just genius. I'm a fan, thanks! I'll sell more wood sunglasses than ever now, see you at the beach! Cory - The Woodies Captain


This app is fantastic. It provides potential customers the necessary proof (that you have other customers) to make a purchase. It does that while taking up minimal space and resources.

We're a fan


This app is fantastic! Greatly increased the legitimacy of my store and in turn increased conversions. I love it!


I have had notify installed for 2 weeks now and so far it has raised my conversion rate by .27%. I was hoping for more, but even that amount I am still happy with it! It has been worth it! I have installed other apps that people click on to help with conversion, but so far this is the only one that people have been interacting with. My only suggestions is that they include on the LIVE screen where you can see how many have clicked on them, if they could also tell me the conversion rate from one of those clicks. As far as I know, you can see it in Google analytics, however I haven't seen one come through. But there is no telling the benefit of conversion helping that isnt measured. People see that other people are buying...but may not click on it...but it still may encourage them to complete the sale. So, I looked at my overall conversion rate and it has gone up. Which always makes me happy when my conversion rate goes up!

Also I love the integration with Judge.Me....BTW, for all other merchants out there...stop paying for stupid nickel and dime you Yotpo and switch to Judge.Me. A Crap ton cheaper and does the exact same thing and Notify integrates with it. LOVE IT.


Works great and easy to install. It meshes well with our product review system as well. Seems like great room for growth as well in the future. The developer team asked is for suggestions to add to the notifications. Seems like social media mentions, blog posts, and other stuff may be on the horizon. Check it out in action on our website at www.xosafety.com.


Great App. Easy to use and set up


Amazing app. So powerful at increasing conversion. If I was only allowed to install one app, this would be it


This is an amazing app. Great job guys

$14.99 / month

You have a full 7 days to try out the app for FREE. If you don't like it, simply uninstall without being charged.

7 days

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