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March 20, 2024

I think that the reviewers that are giving low scores here are missing the boat. This tool adds some powerful capabilities. It is not just the dashboard. It seems to conditions to FLOW. We were paying a 3rd party company to guarantee our orders against fraud. They accepted more than 99% of the orders which was good, but at a cost that added up to a high monthly amount. After installing Fraud Control, I went to create some creative FLOWs (you need this free app too) and each time an order came in it runs through plenty of rules and uses the fraud risk score which has been pretty good. AVS, and a slew of other properties of the order. I also exempt regular orders from this check and exempt Shop Protect orders from this check. I believe that we will have almost the same success rate as we had with the paid company. I let it run for a few weeks together and now removed the paid company. (I gave them a chance to reduce their cost first)

I just added this to my 2nd store today, because of the success with the first store.

I run this in conjunction with a paid invoice printing app and when the printing app sees a Fraud tag on the order (add by my flow), it prints a big "Don't ship - FRAUD" on the order. Now, I just need to add the same thing for a "HOLD" which I sometimes add to the order when needed in further examination which I haven't needed so far.

I hope that everyone sees the benefit that I do and get the most from it causing Shopify to build it our even better.

United States
12 minutes using the app
June 18, 2023

All this really provides is a little fraud dashboard. All the automations are done via Flow anyway, which can be done without having this app installed. It attempts to make it easier to install ready made Flows, but the the install template links all fail, so you have to go to Flow and find the template. I ended up combining two Flows,so there is just one flow that runs - if order is not high fraud risk it will capture the payment, or if high risk, tag and cancel the order.

Green Electrical Supply
United States
5 months using the app
Shopify replied July 14, 2023

Hey, there! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review, and some feedback, for Fraud Control! We're always looking to improve our product offers, so do you have any specific feedback for Fraud Control? I'd be happy to pass that feedback along to our development team for their consideration, if so. Thanks again! -Imogen, Shopify Support

July 26, 2023

This doesn't let you block high risk orders from completing a checkout - it only prompts you to install a shopify Flow to cancel said order after it has already been submitted.

That being said, the checkout blocking is great, but it only lets you block orders based on customer's address, email, or IP address - making it almost entirely useless unless you know who is going to submit a fraudulent order before it happens. There isn't even an option to block customers that have previously submitted a chargeback! you have to add their email addresses manually, one at a time!

2 days using the app
Shopify replied July 29, 2023

Thank you for your review! If you would like to make sure to not be charged processing fees for high risk orders you would be able to use Flow as mentioned in the review. Then set your payment capture settings to not capture the order.

Thank you for the feedback on the app as well, this helps us understand what you will need from Fraud Control in the future. - Frans, Product Manager

September 24, 2023

I turned on this tool and it didnt block fraudulent orders, now someone opened 53 orders in 3 days and stole nearly thousands of units that will result in thousands of dollars in chargebacks!

Purify Life
United States
7 days using the app
Shopify replied September 26, 2023

Hi, there! Thank you for your review. The Fraud Control app creates a dashboard in your Shopify admin that displays analytics related to fraud or potential fraud on your store. In order to filter and block potentially-fraudulent orders, you'll need to enable checkout rules and/or Shopify Flow. You can find more information here (

I recommend checking out this help document ( for tips on dealing with high risk orders and preventing fraud on your store. - Greta, Shopify Support

August 27, 2023

It literally does nothing that is new or useful. Just a dashboard, that tells you how many charge backs. Useless. I would have thought a basic template would be to block by IP, and other patterns, rather than just email address. Don't bother.

Select Australia
About 3 hours using the app
Shopify replied August 29, 2023

Thanks for taking the time to review the app. I understand that you would like to block orders/checkouts using Fraud Control. One method as you mentioned is using the Flow templates that are suggested. Alternatively if you click on the Rules section in the Admin side bar you will see that you can create custom rules to checkouts before they become orders using IP, billing/shipping address, email or postal code! Please let us know if you need help with setting these up!

June 28, 2023

Blocked all of our orders from exporting to shipstation. I would not install this app. It seems to be very buggy
United States
About 5 hours using the app
Shopify replied July 14, 2023

Hey, there. Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review for the Fraud Control app. We'd love to chat with you directly so we can look into this mater for you. If possible, please connect with us through our help portal at this link: Thanks! -Imogen, Shopify Support