Fruugo Marketplace Integration

Fruugo Marketplace Integration

by CedCommerce

List, Sync, Manage, & Automate to boost sales on Fruugo

4.7 of 5 stars(9 reviews)

No Juggling & Manual Work

Make your Shopify store the nodal point and hassle-free manage inventory, order & shipment as it automates all the sales operations.

Multilateral 24*7 support

Dedicated account manager assists in on-boarding and offers unlimited expert training from your preferred support medium all-day everyday

Save Time & Money

By ensuring the effective handling of listings and updates in real time the app saves not only manual efforts but time and money as well.

About Fruugo Marketplace Integration

The Fruugo Shopify Integration App is a complete solution that integrates your online store with The Integration comes as an opportunity to all those willing to offer their products on one of leading marketplaces of U.K. Hassle free management of stores and enriching seller experience is what you should expect from this app.

Striking features of the Fruugo Shopify Integration App

  • Handle's order on Shopify store
  • Bulk upload products on Fruugo
  • Seamless import of orders and single-step fulfillment


  • Enables Product Custom Pricing, Extremely Cost effective, and Comes with Impeccable
  • Support and is Value-based service

Advantages of Fruugo:

1. Near-Realtime Synchronization:

The app synchronizes products and inventory status with Fruugo, also any changes made in item and inventory information.

2. All products in one-go:

Customize details of products as per's format and upload bulk products quickly bypassing custom CSV creation.

3. Updates:

Periodic updates to ensure the highest performance and ensure the best value for services.

4. Notifications:

Updates vendors through notifications for every change that occurred and email is sent to every order placed.

5. Custom Pricing

To neutralize the commissions taken by Fruugo, and price products competitively, sellers can customize pricing any time to moderate prices.

6. Threshold Limit:

Setting the threshold limit helps in low stock deduction and the subsequent notification.


Personal Account Manager

  • A skilled executive is made responsible to successfully integrate your Shopify stores with
  • He assists vendors:

☛ By making them familiar with the navigation of the Fruugo Shopify integration app Panel.

☛ Helping sellers understand the process of uploading, listing products and overall management of the panel.

☛ If it is required, he even uploads products for the vendors.

Empathetic Support:

Upgrades are applied quickly once released by Available 24*7 for all sorts of queries.

CedCommerce Laurels:

☛ Official Fruugo Channel Integration Partner

☛ We Address Critical Needs

☛ Vendors get all support – from product mapping to product upload, and 24*7 support to recurring updates – they need. We ensure all that can be done is done to satisfy our valuable client.

Integrates with

  • Fruugo,
  • Shipstation,
  • Shipwire,
  • Shipwork




Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 9 reviews

  • 5 of 5 stars
    78% of ratings are 5 stars
  • 4 of 5 stars
    11% of ratings are 4 stars
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Most recent reviews

Globe Rasmonet

Started using this app last year December 2018, so far so good. But still, we need more conversions.

Bedding Nest

Supporting Staffs and nice app for integration. I used this app for fruugo. Overall happy experience.

Otc Shoppe Express

Edited (January 16, 2019) (3-star)

I am lowering this by 1 star due to the lack of communication of CedCommerce. I logged in today to find that they are going to start charging fees. This app has been a free app from the start that I started using it (which is about almost a whole year. I don't expect things to be free forever but why were we not informed of the change of fees 2 or 3 months before actually making the change? Give the businesses time to make the right decision for their company.

I contacted CedCommerce and they told me that my "trial" will be in effect until January 26, 2019. Didn't know I was even in "trial" mode. And then they also told me that they have an email scheduled already. So when were we ever going to be notified???? Also, supposedly there are new changes, new enough or better enough to make charging us more valid option. I don't see anything new in the dashboard (now that they allowed me to actually use my "trial" mode by letting me bypass the payment page so I can use my "trial" mode).


Edited (October 26, 2018) (4-star)

Dev team have fixed the issue that we have been trying to address. Orders are syncing within minutes after we mark the orders as shipped and provide tracking number. We have not encounter any other issues so we are changing this to a 4 star for now. Rating is at four stars due to the fact that it took is over months to get this resolved when it should have been addressed in the first place when we first discovered that there was something wrong.

Edited (October 19, 2018) (1-star)

App was working fine and then they changed something with their server and now the app is not working as intended. Before the server change, we were already having issues with uploading tracking to Fruugo.

When we marked an order as shipped with tracking, it would take forever to sync the tracking, sometimes days or not at all. Since Fruugo have a strict rule about shipping within one business day, after a few hours, we would just go in and manually click the "Sync Shopify Shipment" button and it would sync it up. But after the server "upgrade", even that link doesn't work anymore. When you click it, you just get an error stating that there is no orders to sync, while there are several orders needing to be synced.

Each time the orders doesn't sync, we would contact the CedCommerce and they manually sync it on their side and tell us that it just takes time and that is why it has not upload yet. After 5 or 6 times of chatting, we started to email. With emails, same excuse. We get the same answer of that it is not their app, it just takes time. So now we test the syncing. We wait 12 hours, 1 day, and now we are at 2 days. Still no sync. So how long do we need to wait? We still don't know because that question has yet to be answered.

Now, we have found that orders are not being fetched. The first order we found has been over 1 day (24 hours) period already. Not sure how many more were like this and we did not know of.

The team, CedCommerce, has been very good at helping when it comes to other apps but seems like the help is not here for this app.


Original review (2018) (5-star)

Great app! Within a few days, orders started coming in. App was easy to setup. Loving every minute!