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Gatsby - Customer Influence

Gatsby - Customer Influence

Developed by Gatsby

18 reviews
Price: From $19.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Get to know your site visitors & customers with our automated email introductions.
  • Customize the email introduction to encourage sales, social collabs, feedback, or anything in between.
  • Drive immediate sales with a social promotion that captures email addresses and social data + place that promotional button anywhere on your store.

Gatsby is installed by hot emerging brands who want to connect personally with their site visitors. With Gatsby, you'll learn the social profiles of your shoppers and receive a direct email introduction to your customers based on their influence.

Gatsby's integration with Shopify makes it extremely easy to setup and go live in minutes. Every plan comes with a free trial, and the $19 Starter tier packs in real value, ie: social shares, Instagram follows, site conversions, and email captures.

How It Works

  1. Create a Gatsby campaign on your website

  2. Your site visitors follow your brand for a discount

  3. You review and filter their social profiles

  4. Get auto-introduced to influential customers with a custom message

Praise For This New Concept

See features in: Adweek, Apparel News, Socal Tech, Beauty Independent,
& Inc

"If you have customers, Gatsby may be your new best friend." - Inc.

"Gatsby is advancing the microinfluencer movement." - Beauty Independent

Case Studies

In their first 3 weeks using Gatsby, Oats Overnight:

  • Saw a 10% Click-To-Follow Rate

  • Got a 30% Conversion Rate

  • Had real conversations with real customers
  • In their first month using Gatsby, Coloured Raine Cosmetics:

  • Identified ~2,000 social site visitors

  • Saw 62% of them follow or share the brand
  • Year over Year, Grady's Cold Brew:

  • Cited a 43% increase in sales
  • 5% increase in conversion rate
  • Identified hundreds of social customers
  • Benefits

  • Save time sourcing micro-influencers

  • Sell more with custom & immediate promotion + email

  • Be real by talking personably with your shoppers
  • Features

  • Social integrations with Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram

  • Place your button anywhere on your site

  • Mobile friendly design

  • Actionable intel like name, email, audience size
  • Start talking directly with your most social customers today.

    Gatsby - Customer Influence reviews

    18 reviews
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    Installation was seamless and concise, much like a game tutorial Gatsby lead me every step of the way through the initial setup. There was no "Well, what now?" point. The app itself is quick to load, lightweight, and clean.

    The creator Brett personally answered any questions I had and was generally just a good guy.

    This is a great app to further connect with your users in a natural way devoid of gimmicks or tricks. Certainly an app I'll use in all of my future projects.

    Thanks Brett!


    Have had an awesome experience so far. Brett personally jumped on a call to help me get Gatsby up and running which was VERY helpful. He helped me get Gatsby all set up with my branding and integrate it onto my website in a quick and helpful manner. I really like Brett's vision for his company and his transparent approach. I have a good feeling about Gatsby and the potential it has for the future. If your serious about your brand and want to jump into a great way to gain exposure, then micro-influencers is the way to go! Gatsby is an innovative tool to help you automate the process. Do yourself a favor and get in quick before everyone starts catching on! Thanks, Brett, keep up the good work.


    Just finished up setting our first Gatsby campaign!

    Took a few minutes to set up, looks clean on the site, and runs super smooth first try!

    Super stoked to start connecting in a genuine way to our customers through our Shopify to make them customers for life!

    For a free 14 day trial, you really do not have anything to loose!

    Thanks for all of your help Gatsby Team!


    Our experience with Gatsby and working with Brett has been top notch.


    I've perused just about every marketing plugin on Shopify and this was one of the only ones to catch my attention. It's seems like such a simple idea and I'm surprised it hasn't been more widely adopted: trade social shares for a small discount. As a new brand trying to grow our online presence and brand familiarity, it makes a lot of sense!


    Love being able to customize everything from the colors to the fonts. It allows everything to look very on-brand.


    Brett did an intro video walkthrough with us which was super helpful and has been very fast to respond with any small questions during setup. The tool is easy to install but if you are sometimes tech clumsy, their team is ready to help!


    Excellent experience from start to implementation. We've been fortunate to see the Gatsby app continue to get better and better from launch. For us as a small and quickly growing business- customer referrals are our lifeline. Having an app like Gatsby in place that is fun and friendly for the customer and high-impact from a social referral results is a game changer. Not only are we getting shout-outs from customers on their most used social platforms (mostly instagram and facebook but also on twitter), now we have some automation in place through Gatsby that follows up with the most influential customers to create referral campaigns. The execution is so simple to get setup with a few clicks. Anytime I did have questions the founder Brett and his team were wildly responsive and helpful. If you're lucky enough to start using this now, do it!! You'll be ahead of your competition and this company is going nowhere but up.


    Gatsby works great and Brett is super helpful! Nobody makes it easier to engage with your online customers on social.


    We have over 1M real instagram followers and a very dedicated readership. We just launched our ecommerce store and put Gatsby up right away, offering 15% off various products. Within the first 2 weeks, we've found that 25% of our purchases were influenced by our Gatsby campaign. All in all, very happy with Gatsby. Great product and exceptional customer service.


    We've used Gatsby to supplement our social media influencer marketing as our team's bandwidth has had more demands placed on it. Gatsby has been extremely useful in identifying loyal customers who can double as influencers for us and making those connections for us automatically. Because they're already customers, there's no need to educate them as much about the product, and they're typically willing to collaborate. I would definitely recommend Gatsby to any company looking to expand their influencer marketing initiative.


    Such a unique idea for an app! It was super simple to setup and get rolling on my website. I am excited to see the interest that it helps me generate for my brand.


    I have to say this app is really great. Great way to grow social network for your business. Asides simple installation, the support is awesome. They are also open to feedback. They recently extended their free trial to 14days which allows businesses gather enough data to make an informed decision.

    I definitely recommend Gatsby. Great job.

    From $19.00 / month

    All plans come with a 14-day free trial. We suggest customers have at least 5,000 monthly site visitors before using Gatsby.

    • The $19/month Shopify Starter plan is special for Shopify stores only. It comes with custom branding of the button, lots of out-of-the-box features, and the social ID for up to 25 site visitors / month. (For brands with < 10,000 monthly visitors)
      • The $95/month Lite plan includes the automatic intros, the majority of our custom branding options, and up to 250 social IDs per month. (For brands with < 25,000 monthly visitors)
        • The $245/month Merchant plan includes all custom branding features for the button, popup, and automated emails, the ability to remove our logo, upload custom fonts, and identify up to 1,000 customers per month. (For brands with < 50,000 monthly visitors)
          • The $595/month Brand plan includes everything in Merchant, plus custom integrations, premium support, and up to 5,000 Social IDs per month. (For brands with < 250,000 monthly visitors)
          • All plans include export functionality, at least 1 integration, and on-boarding support. --
            To see a plan breakdown, including Enterprise, see gatsby.ai/pricing

    14 days

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