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Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing by AdNabu

Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing by AdNabu

Developed by AdNabu, Inc

Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Implement Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing Code throughout the website
  • Automatically create multiple audiences based on action taken on website
  • No manual code editing required to implement the remarketing tag

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing in simple words is marketing to your existing customers. In general, These ads work much better than traditional display ads as the customer is already familiar with the brand. Ads are shown based on what visitors did on your website. One can target visitors who bought a product previously or who visited the site without buying anything. Google AdWords is one of the main platforms through which one can do remarketing and has the potential to reach 90% of the internet audience.

How is Dynamic Remarketing different?

Dynamic remarketing is a better version of remarketing where even the ad is influenced by the products visited by a customer. For eg: A user might see an ad for shirts from amazon because he had previously browsed shirts category. Dynamic remarketing is extremely effective for ecommerce companies due to high context the ads can bring to the table.

Problems while setting up Dynamic Remarketing

Setting up dynamic retargeting for ecommerce is however very hard. Two obvious requirements are Google merchant center and AdWords accounts. Once these are setup, advertisers need to create a remarketing tag and implement them across the website with correct parameters. Manually editing theme files is the only manual way to do this which results in lot of errors.

AdNabu App for AdWords Dynamic Remarketing

AdNabu automatically creates the remarketing tag and implements it across all the pages. You do not have to edit any files or do anything manually. We will also create audiences in AdWords so that any new campaign can take advantage of them. The following are the audiences created by Adnabu automatically

  • All visitors

  • Home Page Visitors

  • Visitors of a specific collection page

  • Visitors of all products of a particular product type

  • Visitors who searched

  • Visitors who added products to cart

  • Visitors who completed a purchase

  • Visitors who visited other pages

How to create a successful AdWords Dynamic Remarketing campaign?

One has to create a remarketing campaign manually in Google AdWords to take advantage of the audiences created by AdNabu automatically. We recommend creating different ad groups inside a new remarketing campaign based on how much deeper in the funnel users where. Some good examples are as follows

  • Previous customers

  • Customers who added to cart but did not purchase

  • Customers who visited product pages but did not add to cart

  • All customers who did not visit a product page

PS: You can create a remarketing campaign through our app too.

App Installation & Set Up

Kindly follow the following 3 steps to set up dynamic remarketing pixel app

  • Connect your adWords account

  • Link your merchant center

  • Select the adWords account, merchant center and target country for which you want the pixel

After the three steps, you will be asked to set up a recurring payment. Once the payment is accepted, the app will automatically set the tags across your website and create the audiences.


  • How will dynamic remarketing help me?

    Dynamic remarketing will help you show highly relevant ads to users. These ads will have data of the products they viewed or added to cart.

  • What does this app do?

    This app creates a dynamic remarketing tag and implements them across your website with correct parameters. It also goes through your products and collections and creates page wise audiences in Adwords. Kindly refer screenshots.

  • Is this app free?

    No. This app is paid and costs $9.99 per month.

  • What happens if I uninstall the app?

    If you uninstall the app, the dynamic remarketing tags will stop working.

  • Do I need a merchant center account to do dynamic remarketing?

    Yes. Google merchant center is required for dynamic remarketing ads. Google uses merchant center to fetch products and images to be shown in an ad.

  • Does this app setup remarketing campaigns for me?

    Yes. Once the tag is set for you in all pages and the audiences created in Adwords, you will get an option to create the remarketing campaigns in Adwords.

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this company knows what they are doing. I am seeing instant action on all their apps. This one is a must if you want to drive traffic to your site. Do it.


This app is easy to install and use. It creates a long list of audience groups for you to use for your re-marketing efforts. Recommended!

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