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Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews

Developed by Simprosys InfoMedia

76 reviews
Price: $25.00 More info
  • Enable Seller Ratings on Google Shopping and Search Ads
  • Higher CTR on Google Ads, so More Visitors at Lowered CPC
  • More Customers, so Improved Brand Recall and Repeat Business from them.

Google Customer Reviews app will help you Show Survey Opt-in to your customers who place an order on your store.

That Survey Opt-in allows your customers to provide high quality feedback when it is requested by Google.

Google Sends Survey requests after few days of expected delivery dates.

How this app can help your business?

  1. App helps you with Suvery Opt-in Module, which does not work in Shopify in Shopify's standard form.

  2. App helps you display Google Customer Reviews badge on your site's pages.


Must read about app.

  1. Once Survey Opt-in Popup is shown by App, it is upto customer's wish if they want to Opt for Google's Survey request or not.

  2. It is Google that sends Survey Requests and App has no control over their process.

  3. Survey requests(review requests) are sent by Google after Shipping Duration you have entered + few days(upto 7).

  4. Your good customer service can increase number of review submissions against opt-ins, as satisfied or happy customers are more likely to leave review when requested by Google.


Google's Terms and Conditions.

1. Availability

Google Customer Reviews Program is available to merchants of following Countries

  1. Argentina

  2. Australia

  3. Austria

  4. Belgium

  5. Brazil

  6. Canada

  7. Chile

  8. China

  9. Colombia

  10. Czechia

  11. Denmark

  12. France

  13. Germany

  14. India

  15. Ireland

  16. Italy

  17. Indonesia

  18. Japan

  19. Hong Kong

  20. Malaysia

  21. Mexico

  22. New Zealand

  23. Netherlands

  24. Norway

  25. the Philippines

  26. Poland

  27. Portugal

  28. Russia

  29. Singapore

  30. South Africa

  31. Spain

  32. Sweden

  33. Switzerland

  34. Taiwan

  35. Turkey

  36. United Arab Emirates

  37. United States

  38. United Kingdom.

2. Google Customer Reviews Help Docs by Google


Concerned About Recently Received Bad Reviews the App?

App got major update from Google Trusted Store to Google Customer Reviews as program itself was changed by Google. We too updated the app. Here are the reasons because of which some of the frustrated merchants left those poor reviews.

  • Stores did not have sufficient orders. 2 stores which left poor reviews, hardly had any orders in the 3 months time. Without any order how can Google send review requests to anybody!

  • Some of the stores overlooked our emails of App getting udpated and the blamed us for not working.

Have a look at those stores which are still getting reviews after program has been changed from Google Trusted Stores to Google customer reviews.

  1. www.morsetoad.com >> Google Customer reviews page

  2. www.bachelorettesuperstore.com >> Google Customer reviews page

  3. www.icewraps.com >> Google Customer reviews page

  4. www.mytecell.com >> Google Customer reviews page

  5. www.flagsrus.org >> Google Customer reviews page

  6. www.ledsmiths.com >> Google Customer reviews page

List of Stores with approved Badge and seller ratings.

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Google Customer Reviews reviews

76 reviews
  1. 5 stars (70 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (2 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Not easy to install if you don't know anything about coding... in the end the app support team logged in from our website and were very helpful in doing it for us.
Now just to wait to see if it's working or not :-)


Needed to get some google review for my business and I found out I could do the google opt in, couldn’t figure it out on my own, I think the low one time fee is well worth what I’ll get out of it!
Thanks for making this app!
Install was super easy and quick.
Good, quick customer support!


Really easy to set up using the info Amit provides. We had two sites sorted within 10 minutes. As always with his apps Amit is always on hand to help if required


Great app, super easy to install. You can add South Africa to the list. Google Customer Reviews is now available in South Africa.


Super easy to set up with clear instructions, done in minutes. Placed a test order, seems to be working well. I highly recommend this app and you can't beat the price. I didn't even need to ask for support! Thank you for the well-designed app!


Installation of this app for my Shopify store was easy however I had a few issues. Amit offered to have a Skype call and patiently worked through setup until all problems were resolved.
It is early days but this app seems to be working perfectly.


great app, does the trick but most of all the support is amazing always there to help.


This app is well worth the money! Customers trust it stores backed by Google so this helps. But the best part is the support you receive from the developer. We lost our badge and they got on a call with us and worked through the process to resolve the issue quickly. They made sure it was up and working before we were done. Support like this is what makes Great Tools even Better!


Highly Responsive Fantastic Support - Got things up and running in minutes. Highly Recommend!!!


Simprosys support has been immaculate with clear instructions and super quick responses to support and any other queries. The app has been amazing and was helped our store to gain more customer traction over time.


$25.00 One Time Only & No Recurring...


Google Merchant Centerfree

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