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Happy Birthday Email

Happy Birthday Email

Developed by Union Works

45 reviews
Price: Free – $20.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Automatically generates a unique discount code for every customer
  • Automated emails are one of the best ways to drive conversions
  • Helps build a friendly brand reputation

New Features January 2018

Now Available on POS!

We have launched a BETA version of POS Happy Birthday feature,
which allows POS merchants to capture the DOB of customers at the point of checkout. The data is then sent straight into the app

Landing Page

We have launched a BETA version of a landing page form, which allows you to invite all customers to leave their details, even if they don't purchase. It works really well with a email marketing campaign driving traffic to this page

Customer View

We have improved the customer view to see what discount code has been allocated to them ,as well as the email status for that customer e.g. Did they open, click or convert

New Features November 2017

Send timing

You can now define the timing of the birthday email, so you can decide to send it X days before the birthday.

You can also set the time of day that the email is sent.

***Now with automatic discount code generation***

This app now automatically generates a unique discount code for every single customer at the time of the email being broadcast. This means that customers won't be able to share their code and use it more than one time.

Why Birthday emails should be a part of every Shopify merchants marketing campaigns

It's been proved time and time again that these marketing campaigns generate one of the highest conversion rates of all email campaigns. Experian conducted some analysis of the results of multiple birthday email campaigns and found the following:

481% higher transaction rates than promotional emails

342% higher revenue per email than promotional emails

179% higher unique click rates than promotional emails

What does Happy Birthday app do?

This app captures the birthdate of customers and then automatically emails them to wish them a Happy Birthday email. You can choose to either send them a special message or also include a discount code or promotion that is exclusive to them.

When a customer makes a purchase we ask them on the 'thank you page' for their date of birth, this date is then stored in our app. The app will then store the birthdate of the customer and fire an email to them on that day.

What are the benefits of offering a Birthday Discount?

This app is a great way to delight and excite your existing customers. It's a nice touch from the brand to remember their birthday and gives you the chance to wish your customers a happy birthday. The discount code acts as a gift, which will encourage customers to come back to your store and buy again.

Improve conversion rate

This will help to drive sales throughout the year and encourage repeat purchase. Sending a happy birthday automated email is one of the best converting marketing email campaigns.

Retain loyal customers

It will help to bring back old customers and make the best use of your database. There are two ways to drive revenue, by obtaining new customers and increasing total spend per existing customer. This is a great way to drive up the average lifetime spend of your existing customers. This method is often the easier of the two revenue driving techniques.

Strengthen brand reputation

It's a nice touch which will delight your customers when they are surprised with their birthday message.

As a merchant what can I control?

Discount code

As a merchant you can control the amount of discount and type of discount offered to customers. You can set the time limit of that discount to be redeemed and also control what collections/products you want the discount code to be applied to. You can also control minimum spends to ensure customers aren't getting products for free.

Discount codes can either be manually defined or we can automatically generate the discount code and have a unique code for every customer. This means you can ensure they only get used once per customer.

The Email Communications

As a merchant you can also change and customise the email copy that is sent out to the customers. This means you can put you own personal touch on the message and ensure it's within your brands tone of voice.

Automated Emails

Sending automated emails allows you to segment and personalise your email marketing. By setting up rules and having emails fire when a criteria is hit, you hit the customer at the right time with the right message. This is crucial to drive conversions.

Data Export

We've introduced the ability to export all birthday data to a CSV file allowing you to upload to your preffered email platform such as Klaviyo or Mailchimp. You can then switch the emails off from the app and use the app to collect the data

Birthday Capture Form (BETA)

Shopify Merchants love our Happy Birthday Email App, however there was always something missing… a way to capture birthdays of past customers and those who might not process an order... well, here it is.

You can use this feature to ask ALL of your previous customers to provide their birthdate on a landing page that sits on your Shopify store. Sending out an email campaign to your Customers, perhaps with a sneak peak of what might await them on their Big Day, will encourage them to leave their Birthdate for you to surprise and delight them when the time is right!.

What are the pricing tiers

We have created plans for all store sizes from those just starting out to custom plans for enterprise level stores.

  • FREE - Store up to 50 birthdays to get your started.

  • $5 P/M - Up to 1000 stored birthdays

  • $10 P/M - Up to 5000 stored birthdays

  • $20 P?M - Up to 15,000 stored birthdays

  • CUSTOM - We also create custom plans for stores that are storing over 15,000 birthdays

Happy Birthday Email reviews

45 reviews
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great service, love the app! great service, love the app!


Holly shit,

I've been looking for something like that for ages, there is no way on Shopify to conveniently ask for customers birthdays. these guys made it..... it has around 35% CVR for me.

If you're not at least using the free version you're literally leaving money on the table.

Steve, Sam and the rest of the support team were awesome helping me figuring out everything and are open for new features and suggestions, the integration with MailChimp(soon) and Klaviyo will make you so much money.

Even if you're not sure about it, just use the free version and slowly but steady you'll see the power of this app :)


This app is incredibly easy to use and the developers are excellent communicators, willing to help with any issue, no matter how small. I would absolutely recommend this app. It makes automation of birthday emails incredibly simple, concise and straight to the point. Definitely worth every dollar.


Fantastic app and support team! The app does what it says it'll do, and it's very easy and straightforward to set up and use. Pricing is very reasonable.

The support team is amazing and responds to our issues / requests swiftly and professionally. I'd highly recommend you use this app!


Sure you can capture birthdays in a variety of ways and automate emails to your customers without this app. But the ability to create and email a unique coupon code for those customers and set it to expire X days from their birthday is what's really needed to run a successful birthday discount program and that's where this app becomes indispensable.

Support has been excellent so far too - I emailed with a request and not only did they resolve my issue within 24 hours, they updated the app for every other customer to improve it based on my suggestion. That's what great app support looks like.

Thanks from Trek Light Gear!


Exactly what our team was looking for! Extremely easy to use and a support team who are great to work with. Would definitely recommend!


Great App. A must-have for those who are looking at ways to reward loyalty.


Easy to use app and great customer service!


Great app and great simple interface for settings! Loved the sample email. It allowed me to a see what the customer will see and exactly where I would like to make changes! When not a lot of people sent me Birthday gifts it was always nice to receive emails and discounts from retailers! It added a personal touch and I want the same for my customers!!!!!!


Extremely nice, you can't afford to not install this app. Check it out @ www.DevotedStore.com

Free – $20.00 / month

Automatically send your customers a happy birthday automated email on their special day from FREE - $20 per month

7 days


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