Product Review App + Q&A by HC

Product Review App + Q&A by HC

by HelpfulCrowd

Unlimited Product Reviews & Features + Photo reviews + Q&A

5.0 of 5 stars(32 reviews)

Collect More Reviews...

Collect more product reviews & turn more shoppers into customers. FRX™ maximizes organic collection & PaCE™ boosts rates using incentives.

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Get more organic traffic to your site with Google friendly SEO product review rich snippets. More organic traffic = less ads = more profit.

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Sell more, faster, with our Premium Features from day 1. Q&A and Rich Snippets, like all our premium features come standard - no more to pay.

About Product Review App + Q&A by HC

Accelerate Growth

Shoppers are 2x more likely to purchase and spend 11% more when you have product reviews + Q&A on your store.

HelpfulCrowd helps you do this by including Q&A in every plan. You also get stacks of other premium product review app features like photo reviews, display widgets, automatic translation of 25+ languages and FRX.

Our FRX system collects more product reviews than our 'in-email' competitors...hands down!

Here's why 'in-email' (MAP) collects fewer product reviews than FRX:

1) Multi-product orders: in-email can only collect one (1) product review in the email. FRX has no limitations on how many product reviews can be collected.

2) Friction: in-email has more friction with 4 (or more) fields needing to be completed in the email. FRX initially only asks 1 simple question "How many stars do you rate this product?" before collecting the remaining product review content.

3) Email compatibility: in-email doesn't work 'in-email' with Outlook and many other email clients. FRX delivers a consistent product review experience, every time.

If you're not using HelpfulCrowd product review app today, you're missing out on a ton of valuable product reviews. Make every order count.

Premium Product Review App Features as Standard

You get ALL our app features, regardless of plan.

Here's some of them...

Collect More Reviews

  • Send unlimited product review requests
  • Collect product reviews from anyone with Storefront product reviews
  • Get personal by customizing email templates
  • Send product review requests just in time with auto email triggers + review reminders
  • Supercharge review collection with PaCE - Promotion and Coupon Engine (Dynamic/Static)
  • Send manual product review requests
  • Send product review requests to previous customers

Reach More Customers

  • Show rating stars in Google results - Google decides...not us ;-)
  • Show off product reviews anywhere on your site with 6+ product review widgets
  • Share product reviews on FB/Twitter
  • Add a FB product review ab
  • Show product reviews across similar products groups

Create More Loyalty

  • PaCE - generate repeat sales
  • Comment on reviews
  • Send product review Thank you emails


  • Import product reviews from other platforms
  • Customize appearance - Light/dark theme/round corners/drop shadows etc
  • Profanity filter - text & image
  • Email/product review suppression
  • 25+ auto language translation

....many more product review app features.

Try us today..we're refreshingly different

  • Request, collect and display unlimited product reviews
  • Premium product review app features standard - no $$$ to unlock
  • We're chamelions - our product review app adopts your theme styles
  • 1-click fast install and review migration
  • We're always here if needed - 24/7

Integrates with

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter

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Pricing 30-day free trial



  • < 10 products

  • Unlimited review requests

  • Social integration

  • Promotion & coupon engine (PaCE)

  • All premium features



  • 11 to 25 products

  • Unlimited review requests

  • Social integration

  • PaCE - Promotion and Coupon Engine

  • All premium features



  • 26 to 100 products

  • Unlimited review requests

  • Social integration

  • PaCE - Promotion and Coupon Engine

  • All premium features



  • 101 to 500 products

  • Unlimited review requests

  • Social integration

  • PaCE

  • All premium features

  • > 500 products? Go unlimited for $39.95

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 32 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Terrible app! I spent 2 hours to import the reviews files, finally there were just 2 reivews imported successfully. Hehe! Then I remove the code this app left according its removal instructions, and uninstalled it, then my website was collapsed.

Developer reply

July 5, 2019

Hi Han, we are sorry that had issues with importing your reviews, we understand that it can be a difficult process, especially if the source data needs to be heavily reformatted because it's coming from a non-supported platform.

We feel that your star rating of one is a bit harsh, especially given that we offered on several occasions to assist you with the import, but we didn't hear back from you until after you had difficulty and had uninstalled our app.

There can be many reasons why the import is difficult, and it's not usually because of our app, but that the fact that the data has not been formatted correctly in the file. This is especially true if the reviews are from a non-supported third party review platform. Without seeing the file that was created or understand the format of the file, we cannot comment further or assist or help importing unfortunately.

We are also sorry to hear that your store crashed, it sounds like some additional theme code was removed by accident when you were uninstalling our widgets manually. If this happens, you can restore the previous backup version of the file in the theme editor and then attempt to remove the code again.

We have an automatic injection and removal widget tool for the Free Shopify themes, but every theme developer and store owner as well can greatly modify their theme differently, which makes it very difficult to have a 'one shoe fits all' approach to being able to add widget code to themes automatically, which is why you probably needed to remove some of the code manually.

As we'd previously communicated through our chats and the sharing of the original import help articles, we are available to assist you should you need it for either the import or the widget codes. If you still need assistance, just reach back out to us through our chat app as we would like to help get your reviews on your site and also have the widgets display properly.

Helpful Team

QueensRUs University

The customer service is very good, they are very helpful and I like that you get to manage and publish your reviews vs them just automatically publishing. If I get a bad review, I’ll email the customer & try to work it out.

Feeding Tumbler™

I like this app. It is not as expensive as those top rated review app, but it works the same. The support response quickly, 10/10!

Developer reply

June 17, 2019

We love the feeding tumbler! The great way to give your dogs and cats some fun time in their life and challenge. Love also how you can change the hole size!

We pride ourselves on democratized technology... offering great value and giving every store the ability to grow from day one with a stack load of premium features you need to pay $$$$ for with other apps.

Looking forward to doing great things together with Feeding Tumbler!