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Hurrify - Countdown Timer

Hurrify - Countdown Timer

Developed by Yousef Khalidi

132 reviews
Price: $6.99 / month Free Trial: 2 days More info
  • The Most Popular Countdown Timer App.
  • When The Time Is Up - It Simply Auto Restarts.
  • Mobile Responsive - Works Perfectly On Mobile.

#1 countdown timer app in the App store

Hurrify is proudly #1 app in the App store. It offers a lot of exclusive features that none of the other apps offer

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    Text Above Countdown Timer Is Fully Customizable

    You can customize the text above the timer the way you like until you get the look that fits your Shopify Store perfectly !
    You can choose between the custom sentences we already included or you can even enter your own custom text. Then you can control the size, the color,the font weight and font style even.

    NEW Scarcity Timer

    You can now choose to display a progress bar with a sold amount instead of the plain custom text! In this option you can jump start your sold amount and show it to customers. Then with each sold unit, the sold amount will be increased.

    Different Countdown Timer Styles

    You can choose between the 2 styles we have included to see which one suits you and your store better. More styles are coming very soon !

    2 Day Trial

    What are you waiting for? Give it a try and you'll simply love it =)


    Password to unlock the store => 123456

  • Option 1 ( Custom Text Only )

  • Option 2 ( Amount Sold )

  • Option 3 ( Left In Stock )

  • Option 4 ( Live Decreasing Stock Number )

  • Option 5 ( Live Increasing Scarcity Number )
  • NEW FEATURE - Game Changer

    Don't miss out on this new feature. It will make wonders to your conversions especially for mobile buyers. For demo click here.

    Brand New Feature - Crazy Stuff

    I call this the ULTIMATE SCARCITY feature! Click here to watch how this beast works in ACTION!

    Hurrify - Countdown Timer reviews

    132 reviews
    1. 5 stars (110 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (2 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (3 reviews)
    5. 1 star (13 reviews)

    It doesn't work well on my theme


    I have four major issues with the app.

    1. First, the trial is two days. Hardly enough time to see results. I like to know a product will work if a trial is involved. I gambled on this anyway.
    2. I couldn't get it to function at all. I read the setup instructions, verified it the product was added, the settings were correct, the timer was active. Still no sign of it on my product page. I tried deleting the settings that weren't working and starting over, but nothing worked. I uninstalled the app thinking I might reinstall it and see if that worked. Unfortunately, that required me to approve the charges once more (other apps didn't do that). I did NOT contact support. After that last bit, I was done.
    3. It doesn't allow an actual timer. Just a pretend timer. An artificial rush for the individual. I want a timer that shows the actual time the sale is running for. I couldn't find any trace of that kind of option.
    4. The scarcity option that gives the impression of how many are sold is again a pretend option. If the customer actually pays attention to the number in your shop, or the scarcity bar, they'll see it's a sham.

    The good points are:
    1. The settings are pretty versatile. You can make the timers do just about anything in regard to the customer. The timer can reset when the customer reloads the page, or (using cookies) keep the same time regardless closing their browser. If you're looking for a timer to give your customers a rushed impression. To push them into the emotional buy, it will do exactly that.
    2. The interface is simple to use, and easy to understand. Frankly, I didn't feel like I needed any of the tutorial information going in, because it was so user friendly.
    3. The guide information is well put together and easy to read. Had I any questions going in, they would have been answered by the help information.

    In the end, I'd rather be honest with my customers anyway. I'll look for a timer that gives actual sales times if possible.


    Same problem as previous reviewer.....cleared my cache without success. .... UPDATE: Okay I changed from Style 3 to Style 1 and it is no longer smushed. But " the Sales Ends In: " text is in the wrong place.

    $6.99 / month
    2 days

    Support & Sales

    Yousef Khalidi
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