Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed

Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed

by Rvere

Site speed booster & image optimizer: LazyLoad, Minify & Defer

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Tropical Fruit Box

It wreaked havoc in our store. The "optimization" process reset the images so we lost a third of our products in the Google Shopping feed which ended up causing problems with all our Ad campaigns. Of course, they are blaming Shopify for this issue but coincidentally, it only happened after installing this app. If that wasn't enough, while the app was installed, several customers complained that the site was down and it ended up costing us thousands of dollars in sales. We are still dealing with the consequences.
Needless to say, try this at your own peril.

Developer reply

June 23, 2021

To clarify this issue, Shopify's Google Shopping feed app updated automatically when the store's images were compressed. That sync exposed a pre-existing error that Hyperspeed didn't cause.

Regardless, I understand how frustrating something like this can be, I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

Safety is our highest priority. Our preview system is built so that no changes are made to your code until you approve. Testing the preview thoroughly before publishing is highly recommended.

It looks like our automatic code removal tool successfully removed our optimizations from your store, so you should be all set there!


DO NOT USE THIS APP. I installed this app on my site, checked my speed scores. It helped a little bit but THANK GOD this morning I received a call from a potential customer saying my "Buy it Now" button was broke. Luckily I have a really good developer that installed a premium theme and fixed it. It was traced back to this app. I'm spending $500 a day in ads and luckily I uninstalled this app late last night and so only wasted about $100 in ad spend,

Developer reply

April 23, 2021

Sorry to hear about your experience! The Remove Theme Changes button should have removed all of our code from your store. We work to make the app as safe as possible while speeding up your store. We'll be investigating thoroughly into how this could have happened.

In the meantime, we'd love to make a working optimized preview for you, I've gotten in touch directly!


Sex Doll Fetish

This app slowed my store loading down You have changed my shop source code which is not allowed by shopify. Even after deleting your app your script remained in my theme code which I had to remove. What a crappy app. Buyer beware.

Developer reply

May 1, 2020

Hi there, we provide a 'Remove Theme Changes' button on the top left of Hyperspeed to remove all of our changes! Please use this before uninstallation to restore your store to how it previously was.

For the custom optimizations which I did for you, these can't be removed automatically unfortunately. I'd be happy to remove them for you by hand though. I'd just need a staff account for tech@rvere.com with theme permissions.

In terms of your store speed, I've checked the 24 audits we run on your store and Hyperspeed had improved its total loading time by 10.95%! Total byte weight was also reduced by 27.38%. Please keep in mind individual audits can be extremely variable. Using averages helps give a better comparison of your real speed.

If you'd like to give Hyperspeed another try, please feel free to install it again and I'd be happy to get you those improvements again.

Commando Designs

DO NOT INSTALL... Made my website look like complete shit and slowed desktop speed by 30 points and Mobile Speed by 17 points... Thanks my website is now fucked

Developer reply

February 19, 2020

Hey there, sorry to hear about that! We have a preview system in place so that you can check your store over for any issues before publishing. No changes are made to your store before you choose to publish.

That being said, your site is currently the exact same as it was from before Hyperspeed was installed. It looks like you've used our emergency restore option to remove those changes. Your store is now in its previously untouched state.

Please keep in mind individual speed audits are extremely variable. Testing the exact same site can result in different scores. Also, Shopify does take some time to re-cache your store after any changes are made.

If you'd like to give the app another try, just let me know and I'd be happy to make sure your preview works great before you publish any optimizations!

Its Bean Called Java

Via Googles PageSpeed Insightes, my page score started off at 27. This is low. This is why I was looking for something to help speed up my page. The first time I ran it my score dropped to 23. I ran it again thinking I did something wrong. When I retested my score dropped to 17. I'm not sure how it can do the opposite of what it was supposed to do.

Developer reply

December 12, 2019

Sorry to hear about that! Hyperspeed focuses on improving your site's actual speed instead of the PageSpeed score. The score is more of a checklist for developers to consider, and doesn't correlate with real speed or impact SEO rankings.

Also, considering multiple audits is important since individual ones can be extremely variable. Tests on the same site with no changes can result in very different scores.

I'd love to make sure your store is as fast as it can be. Just let me know if you'd like to give Hyperspeed another try and I can help with that.


Not a good app. This app never improved my page speed. I am getting the same score before and after installing this app.

Super Cheap Fabrics

I would give 0 stars if I could. This app quite literally broke my website. Customers on my store wouldn't be able to check-out which really affected my sales.

We are lucky we caught onto it quickly, because if we didn't that's thousands of dollars down the drain because of a poorly built application.

Would give 0 stars if I could. I'm extremely lucky I take daily backups, if I didn't I would be totally screwed as THE REVERT CHANGES OPTION that the APP PROVIDES didn't even rectify the problem that IT caused.

Developer reply

April 19, 2019

Hey there, thanks for your feedback! I'm so sorry you had this experience.

We've looked into it and our server was backed up on launch day which caused the revert changes feature to lag. We've beefed up our server and added an extra emergency backup so this doesn't happen again!

We also looked into making our theme preview system clearer. Our intention was for the preview to allow you to test out your site to make sure nothing was broken before anything gets seen by a customer. It looks like we did a poor job in making that clear in the interface. We're working on additional checklists now to make the process of checking easier.

Again, I'm so sorry you had this experience. I'd love to make it right. I've already emailed you, but if you get in touch at alex@rvere.com, I'll make sure your shop reaches the best speeds possible.