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In Cart Upsell by Awesome Software

In Cart Upsell by Awesome Software

Developed by Awesome Software

80 reviews
Price: Free – $39.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • MORE sales with laser-targeted upsell offers
  • HIGHER conversion rate with no interruptions for your customers
  • SIMPLE setup with no coding required

★★★ Targeted, Popup-Free Upsells ★★★

See why In Cart Upsell is the #1 best performing upsell app for Shopify stores. This brand new app is already making our users over $1 million each month.

★ New Targeting Features ★

You can now target offers based on the shopper's location or the QUANTITY of an item in the cart. Use our brand new improved offer builder to create Buy 2 / Get 1 Free, Buy 3 / Get A Bonus and more. Our new offer builder is the BEST way to create perfectly targeted offers.

Our Mission Is To Help You Make More Money

Upsell and cross-sell offers are a simple way to boost order size and revenue. Get the most out of your offers by displaying them at the perfect time, with perfect targeting.

How Does It Work?

As your customers shop in your store, In Cart Upsell watches what is in each shopping cart. When they start the checkout process by going to your cart, one of the offers that you have set up gently appears, asking if they'd like to add the item to their order.

Rule #1: Don't interrupt someone who is trying to give you money.

The reason this is so effective is that it works with the shopper. It does not interrupt them and it does not throw pop-up windows in their way while they try to shop. It presents an offer that you, the store owner, know is a good fit for their purchase. You can customize your offers to any type of customer or combination of products.

Beautiful And Convenient

Use one of our EIGHT fully customizable color schemes to perfectly match the look and feel of your store.

A/B Testing Built In

The world's best data-driven way to improve your marketing is built right in. Create multiple versions of your offer - our system will learn which version performs best, and automatically show it to your customers.

What Kind of Offers Can I Set Up?

Using the simple offer builder, you can set up offers for any kind of purchase:

  • Offer a particular product to every customer

  • Show or hide offers based on a customer's tags

  • Offer discounted / free / BOGO products

  • Show offers only in certain countries

  • Multiple related products

  • The possibilities are endless - configure exactly the offer you need. Choose from eight different display themes to match the offer to the look and feel of your store.

    Advanced People Targeting

    Create specially targeted offers just for your email subscribers, or just for your wholesalers, or just for repeat customers.

    Advanced Location Targeting

    Save on shipping by restricting offers only to certain countries - or exclude offers from being shown in any country you choose.

    What's the ROI?

    Our users' average ROI is over 1000%.

    Check the built-in analytics to see which offers are making you the most money. Every offer tracks how often it was shown, how often it was accepted, and the daily and total dollar value it has brought in.

    You can tell at a glance how much money each of your offers is making, and use that incredibly powerful information to drive even more sales.


    Designed from the ground up to make extra money for your store. Pricing is a monthly fee with no contract and no commitment. So you can cancel any time you need to. All plans include detailed offer targeting and full analytics.

    FREE: $0 / month, 1 offer at a time (includes our "Powered By" link)
    BEGINNER: $14 / month, 5 offers at a time PLUS geo-targeting
    PROFESSIONAL: $39 / month, 250 offers at a time PLUS A/B testing

    All plans have UNLIMITED views - we don't penalize you for being successful

    Earns You Money Right Away

    Join the other folks that have already made over $1 MILLION in extra sales in the last few months. Install the free trial and start earning more now.

    Absolutely Guaranteed

    Try our free trial - there's no risk at all. If you ever need help using the app, help is only a click away - we'll help you get started, customize your offers, and answer any questions you might have. Plus, when you sign up, you get:

    • An easy-to-follow setup guide

    • Tips on maximizing your offers

    • Ideas on how to create the most effective offers

    Always Getting Better

    We're adding new features every week and working incredibly hard to be the best upsell app ever made for every kind of online store. Here are some things we've recently improved:

    • 1/2017: Targeting offers based on item quantity

    • 2/2017: Better mobile support

    • 2/2017: Faster offer loading

    • 3/2017: Improved automatic setup wizard

    • 3/2017: Location-targeted offers

    • 4/2017: Now works AUTOMATICALLY with most currency converters

In Cart Upsell by Awesome Software reviews

80 reviews
  1. 5 stars (72 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (4 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (3 reviews)
  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

This app is good; easy to install, easy to work out, and for simple use it's free. What makes it totally awesome is the support from the guys. Even though we are on the free service they give immediate response and solutions.Highly recommend.


Really great and easy to incorporate, would highly recommend


Great addition to store. We love app. Awesome creation of their app.


Great customer service, super helpful. Works well so far!


Would definitely recommend to a friend or use it on another website. This app is sleek, easy to set up and use and has hugely helped with my Shopify store.


Excellent Application and Great support service.
The application works perfectly on our Shopify theme.
The application offers an additional item for sale within the cart and I am sure that this will increase our sales.
Easy settings of rules that enable us to offer the right product for the purchased item.

The support is excellent. We contacted Will from incartupsell.com and he responded immediately. He solved our issue promptly.
Fully recommended!


It works, but I'm removing it. The 7 step process to implement is a nightmare. You better be comfortable editing your templates manually and you should be very careful. The "hidden product" trick is not so hidden on all pages. Good luck finding which files to change to make sure that they don't appear inadvertently. I was also not a big fan of having to duplicate an item and add a "hiddenproduct' tag. It's just another thing to manage.

I'd also like to point out that the instructions were not totally accurate for my theme which is currently the free Supply Theme. Again, you might want to know what you are doing here. If you are uncomfortable editing your HTML files, I'd stay away from this app.

I think this should be push button deploy, then setup and manage. It's just not that simple.

I love the idea and will be searching for another alternative once I uninstall this app.


The App worked great for my store and it's conversions. I would refer to a friend.


Great app, actually started getting upsells right on the first day using it!


I really love this app. It is very easy to setup and has boost my conversion rates through the roof.

Thank You

Free – $39.00 / month

Some apps charge each time your offer is shown - not us! UNLIMITED views on all plans.
FREE: $0 / month, 1 offer at a time (includes our "Powered By" link)
BEGINNER: $14 / month, 5 offers at a time PLUS geo-targeting
PROFESSIONAL: $39 / month, 250 offers at a time PLUS A/B testing

7 days

Support & Sales

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