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Back in Stock alerts

Back in Stock alerts

Developed by SpurIT

59 reviews
Price: Free – $19.95 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Increase your income by notifying customers instantly when a product or variant is back in stock.
  • Customize text customers will see in their email with links to your products.
  • Adjust the design of a subscription pop-up according to your theme look.

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✓ Are you periodically losing your clients, who would like to buy some products at your web store, but start to be disappointed and, as a result, leave your store, because they see "OUT OF STOCK" or "SOLD OUT" on a desired product page?

✓ Or maybe you do not even suspect how many clients you are losing if there are no products in stock?

✓ If you would like to change this situation and increase your revenue by recovering lost sales and encouraging future purchases, "Back In Stock Alerts" will help you with this!

How it works

  • When a customer is looking at a product which is out of stock, they see a popup where they can enter their email.

  • When the product quantity is updated in the Shopify product admin panel, an email is sent to the customer with the link to the product, informing them it is back in stock.

  • You can also initially have a badge icon on the out of stock product page and when the customer clicks it, they see the popup.

Customize the pop-up and widget

  • You can use a predefined widget, change its color, or upload your own image.

  • The widget position on the screen can be customized.

  • The pop-up design can be adjusted for any theme with the help of an excellent insightful editor with an online preview feature.

  • Configure whether a customer sees the subscription popup, or a clickable widget icon which brings up the pop-up.

  • You can also include a field for customers to specify their preferred price for the product, and/or how long they can wait for the notification (e.g. they only want to be notified within this month).

  • Customize and format the popup content as well as the email sent to the customer.


  • Collect statistics on the number of email notifications sent during different time periods.

  • See the products for which notifications were created.

  • Filter and sort reports by status, customers, emails or products.

  • ...and much more other information.


  • You can also include products or variants that you are not currently offering, but would like to see if there is demand.

  • You then set up their quantity as 0, and the “send me a reminder when it’s back” icon will appear on their pages.

  • For every currency you are accepting, create a separate email with a corresponding language or localization features specific to each country.


  • Use a predefined widget image or upload your own icon.

  • Specify a position where you want to place the widget on the screen.

  • You can choose whether a customer immediately sees the subscription pop-up, or needs to click the “In Stock Reminder” widget.

  • You can create several email templates in different languages for customers from different countries.

  • Rich statistics with graphics.

  • The app emails customers automatically within 2 hours of the product appearing in stock.

  • Exporting all data into CSV files (e.g. for synchronization with MailChimp).

  • Adding your own text or image as a subscription badge into a required place on the product page.

  • Possibility to not allow the subscription for certain out of stock products (!NEW).

  • Possibility to configure a particular in stock amount for some products that will trigger an email sent to customers only when the product in stock amount becomes equal to what has been configured.

  • Possibility to place a subscription form anywhere on the product page.

  • Receive Instant, daily, weekly or monthly reporting about new subscribers to you email (!NEW).
  • Do you provide technical support?

    Yes, you can contact us at contact@spur-i-t.com and we'll be happy to help. We usually respond within 24hrs (Mon-Fri) and can also connect via Skype or phone.

    Restore your lost revenue and increase sales!

    --☛ Click here to see the app in action on a live demo site




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    Discount & Sales Scheduler : Select products in bulk and schedule a sale for them.

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    Upsell Motivator Bar : Display information in a bar based on cart content.

    Products AB Test - Your Sales Booster (FREE) : A/B split test to generate more revenue.

    Abandoned Cart Reminder (FREE) : Increase your revenue by adding urgency to your cart.

    Upsell by Email (FREE) : After the purchase, email customers relevant products.

    Discount Reminder (FREE) : Email customers when some product prices are reduced.


    Countdown Timer : Place a flipping Timer showing the approaching sale end.

    Crowdfunding Manager allows you to raise Funding and Donations.


    Upsell on Exit / Visit Popup (FREE) : Show Deals to those leaving your store or 1st time visitors.


    Tweet Auto Posting : Automate your twitter activities and increase social presence.


    Bulk Variants Editor & Scheduler (FREE) : Plan and schedule variants to appear at your store.


    Enjoy the app! And email us if you need custom programming or design for Shopify stores!

Back in Stock alerts reviews

59 reviews
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Good price value compared to the other apps. I have been using this app for about a year, when something happen and the In Stock Reminder was slowing down and preventing the entire page from loading. I e-mailed then once and was told that I need someone to look at the shopify end of the page. I e-mailed them a second time and they fix the issue and it works great. I didn't really understand their display option at first, as they need some better training video, but I now have everything dialed in to where I want it.


It has helped us tremendously! increased sales, and allows us to know how to order going forward. Highly recommend this for small to medium online businesses.



It works exactly as you want it to work and the best part is that their customer service is super nice and super fast to solve any doubt or issue you may have. Excellent job! Excellent app!


This app is awesome! Easy to set up and configure!


We have been using this app for our store less than 1 week and already have stock requests for over 50 items/customers. This has helped us to determine what items we should restock. The app is so very easy to use and the email template is quite simple. Thanks!


Crashed and sent out blank emails when we restocked one of our highly sought after products. Costed us tons of lost money


Fantastic application - we have it fully implemented and have great success with it.


IN Stock has been a lifesaver for my customers and our store to keep them in the loop when our products arrive!


Great app. Works perfectly. Integration support was very good. definitely recommend this app


This app works wonderfully! We no longer need to have a document to reference & contact customers when shipments arrive. Thank you for making this step easier for us!

Free – $19.95 / month
7 days

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