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July 31, 2023

The tests we've run through Intelligems have been a huge success for our store! We've seen some tests provide a 10% revenue increase. Their support is also amazing!

Good Shirts
United States
7 months using the app
September 27, 2023

One of the most valuable tools I've ever used. We're driving significantly more dollars to our bottom line by price testing with Intelligems

Original Grain
United States
3 months using the app
August 9, 2023

The best tool and team for getting started with A/B testing. Super hands on support (onboarding, troubleshooting, and even strategy). The tool is easy to use, easy to understand the results, and I always know the Intelligems team will be there to help us out if needed. We've used it so far to test shipping rates and shipping minimums, something we've always been curious about and now we have data to back up our approach.

United States
7 months using the app
December 20, 2022

We hadn’t revisited pricing in a long time and wanted to approach it scientifically so we used Intelligems to test prices and ended up changing our price point. Afterwards, we used Intelligems’ volume discounts feature to test our discount tiers / amounts. The analytics make it easy to see exactly how the tests are affecting user behavior and your store’s bottom line.

Everie Woman
United States
8 months using the app
March 13, 2023

I didn't want to write a review because I didn't want our competitors to start using this. This app is a GAME CHANGER for unlocking more profit out of your store. Their customer support is incredible, and they will do anything to help you unlock more profit. HIGHLY recommend!

United States
8 months using the app
March 15, 2023

The team at Intelligems is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable & diligent. With their app, we were able to create a suitable testing environment on our site & use real data to decide which price point for our flagship product was best in terms of both our top & bottom line. The results were game changing for our business. Excited to continue working with the Intelligems team on future price sensitivity tests!

United States
8 months using the app
January 4, 2022

Using Intelligems has been the best decision we've made for our business. We first used their app when we were trying to understand if we could raise our prices when our costs rose. A/B testing seemed like the best way to figure this out, so we ran a test with Intelligems and were super happy with how it went. We've run many tests with Intelligems since then and each one has helped us make key business decisions on how to price our products, not to mention has really improved our conversion rates. The tests are super easy to set up, and Adam and Drew are incredibly responsive and resourceful if we have any questions. My co-founder and I often say that we don't know how we made pricing decisions before Intelligems - this is a must have app for any shopify store.

United States
7 months using the app
February 10, 2022

Intelligems helped us run an a/b test on our shipping threshold. We found that our conversion rate and AOV didn't change much, so we increased our shipping threshold and calculated it will bring us an extra $40,000 per year in lost shipping fees! We are testing product pricing next. I highly recommend Intelligems!

Lucy Avenue
United States
7 months using the app
May 23, 2023

Intelligems has fundamentally changed our business for the better! In just 3 weeks, we doubled our conversion rate and got our FB ads to work like the pre-IOS days. Without a doubt, Intelligems has become an indispensable tool in our arsenal, and I wholeheartedly give it a well-deserved 5-star rating!

On top of that, Drew, Adam, Hannah, and the rest of their team took amazing care of us the entire time. They helped us design/setup the tests, advised us on testing strategy, and were quick to provide support on any issues we faced.

We can't wait to run more tests and optimize the business with Intelligems. Hands down my favorite marketing app on Shopify!

The Wander Club
United States
7 months using the app
September 28, 2022

If you're looking to test pricing or shipping thresholds, this is the app for you! The customer support is 10/10 and they have gone above and beyond to help us getting set up and analysing experiments. Would highly recommend!

Elizabeth Scarlett
United Kingdom
7 months using the app