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Automatic invoices, batching, picking and packing lists

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AllStitch Embroidery Supplies

Just started using this app with our new store this week. It's easy to set up, and it runs without any input from store owner. But ... I have had issues this week, late in the day it starts to build up a delay of 10-20 minutes before orders will import to the app and print. Other than this issue, I love this app. Well worth the money.

Japanese Green Tea Shops

I've been using this app for months. It was very easy to create a custom invoice for my shop that looks perfect. Orders are printed automatically (2 copies as I set it up that way) when they come in.

It has made my life so much easier than before when I had to print out orders manually with the "Shopify" app, which never really worked well for me. I had so many problems with my printer (Japanese with A4 paper) and the printer settings. This app worked perfect from the first order that came in until now, thousands of orders later.

There was only a one time small delay in printing orders (about 40 minutes), and when I sent a mail to ask if there was a problem, I got an instant reply from the Dev explaining that it would be back to normal soon.....and it was.

Highly recommend this app for a medium size store like mine. Install, set it up (I got fast, professional and courteous responses when I set it up and needed help) and just forget about it.

Using Shopify Plus, we needed a way to separate our orders as they printed by retail orders and wholesale orders. We were able to separate our orders by tags, print as they come in, and sort our products numerically based on SKU. This is such a huge time saver when it comes to fulfillment and has made a difference in how quickly we can get orders packed and out to our customers. Aside from all the much needed functionality of this app, Cameron has been amazing with his willingness to help and make sure the app works for our specific needs and extremely patient in helping us set it up. We cannot say enough good things about this app!

Blue Fish Clothing

Flawless app, simple and easy to anyone, as a developer I was able to modify the invoice, add metatags, great work from support team ( Cameron ) for constant support and great knowledge.

It's very good. We had some issues around black friday where invoices would sometimes take over an hour to come through. Other than that though it's decent.

It would be good to have more information that can be applied to invoice templates. Especially stock cost (if you have an app for that), shopify fee and end profit. It'd make my other filing processes much easier.

Other than that, pretty good. from

Mattress Warehouse

Very flexible and incredible program. We use this in conjunction with Shopify POS as an automatic printer for receipts and delivery slips in our retail storefront. Still trying to see all the amazing things I can customize with this.

The customer support has been out of this world helpful with getting things setup just how we needed it for our specific uses.

Kinsley Armelle

We have been looking for an app like IntelliPrint for months. Thank goodness we found it! Talk about an absolute game changer for efficiency of packing and fulfilling orders.

We leverage Shopify for Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment. We wanted an app that would help us print all our Packing Slips / Invoices quickly (and if we were lucky automatically) as they came in. Well IntelliPrint does that and more! Now that everything is all setup, when our Order Fulfillment team arrives each morning, they just grab the latest batches that have printed automatically via Google Cloud Print services and they start picking / packing immediately. Talk about a time saver!

For us, IntelliPrint has nestled itself as a major component of our internal process and it is a perfect fit for our purpose. Rather than exporting orders to Trade Gecko, Stitch Labs, or other robust Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment Tools, we wanted to keep things simpler.

Finally, I'd like to shout out Cameron the developer for promptly getting back to us promptly over a few days to get everything setup smoothly. Couldn't be happier with this service.

Way to go IntelliPrint!

KEYWAY | The #1 Source for Wood & Leather iPhone Cases

We've been using this App for about a year now and it is awesome!

When we were printing 5-10 orders a day, using OrderPrinter was fine, but when you're printing/picking/shipping hundreds per day, you need this App to be constantly automatically printing your orders, it's a life saver.

The print template customization is limitless, it gives you a great WYSIWYG editor but also lets you give into the code if you're comfortable with it. We were able to create a template that works perfectly for us. We've never had a problem with the Desktop app that links with our printers either.

So far, the worst thing that has happened was a server slow-down on Black Friday which delayed a few orders printing by 45 minutes, no big deal. This glitch came around on Friday night and Cameron got back to me in about a 1/2 hour.

Definitely recommend the app for medium-to-large stores.

(Also, I'm not sure what some people are talking about spending a fortune on this app for... We pay $25/Month and creating the print template didn't cost me anything)

My Lash Store

Paid over $4000 to have a custom solution created for printing and shipping. Over 6 months on and the solution is still horribly buggy and overall isn't up to what's on offer from other software out there that integrates with eParcel.

I understand that it hasn't been easy for their team given the constraints of the eParcel system and a lack of dev environment, and the team have been reasonably responsive to issues, however I've now wasted hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to be left with a solution that's still not up to standard and doesn't do many of the things I was originally told it would.

Zen Factory Outlet

This app does not even load. After "installation" the animated logo appears for "loading" and nothing happens. What a disappointment. All we want is a way to print ONLINE orders automatically whenever they come in. Shame...

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