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Intuitive Shipping

Intuitive Shipping

Developed by WebObsessed

6 reviews
Price: $24.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Create unlimited custom package sizes & assign product dimensions to ensure accurate shipping charges are retrieved from live carriers.
  • The conditions feature is exclusive to Intuitive Shipping and lets you fine tune your shipping rates using over 20 parameters such as customer tag, Postal/Zip code range, and product fulfillment.
  • Assign shipping rates on a per item basis, pull in accurate live rates, or create fully custom shipping rates to maximize your profits.

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Who It's For

An advanced shipping rate calculator, Intuitive Shipping is for Shopify Merchants of all sizes looking to expand the shipping functionality of their store.

What It Does

From per item shipping rates to dimensional-weight based shipping, and everything in between; Intuitive Shipping does it all. We list the main features of Intuitive Shipping below, but the best way to see if it's right for your Shopify store is to take it for a test drive. We offer a free 14-day trial, so go ahead - try it out!

Accurate Live Rates | Create unlimited custom package sizes & assign product dimensions to ensure accurate shipping charges are retrieved from live carriers.

Customize Live Rates | Pull in live rates from DHL, Australia Post, Canada Post, UPS, USPS, or FedEx, and customize these rates with conditions, handling fees, package sizes and more. Synch Intuitive Shipping with your custom carrier accounts to pull in your negotiated rates.

*We're happy to integrate your preferred carrier

Custom Rates | Create your own custom rates based on cart or product quantity, total, weight, or distance.

Set Item-Specific Rates | The Per Product Shipping feature allows you to set shipping rates on a per-item basis - perfect for oddly shaped or heavy items. Set separate rates for additional quantities of each product to drive sales.

Perfect for Dropshipping | Use Intuitive Shipping to create handling fees, cost adjustments, custom origin addresses and more to optimize your business.

Fine-tune your Shipping | The conditions feature is exclusive to Intuitive Shipping and lets you to assign unlimited rules and restrictions to each shipping rate.

Combine Rates | Charge separate shipping costs based on specific products, conditions settings etc., and combine these shipping costs together using custom formulas for a single shipping option at checkout.

Shipping Subzones | Our conditions feature lets you assign shipping costs to specific Zip/Postal Codes – great for local delivery or pickup.

New Features - December 2017

  • Set custom package dimensions and unique shipping costs for each product variant

  • Product Options by Bold added as a rate condition.

About Web Obsessed

A husband and wife team, Joel and Sharon Reeds have been developing shipping apps or over 6 years. Intuitive Shipping for Shopify is the cumulation of these years of development experience, combined with working one-on-one with shop owners to integrate features that serve a purpose. They are thrilled to offer such a comprehensive shipping solution to the amazing and innovative entrepreneurs that use Shopify, and look forward to the opportunity of playing a key role in making your Shopify store a success.


Like all Shopify shipping calculation apps, Intuitive Shipping requires calculated shipping rates. You can get this feature for as little as $0/month by contacting Shopify to update your plan.

Intuitive Shipping reviews

6 reviews
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This app does everything I need, and does it very well! I have a store with multiple suppliers and use all of their shipping procedures, which are all different to one another. The ability to segment products from certain suppliers, and then segment further within that makes shipping to multiple postcodes and zones a breeze.
The customer support is the best I’ve seen from and Shopify App! Joel is super patient and understand of individual needs and more than happy to help. The biggest part of the store setup that Joel has helped me with is the custom rules, where, if a setting in the app doesn’t exist, and very simple in ordinary mathematical calculation can be added to a “special rule” section of your process, eg; vendor / 1 x weight x $, or something to that effect... this allows specific rules for certain products.
I can’t be more happy with a shipping app, it’s everything I want, and everything I’ll need for all my future suppliers.
If you need flexible strong customisable shipping scenarios made, this is your app. Don’t mess around stressing for the cheapest, there’s a reason this is a paid app, it works and works well!!


Simple, effective, with very responsive and helpful support


This is the PERFECT APP for all your shipping/delivery needs. It saved me countless hours and money. It doesn't seem to have any limits, unlike some much more expensive solutions out there. Customer support goes above and beyond... Joel seems to always be available, and really knows what he's doing - even on a Sunday night! If I could give this app 10 stars, I would.


This app is a DREAM!

My shop (www.tanninaquatics.com) utilizes two different shipping options for some unique products, as well as a variety of international options. I was tearing my hair out trying to find an app that could accommodate my needs. That's when I saw a forum post on this product. I went for it and am completely blown away! Not only does this app overcome any shortcomings of the basic Shopify shipping, it's literally the answer to all of your shipping customization prayers. The potential for customizations is unlimited.

I shot an email to Sharon on a Friday night- and not only did she get back to me the next morning with a "Yeah, we CAN do that!"- she offered to have me set up a Skype session THAT DAY with Joel, the developer...and he not only talked me through the process, but made numerous helpful suggestions and took the time to explain how the logic worked...and he LISTENED to what I needed. I'm a complete doofus on the tech side, but Joel made this a pleasant and straightforward process! Integration with Shopify is super easy and...well, surprisingly INTUITIVE- like the name! This is literally like having a custom shipping program. And with individuals like Sharon and Joel standing behind what they do, it's incredibly satisfying to work with them.

These people absolutely love what they do and it shows! I see this app becoming THE custom shipping app for many Shopify stores. I would not hesitate for a second to get this app and take advantage of the amazing service that they offer! I don't usually jump for joy about stuff like this, but Intuitive Shipping is really helping me to take my business to the next level with this app!

Do yourself a favor and check this one out! And tell everyone you know once you get it installed!



There are no shipping apps on shopify that will allow me to customize individual shipping fees based on the box sizes I am shipping out. In the wine business, we are required to ship wine in special packaging which is costly and we need to be able to charge different fees for each of our box sizes in addition to shipping. All the other apps wanted to charge a fortune to customize this solution (i am talking thousands!!) Same with the shopify developers, they wanted to charge a fortune! Then I found this app and gave it a try. The customer support is awesome. If I have a question, i email and get a response. He even spent HOURS on the the phone helping me learn the system and how to customize the shipping settings to my stores individual shipping needs. Most people will not need hours to set this up. I just had a lot of specific package sizes and shipping scenarios I needed to set up. There is NO OTHER APP LIKE THIS ONE. All the other apps still use a one size fits all approach. Shipping is not one size fits all and neither should your shipping capabilities.


This app is exactly what I was looking for! It's the only app (that I've been able to find - and trust me, I did a BIG search) to address the serious deficits in Shopify's shipping rate calculations for Canadian businesses. Before using Intuitive Shipping, I had only one default shipping box (which was huge to fit my biggest product), which meant that I would be charging clients buying only a wallet, $30-60 for shipping. Of course, that scared away a lot of potential business. When I got Intuitive Shipping, I was able to add dimensions to each product so that it would choose boxes that were better suited to the product that I was shipping - and charge the customer a reasonable shipping amount. My first sale post-installation/set-up of the app, the difference between my actual shipping price and the rate that the customer was charged was only 2 cents! Finally, I want to thank Joel (one of the co-founders) who spent hours with me helping me to set up my shop and my shipping settings via Skype. In summary, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this app to any Canadian businesses who are looking to improve their shipping rate calculations in their store. Thanks Joel!

$24.99 / month

Unlimited Shipping Scenarios
Unlimited Shipping Methods
Unlimited Shipping Rate Combinations
FREE to use while in testing mode
FREE 14-day trial in live mode

14 days


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