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Intuitive Shipping

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Control How Shipping Rates Are Calculated at Checkout.

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Multiple Origin Addresses

Create separate Shipping Scenarios to reflect how each of your fulfillment centres charge for shipping. Add insurance, handling fees & more

Accurate Live Rates

Automatically calculate the appropriate size, weight, and number of boxes for each order, ensuring accurate shipping rates at checkout

True Wholesale Shipping

Streamline your wholesale process & exclude wholesale customers from shipping promos, increasing profit margins for these high volume orders

About Intuitive Shipping

What is Intuitive Shipping?

Intuitive Shipping is an advanced shipping rate calculator for Shopify merchants of all sizes in need of more shipping options than Shopify provides natively. From 4D boxing and per-item exclusions to true wholesale shipping and everything in between, Intuitive Shipping’s extensive range of features gives you full control over how your shipping is calculated at checkout, for predictable profit margins on every order.

Why You Should Choose Intuitive Shipping.

We understand that shipping is an inherent component of running an online store, and especially in the ultra-competitive ecommerce space, controlling costs is critical to remain viable. Intuitive Shipping has all the features you need to take full control of your store’s shipping calculations. In fact, we are Shopify’s most feature-rich shipping calculation app.

Why We are Priced Competitively

Shipping calculation is business critical, and we don’t believe in stripping out core features to appear more affordable – our $30/month plan has unlimited everything, including features, vendors, and couriers, all at a price that merchants can afford.


ACCURATE LIVE RATES | Create custom package sizes and assign dimensions to your products.

4D BOXING | Our proprietary 4D boxing algorithm automatically calculates the proper size, weight, and number of boxes for each order, ensuring accurate shipping rates at checkout -no more surprises at the post office!

VENDOR RULES | Create unique Conditions and special shipping scenarios for each of your suppliers. Add handling fees, duties, and more.

COMBINE RATES | Charge separate shipping costs based on specific vendors, products, conditions, settings, and more, then combine these shipping costs using custom formulas for a single shipping option at checkout.

FULLY TAILORED SHIPPING | Create custom shipping rates that encourage customers to buy, while maintaining your profit margins.

RATE CONDITIONS | Fine-tune your rates using over 30 dynamic Conditions, including Vendor, collection, and customer tag.

TRUE WHOLESALE SHIPPING | Streamline your wholesale process and exclude wholesale customers from shipping promos, increasing profit margins for these high volume orders.

CREATE SHIPPING SUBZONES | Account for varying regional shipping costs by creating subzones based on distance, Postal Code, and Zip Code to ensure profitability wherever your order is shipping to.

Talk to Us

Please reach out if you have any questions - we're happy to help!


Like all Shopify shipping calculation apps, Intuitive Shipping requires Shopify's Carrier Calculated Rates to be added to the Basic & Shopify plans. You can add this feature to your plan for $0/month by switching to annual billing.

Integrates with

  • Canada Post,
  • UPS,
  • USPS,
  • FedEx,
  • DHL,
  • Australia Post

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Pricing 14-day free trial



Shopify Carrier Calculated Rates Required

  • Unlimited Orders

  • Unlimited Shipping Scenarios

  • Unlimited Shipping Methods

  • Unlimited Shipping Rate Combinations

  • FREE to use while in testing mode

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 40 reviews

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Most recent reviews


I love this app! I have tried almost every shipping app in the store... yes, I've probably tried that one and none of them are as reliable and straightforward as Intuitive Shipping. In fact, the only thing better than the app, is the customer service. Joel is extremely helpful, responsive, transparent, and friendly. I wish that he could be my CS rep for all of my apps.

For whatever reason, my company has some of the most complicated shipping rules that have ever existed. I've driven other developers to the edge of crazy, but, to my recollection, Joel was able to accomplish every single one of my tasks with grace. He wasn't stumped for longer than a few seconds and if something couldn't be done the initial way I thought it should be, he helped me find a solution, every time of which, was better than the original.

Do NOT waste your time trying others. Just simply use Intuitive Shipping! I guarantee you will be happy you did.

Musique Red One Music

It's doing exactly what we were looking for. Great app! Everything is so made clear and simple ! Thank you :)

AfroCentric Beauty

One of the most difficult aspects of launching my e-commerce business was putting together shipping tailored logistics for a small business with a complex shipping scenarios.

I have multiple types of products of varying sizes and shape on my website. I haven't come across one shipping arrangement that the Intuitive App isn't prepared for.