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Merchants highly recommend this app for its comprehensive shipping solutions, including multi-box, domestic, international, and oversized items. Its "Scenarios" and "Smartboxing" features are praised for creating diverse shipping scenarios and efficient packaging. The app's interface is user-friendly and its customer service is noted for its promptness. It also offers a quick setup service for product dimensions. It's ideal for managing complex shipping rates and blending multiple shipping methods for one total rate.

August 16, 2023

Intuitive Shipping steps in where Shopify's built-in shipping solution leaves off. They take care of things like smartboxing and keeping track of product dimensions, etc. Furthermore, they take care of our complex wholesale rules (scenarios) that apply differently to different customers and based on different spend amounts to different locales. There, so far, hasn't been a tricky shipping scenario that we've thrown at it that it couldn't handle.

I think, perhaps, even more important than that, is their really excellent customer service team. Whenever we've had issues (including some that may have been caused by another app that failed to pass correction info along to Intuitive or where Shopify itself may have failed) they were always on the ball with customer service, support and response. They allow you to also book real calls with real people in advance who will (virtually) hold your hand while creating scenarios or troubleshooting problems.

We're really happy working with them.

Ford Medical
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied September 5, 2023

We very much appreciate you taking time to share your experiences with Intuitive Shipping. It's great to hear that our system is helping to manage your shipping complexity so effectively. Thank you for the praise for our support team. We're happy to hear you have taken advantage of our one-on-one support sessions! When shipping rules are complex, it's much more effective to demonstrate or troubleshoot in real time. Please reach out to us any time you have a question or run into a concern.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

August 3, 2023

This is the best shipping app, period. This is the best support you will ever get, period. Plus they’re in Canada. Shout out to Paul for the best service ever.

We have complex shipping needs. Multi-box, domestic & international, free shipping, oversize items, beyond destination charges, complex variants, markups and discounts and Intuitive handles them all easily. This app is saving us so much time on oversized shipping quotes now. It blows my mind that Shopify is so bad at shipping. Don’t even waste anytime with Shopify shipping, you can’t even add product dimensions! I have no doubt Shopify will buy Intuitive at some point for a lot of money and they deserve it. They have made a great app and company.

It will take you time to setup all your product dimensions if you haven’t yet. Pay for the awesome white glove service to setup all your shipping scenarios fast. Trust me, Paul’s service is worth the price. I asked Paul so many questions that I started to annoy myself. He answered them all and continues to do so whenever we need anything.

Only suggestion for improvement would be to create a warning in the admin that indicates there are products with no dimensions. Mainly an issue for big product catalogs and no fault of Intuitive but we missed a few dimensions on variants and customers couldn’t check out. The app does have backup rates you can setup, but on oversize items you might eat some serious cost before you realize your mistake. Run through the product spreadsheet 5 or 6 times to make sure you didn’t miss anything and make sure to add Intuitive dimensions as part of your new product process before launching new products.

Stop looking, you’ve found the only shipping app you need. Great app, fantastic people, A+ from us!

Strobepro Studio Lighting
Almost 3 years using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied August 11, 2023

Thank you for this fantastic and thoughtful review. We are so happy to hear that Intuitive Shipping is handling all of your complex shipping needs effectively. It's amazing to hear that you got the most out of our white glove configuration service and that Paul was able to get you set up and on your way. Paul and the rest of our team are happy to answer any questions you have, so don't be shy!

We appreciate your feedback on our product dimension and packing algorithm features. Our team is always looking for ways to improve Intuitive Shipping and we consider any feature requests and suggestions we receive for future updates. In fact the app is what it is today because of feedback from merchants like you, so if there is anything else you would like to see, let us know!

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

Edited June 8, 2023

Stop looking... you found it.
This is hands-down the BEST shipping rates app that has ever been created, backed by the best support staff on the planet. Believe me... I've tried them ALL
Intuitive Shipping can handle even the most complex scenarios across most every carrier out there.
Need Dangerous goods fees applied to by air shipping methods , but regular shipping via ground? No Problem
Shipping to Hawaii, but need ground methods omitted when DG items added to cart? No Problem
Need a rate for every method offered from 3 carriers? No Problem
Need special rates for certain customers? No problem
Need to block shipping to Fraud accounts?
Need Free shipping offered for certain stipulations? No problem
Need to block certain items from shipping to certain areas? No Problem
Need a flat fee for certain items but live rates for others? No Problem
You can rename shipping methods
You can pull negotiated rates from each of your carrier accounts, OR you can pull all rates from your Shipstation account - which makes life easier!
You can review every quote from every draft or Web cart - (WOW)
"How Accurate are the rates?" : you can upload all of your packaging sizes, and specify each of your items dimensions. This allows the app to return the most accurate rates on the fly.
Sound Complicated? It's really easy to use.
Don't feel like setting it up yourself? They offer a "White Glove Setup" service that sounds more expensive than it is, and it's worth every penny. They don't just set up, they also help maintain- I can't say enough good things about their support staff; they are the nicest bunch of people you can interact with, and it makes you feel good about supporting their business... and they're quick!
Install this app, mark this off your 'to-do' list, and prepare to be amazed.
Six out of five stars
Paul for president!

Evolve Skateboards USA
United States
3 months using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied June 13, 2023

Wow... this left our team speechless. Thank you so much for the love! We appreciate you taking the time to share this, and we're beyond thrilled that your experiences with Intuitive Shipping have been so overwhelmingly positive. Paul and the support team are always here if you need help. We'd nominate Paul, too, but we don't want to lose him!

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

February 7, 2023

We have some pretty niche shipping settings that Shopify does not allow us to do. Been after an app for years that enables multiple factors in a cart such as weight, number of items and cost, all combined. Was recommended Intuitive Shipping by Shopify support and after a chat with their customer support, it was exactly what I was after. Took a little time to get my head around the set-up as my requirements were quite complex, however the app handled everything and support were there on-hand to answer any questions. Highly recommended.

Bitmap Books
United Kingdom
29 days using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied February 7, 2023

We're happy to hear that Intuitive Shipping is capably handling your shipping requirements, and that our support team has helped you get through the setup process successfully. We take pride in being able to handle just about any situation you can think of. Thank you for taking the time to share this, helping others with complex shipping needs make an informed decision. We very much appreciate the recommendation!!

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

April 12, 2023

We have some pretty unique shipping scenarios with our combination of local and shipped services, and no other apps we looked at could really give us what we needed. Our most complicated scenario being our services that need a mileage charge included based on actual travel time.

Enter Intuitive Shipping. Any scenario we've asked about, we've been able to set up. We booked an onboarding/assistance call which was super helpful and easy to do. Any issues that arise (user error, not the app!) are resolved quickly (big shoutout to Michael Janes!). Even when an issue arose that they didn't have an immediate answer to, we were able to resolve it ourselves with their extensive knowledge base.

The app's interface is clean and easy to navigate, and overall it's been a great experience using Intuitive Shipping.

United States
About 1 month using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied April 13, 2023

Thank you so much for taking time to share some of your experiences with Intuitive Shipping! It's great to hear that our scenarios are giving you everything you need to manage a complex shipping setup, and that we've been able to handle all of your requirements. We appreciate that you're not only taking advantage of our free onboarding service, but our self-help articles as well. And our Dev team especially appreciates the love for our UI. If you do run into any issues or have any more questions about Intuitive Shipping, Michael and the rest of our support team are here to help.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

April 20, 2023

We have products that may be small but have a lot of weight. I have used a number of different types of shipping calculation apps over the years with very little luck. We have been using the app for over a year now and it has solved about 90% of the issues we have with calculating shipping rates.
It has a very detailed system for entering in the different boxes and envelopes /soft packages use. You can enter the outer and inner dimensions, maximum weight, empty weight, and cost. This help to get a better shipping calculation and you can add the cost of the shipping material to the shipping price.
You can create shipping "Scenarios" for all different types of shipping. We ship out mainly FedEx Ground, but also sometimes FedEx Freight, and on a few small flat items USPS first class mail. We ship to domestics locations and international. We can create "Scenarios" to accommodate our products. Filtering out some products that are only shipped domestically. Also some products to ship out via USPS first class mail or FedEx it they are ordered with other products. The "Smartboxing" also figures out packaging very well. You can also add on handling costs and have the rate rounded up or down.
Our products are not in retail packaging and are shipped out as parts. I would suggest adding an addition product dimensions to accommodate for packing material.
Most of the app is very easy to figure out and to work with. I have had a few little things I have had issue with and the tech support have been very helpful.
This has been one of they easiest and most comprehensive shipping rate calculating apps I have worked with. It has many features and it seems to be well thought out for different types of shipping.

EDCOR Electronics Corporation
United States
Almost 2 years using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied April 24, 2023

Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and detailed review, giving other merchants with similar needs an opportunity to make a well-informed choice. It's great to hear that you're taking advantage of our SmartBoxing™ packing system and our optional cost features. Our Dev team in particular loves the high praise for our feature suite and user interface, and we are happy to hear the support team is providing assistance when the need arises. We're always here in the event something comes up or you just have a question about Intuitive Shipping.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

Edited April 6, 2023

**UPDATE** The owner hopped on a call with me and customer support, immediately migrated new changes to the app, and fixed all of the issues with descriptions, product dimensions, and shipping calculations to mirror the old legacy system. Excellent customer service. While there still isn't a guide to the new interface and how it might impact legacy settings, the personal touch was very helpful, and they made sure the legacy settings remained and weren't overriden. They're also working on additional changes to streamline order packing slips and make it easier for our operational interface.

The update completely screwed up the entire shipping calculation. They updated the app without emailing or communicating to anyone, so now rates are all over the place, and products are not properly categorized with "ship together" or "ship separately" settings. The migration was done EXTREMELY poorly and none of the original settings were maintained for individual products. We had to go back in and manually update all our products which were multi-boxed because we were getting bad rate calculations.

Furthermore, now package dimensions are no longer being populated. That setting was automatically turned OFF, and once it's turned back ON, Intuitive doesn't display dimensions anymore. It just displays the title of the product. They expect you to go in and edit the title of the product with the right box dimensions, even though their app is supposed to "smartbox" everything.

Freedom Fitness Equipment
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied April 5, 2023


Thank you for updating your review and for taking some time today to meet with Joel and Mike. We're happy to hear they were able to get things working the way you expect them to.

We do appreciate all of your feedback, including how we can better communicate how changes in our new version impact Legacy users.

Thank you for helping us get better!

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

We’re very sorry that you have had this frustrating experience with Intuitive Shipping, and we want to make it right. I know that you have been communicating with Paul, who is working with our dev team to resolve the issue with package dimensions in the new version, and my understanding is that a fix has been rolled out.

With regards to the shipping calculation/boxing issue Mike was helping you with previously, it is unrelated to the migration process and version agnostic. Paul has provided you with more information about this issue, along with an update on the package dims fix.

Our team has worked hard to ensure a smooth migration process for all of our users, and we’re sorry that this wasn’t your experience. We launched the new version of the app more than a year ago and delayed Legacy migration for several months while we built out the process. At the beginning of this year we notified all of our Legacy users that the new version was available and that, effective February 1st, we would be migrating Legacy users to the new version. This notification included a link to detailed information about the new version. We do apologize if this was not effectively communicated to you.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

December 7, 2022

First of all I want to start by saying that this app does exactly what it promises to do, if you ship items in multiple boxes and need to plan the shipping rates accordingly then this the app for you, with dimensions, etc.
Secondly, they have an unlimited free trial in 'test mode'. You can take as long as you need to set everything up without worrying about your trial expiring - your trial only kicks in once you actually activate everything. I don't think you'll find this anywhere else.
Lastly, the customer support is simply unbelievable. Whenever I had a question setting up the app, within minutes I would get at reply with details. If I had to follow up, once again a reply within minutes. Huge shoutout to both Dylan and Paul!
United States
6 days using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied December 15, 2022

Wow, thank you for this amazing review! We're so pleased to hear your experience with Intuitive Shipping has been overwhelmingly positive so far and that you're taking advantage of our accurate dimensional shipping features.

Thank you mentioning our unlimited testing mode option. We want to make sure you are fully confident with your decision before going live, and that you don't feel pressured to complete something that has such an immediate impact on your business.

And of course we're thrilled to hear that you're getting the support you need when you need it. Dylan, Paul and the rest of our team are here whenever you have a question about Intuitive Shipping or run into an issue.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

February 20, 2023

This app has worked very well for our store. I have rather complicated shipping and I was able to set it up for a way that works for my products. I really like the activity feature that lets me see what was added to the shopping cart and the shipping prices that were presented. This allows me to go in and tweak the rates.
The Onboarding session offered made the set up so much easier and quicker. But, the best part of this app is the customer service. I had an issue on the Saturday of a long weekend. Although it turned out to be caused by a break in Shopify (due to me upgrading to a higher level plan) and not with their app they responded quickly and were able to point me in the right direction to get a solution. They even followed up a couple days later to see if everything was working. Amazing team!
About 1 month using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied February 22, 2023

Thank you for taking a few moments to share this! We're glad to hear that you've been able to take advantage of our free onboarding session to help make your setup process smoother. It's great to hear that you got the help you needed over the weekend. We do offer limited support on weekends and holidays, and we typically respond within less than one business day. So please don't hesitate to reach out if you get stuck on something or just have a question about Intuitive Shipping.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager

November 5, 2022

We have been using this app for some time now and it has been a real lifesaver. We ship a lot of products that have restrictions and cannot be shipped by air, no problem, we only have to add a tag to the product and it will restrict the shipping choices to the allowed method. We aren't using true cubic shipping but we have set up scenarios where we tag products that are light but bulky so that it calculates the shipping using different package sizes thereby returning a more accurate shipping charge. In short, its very versatile and has allowed us to stop loosing money on bulky items without having to pad weights. I also really like the fact that it is easy to troubleshoot errors because you can see any instance where no rate was returned and see the reason for the error (missing product weight, invalid zip code, etc.) The support has also been very good.
United States
8 months using the app
Intuitive Shipping Inc replied November 7, 2022

Thank you for sharing this thoughtful and detailed review, and for helping others with similar shipping requirements make an informed decision. We know you have a choice, and we're happy to hear that Intuitive Shipping is giving you everything you need to manage your complex shipping requirements and save you money. Our support team is always here if you need help with anything, so please don't hesitate to reach out.

Best regards,

Ron Anderson
Customer Experience Manager