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18 reviews
Price: Free – $30.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Get a daily email notifying you of low inventory levels
  • Allows you to set up minimum inventory levels
  • With Inventory Forecasting, you'll now know how much to restock

Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Never miss out on an order again!

From letting you know as soon as your inventory levels have fallen below the thresholds you have set to helping you forecast how much inventory you should order, StockBot has all of the features to help you manage your Shopify store.

At the first level, you can set it and forget it - receive daily alerts when your stock reaches a minimum level and get advance notice on when you should resupply.

Advanced features at no extra cost!

  • Hide low stock products automatically

  • Exclude products that you want skipped

  • Include hidden products

What you get at the $20/month upgrade:

  • Email groups: Send alerts about specific sets of products to separate groups

  • Hourly alerts: Get alerted when a product goes low in stock within the past hour

  • Web drill-down report: Access, filter, sort, and drill-down into your report on-line

  • Set alerts on collections

For a $30 upgrade you can enjoy the benefits of Inventory Forecasting!

    Use your past insights to see into the future with Inventory Forecasting. Inventory Forecasting reduces your overstock and understock by looking at your past sales to help determine your restocking needs on individual products. And the best part? It all lives in the current StockBot app - upgrade today!

    Here's how it works:

    • 1. Set up an alert per product or for the entire store. Add any number of product alerts by uploading them easily via a text file.

    • 2. Receive a daily or weekly email of any products that have low inventory levels. Report will also be attached to the email and can be opened in Microsoft Excel

    • 3. Restock your low inventory. Profit!

    It's that easy. Stay on top of your inventory and keep your customers happy!


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StockBot reviews

18 reviews
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This app is easy to set up, and does exactly what it says it will. Every week (or daily if you want) I get an email that tells me what items are below the threshold that I set. It tells me when I'm getting low, so that I have time to reorder the product before it runs out! Works great.

Definitely spring for the advanced version. I tag orders I want to watch with "Reorder" for my products, then set up Smart Collections that group them together for easy reordering. I have StockBot watch those collections, and I get an email by Product Type or Product Vendor so that it's easier for me to reorder them when the time comes. It's too cool!

Lastly, the guy running it is super helpful. He's taken suggestions I've given him and added them to his app, and usually responds to problems or questions within the hour. Can't beat service like that!


Great App. Great Customer Service. Couldn't be better!


Works well and customer service is very helpful


Simple, sleek app that functions exactly as intended. Customer service is fast an d responsive in going above and beyond.


Does what it says - and does it very well. Simple to use with prompt and helpful support.


This app does what is expected of it!. Naren was very helpful in applying the email alerts to smart collections and this has helped me to keep my store stocked with various vendors' collections without any work on my part (or their part). It is everything I hoped it would be and more!


This app has been extremely helpful to us in monitoring our inventory levels. The push notifications via email help send us reminders to place new orders when our inventory runs low.

Customer support has been great too; emails are attended to within 24h and Naren often helps solve the problem within the day. Thanks!


Great Apps. Great Support. Great Sales Im having NOw.Thanks GUY. Make meaning apps.


Does exactly what you expect it to and if there is something you think is missing or should be considered Narin is quick to reply, discuss and if possible implement changes for optimal execution. Tension removed from accidentally running out of stock!


Naren has been consistently awesome in providing stellar responses to our needs! We had a rare feature request that we needed to see implemented and Naren was quick to add it, and he never stopped emailing us during testing to quickly get it fully functional!

We're glad we chose him, and if given the option, we'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Free – $30.00 / month

You can uninstall the app in 14 days free of charge if you are not happy.

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