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Low Stock Email Alerts & Inventory Forecasting

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Low stock email alert

Get an email notifying you of low inventory levels so you can restock immediately.

Forecast low-stock in advance!

With Inventory Forecasting, you'll now know how much stock to keep on hand to meet projected sales.

Never miss a sale!

With alerts and forecasts you'll never be out of stock.

About StockBot

Stockbot lets you know when your stock is low

  • Want to know which products in your store are running low on inventory?
  • Want to get a daily email with low-stock products so you can reorder stock?
  • How about forecasting sales so you can restock ahead of time?

When it comes to tracking low-stock products, we are all you need!

How does Stockbot work? Simple!

  • You set a low-stock alert level and your email preference : Daily/ Weekly/ Hourly.
  • When any variant's inventory falls below your low-stock alert level we include it in the report emailed to you.
  • There is no limit on the number of email recipients
  • An Excel-friendly report file is attached with every email

What other features does Stockbot have? Glad you asked!

  • You can set low-stock alert levels on specific products or variants or even collections
  • Don't want to wait for the low-stock email? The app has a web report online displaying the latest low-stock variants.
  • Want to be emailed as soon as a variant runs low on stock? Try the Hourly option which checks for low-stock on the hour 24x7
  • Inventory Forecasting feature allows you to restock even before an SKU reaches low-stock levels. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) refers to any variant that can be purchased by a customer

How does Inventory Forecasting work?

  • Using your store's past sales history the app can forecast future sales of every SKU
  • It identifies SKUs that are about to go low-stock using forecasted sales and inventory-on-hand
  • Forecasting saves you from losing sales because you can now replenish your stock before they sell out.
  • The app also identifies SKUs with Slow Sales to help you better manage inventory costs.

Does the app change the look of my store?

No! the app does not change anything on your store. The app only reads the latest inventory and product information from Shopify to put together the low-stock report

How do I start the "all access" Free Trial for the app?

  1. During installation when you land on the billing plans page, click the link at the top of the page that says "Click here to start your 14-day Free Trial" .
  2. This grants access to all features for 14 days.
  3. When the free trial ends, you will NOT be automatically billed.
  4. You can choose a billing plan at the end of the free trial or anytime during the free trial

About us

  • We've been helping Shopify stores manage inventory for the past 5 years under the StoreBuilder brand.
  • We offer amazing customer support and regularly add features based on customer feedback

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Pricing 14-day free trial



  • Daily/Weekly email alerts

  • Set alerts on store, product or variant

  • Exclude products or variants you don't want to be alerted about



  • All features in Basic plan

  • Hourly email alerts

  • Collection alerts

  • Real-time low stock web report



  • All features in Pro plan

  • Forecast Sales & Re-Order quantity

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.9 of 5 stars
Based on 23 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Outdoor Living Shop

Excellent customer services and support!

Fogged Out Vapes

Excellent app that helps us stay aware of what we need. Developers also are willing to add features or customize where needed. Highly recommended!

Velvetvapes Co Uk

Excellent App! Works very well when set up, we did have some issues with the way in which we had to set up our inventory alerts and the time it took to update, which at the time was one variant at a time. However we persisted and left a review here as to the problems we experienced and the StockBot team literally called us on the ohone here in the UK with 24 hours to get a better understanding of what we didn't like and why. A further few days later they had updated the whole app to correct and speed it up, adding all the features we said we would fine useful!!!! Amazing customer service and we are only using the free basic version!!!! Thank you guys - Keep up the amazing hard work!