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Merchants appreciate this app for its wide product range, competitive pricing, and seamless integration with online stores. They commend the high-quality products, particularly shoes, and suggest regular sample orders for consistency. The customer service is responsive, and the design interface is simple yet could use some improvements. The app is praised for its speed, reliability, and creative design potential, with orders often arriving earlier than expected.

May 6, 2024

not too happy with app, the personalized items does not work on some of the items.

Personal Touch Emporium
United States
About 1 month using the app
JetPrint Fulfillment replied May 7, 2024

Hey there,

We are genuinely sorry to hear that you had a less than satisfactory experience with our app.

Our products are designed to offer both print-on-demand and personalized options. We understand your frustration with the personalized items not functioning as expected. Could you kindly provide us with the product numbers of the items you encountered issues with? Our team will investigate the matter promptly.

Your suggestions and insights are crucial for us to enhance our services. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team with any further feedback or concerns you may have.


June 1, 2024

I really like the variety of shoe styles you offer. However, I find it hard to use the design page and layer my patterns for each piece. It would be nice if each shoe or side of the shoe could be a different area or if I could zoom more. Also, I tried saving my design to come back and edit it later, but I was not able to figure out if that is a function. All I could do with my saved design was copy, delete, or order.

Bleacher Season
United States
7 days using the app
Edited March 29, 2024

I think JetPrint has a really great selection of products, and I experienced great customer service when I had question. The sample product I ordered arrived much sooner than expected which was a Huge plus! I am a bit disappointed however in the product I received. I ordered the Diving Cloth Tote bag with PU Leather Handle. It printed very vibrant however the material used has deep permanent wrinkles all over the product that a customer would not be able to remove. Also, the smell is very strong like paint or polyurethane. That can't be healthy. I could not keep it in my room because of the smell. This would be a beautiful product however the fabric must change. I would be concerned about sending it to a customer as is unfortunately. I am willing to give JetPrint another try. I have ordered other samples to check out the qualty. I am hoping for better.

This is an update to my previous review.
Customer service follow-up was excellent. I let the item sit out for a week to air out and the smell has definately diminished. It's still there but seems to be diminishing each day. I will not iron the product as suggested I am concerned that the print would be affected as well as the fabric itself as it is very soft. I am noticing the wrinkles are becoming less with each day. I am very happy about this. As the image on the product turned out beautiful. It would be a matter of explaining this to the customer before purchase to avoid bad reviews.

Just Funki Art
United States
13 days using the app
JetPrint Fulfillment replied March 27, 2024

Hey there,

Thank you for sharing your recent experience with JetPrint.

We're genuinely sorry to hear that you are disappointed about the diving bag. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Regarding the issues you raised, we'd like to address them directly. The strong odor you noticed may be from the printing ink used during the manufacturing process. We want to assure you that we prioritize the use of environmentally friendly ink that adheres to stringent safety standards. While the smell may be initially strong, it dissipates over time, especially with proper ventilation. We recommend allowing the product to air out upon receipt, and rest assured, it poses no threat to health or safety.

Additionally, the wrinkles you observed on the product are likely a result of transportation. We understand how this can detract from the overall appearance of the item. To address this, we recommend gently ironing the product on a low heat setting, being cautious not to damage the print. This should help smooth out any wrinkles and restore the product to its intended state.

We're grateful for your willingness to give JetPrint another chance, and we're committed to ensuring your next experience exceeds your expectations.

February 5, 2024

They are not responsive to emails and messages. However the app appears to run smoothly.

United States
6 months using the app
JetPrint Fulfillment replied February 18, 2024

Hey there,

We're sorry for the delay in getting back to your emails and messages promptly. Cus most of our employees were on vacation for Chinese New Year celebrations and a little more slowdown than we had hoped for, but we back now. And we're fully committed to addressing your concerns as quickly as possible.

January 13, 2024


About 1 month using the app
JetPrint Fulfillment replied April 3, 2024

Hey there,

Thank you for reaching out with your feedback.

If you have any more questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to ensure you have a great experience with our print on demand services.

December 18, 2023

Nice App. You need more current shoes, Chunky, Big Bottoms, Stacks etc. MOre comperable to popular brand styles. I do like the app though.

Almost 3 years using the app
JetPrint Fulfillment replied March 30, 2024

Hey there,

Thank you for your feedback and for your continued support of JetPrint.

We want to sincerely apologize for the delay in addressing your request for more current shoe styles, including Chunky, Big Bottoms, and Stacks. We take customer feedback seriously, and we want to assure you that your request was submitted to our production department early on. Unfortunately, this project had to be paused due to unforeseen challenges.

It's important to note that the development of new shoe styles entails significant investment, both in terms of time and resources. We have invested substantial funds in acquiring equipment and materials for these endeavors. Regrettably, despite our best efforts, some projects have not yielded the desired results, and the equipment purchased for these purposes now sits unused.

Moreover, we understand that shoe preferences can vary greatly among our diverse customer base. While we strive to offer a wide range of styles, it's challenging to ensure that every shoe will resonate with everyone. Nevertheless, we are committed to continuously improving our product selection and welcome any further suggestions for new shoe designs.

Once again, we appreciate your feedback and your loyalty to JetPrint.


December 19, 2023

I think it takes too long to hear response back from Customer Service. People are starting to make orders and have questions about their orders I can't answer.

Experigenics Marketplace
United States
About 2 months using the app
JetPrint Fulfillment replied December 20, 2023


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay in our customer service responses. We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for assistance, especially when you have questions about your order.

We acknowledge that there has been some time spent confirming the color of the shoes in our communication. Seven days ago, we sent you a production request, awaiting your confirmation before proceeding to avoid any unnecessary issues. Your reply was received three days ago, and on the same day, our customer service team notified the production department to adjust the color of the shoes.

Today, we received your inquiry about the status of your order, and I'm pleased to inform you that we have upgraded your shipping method to the fastest available option at no additional cost.

Edited April 11, 2024

The products are always great however it has been brought to my attention by a customer of mine that the shoe size conversion from EU to US is in some instances wrong.
For instance my customer purchased a US size 10 and received an EU 47, but in fact it should have been an EU 44.

Today is April 11th 2024, the day of your reply.
Firstly how would showing you a picture of the item change the fact that your size chart is clearly wrong?
In a nut shell Shopify sided with the customer and gave her a full refund and the customer didn’t return the shoes, which means I lost out twice.
So replying 4 months later is really a bit of an insult and I have long since removed all of your products from my website.

Union Jacked
United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
JetPrint Fulfillment replied April 8, 2024

Hey there,

Thank you very much for your review.

We're sorry to hear about the issue you encountered with the shoe size conversion.

Upon reviewing your order, we found that you purchased a pair of shoes from us on October 30, and they were delivered on November 15.

We appreciate you reaching out to us on November 23 to report the sizing discrepancy. In order to assist you further, we kindly ask that you provide us with pictures of the product your customer received. This will allow us to verify the issue and take appropriate action. Unfortunately, we only received the size sheet you provided and not the actual product images.

Regarding product size accuracy, we highly recommend including our size information in the product listing or description to ensure customers select the correct size.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you require any further assistance.



We can't assess the need for a refund without evidence.

Our products are made to the sizes we provide, so we focus on cases where the wrong size was sent. However, since we haven't received the proof you provided, we can't proceed with the refund. We're reaching out now as our new team is addressing past issues.

Thanks for your patience.

Edited June 17, 2021

This is my 2nd review and I will improve on the star rating once the customer service improves. I have sent a couple of requests through the App under support and have not had replies. Not good when trying to set up and sell the products and have questions

Lifestyle Travel Trading
Almost 3 years using the app
JetPrint Fulfillment replied April 18, 2023

Really appreciate your important feedback and advice here my friend, my apologies for the previous unhappy experience and unusually slow response. For now, JetPrint POD Center has reorganized a better-dedicated customer service team to help with your questions and requests with faster response and trackable progress. We will continue to improve the website including functions and products, please kindly allow us a little more time to test it before the official launch, we'll inform you as soon as the optimization is completed.

Edited March 28, 2019

I loved the phone grips and added a ton of those to my store. The quality of production is good but the shipment is very very slow. Every order takes over 4 weeks to complete. Add this app only of you are going to hold inventory because the both fulfilment and shipping is super slow.

They seem to add or remove products from from inventory as they please. One day 90% of my products from this store went out of stock without notice. They dodnt bring it back till i pointed it out.

The chat service was great at first but the response became slower over time. Its just one person and she’s very sweet and seemed overworked.

Masala Pop Store
United States
Over 2 years using the app
JetPrint Fulfillment replied April 18, 2023

Really appreciate your important feedback and advice here my friend, and glad you like our products! After years of precipitation and versions update, our User interface, and design function has been more optimized than before, and we have reorganized a better-dedicated customer service team to help you deal with the problem in time. Welcome to our website to customize your design again, we'll guarantee a better experience and real-time assistance, and fast shipment for you. Please feel free to contact our support team, we can provide you with a free sample.