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Jilt - Cart Abandonment Solution

Jilt - Cart Abandonment Solution

Developed by ShopStorm

80 reviews
Price: From $29.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase revenue by converting abandoned orders.
  • Create and schedule as many email campaigns for each order as you'd like.
  • Set and forget: Automatic recovery emails save sales with minimal time invested.

Jilt helps you create recovery emails to save your lost sales. Create as many scheduled emails as you'd like to recover lost revenue, and gain insight into lost and recovered sales with our detailed analytics. You can even try the app free for 14 days!

An estimated 70% of orders are abandoned. Join the hundreds of stores that have recovered over $12,000,000 in abandoned sales using Jilt.

Jilt lets you create email templates and schedule them to be sent after an order has been abandoned. You can create an entirely customized schedule to send emails minutes, hours, or days after an order has been abandoned.

Jilt then tracks all abandoned orders in your shop and sends these campaigns in an attempt to save this lost revenue. You can track these abandoned orders and view their status (whether they're abandoned or recovered), see the percentage of emails opened, and use our built-in analytics to track total lost revenue, recovered revenue, and recovery percentage.

Jilt Features

  • Campaign Scheduling - Choose how long after an order has been abandoned to send each campaign. You can set custom schedules in terms of minutes, hours, or days.

  • Manage and Test Campaigns - Activate or deactivate campaigns to test them, and view / cancel pending campaigns for an order.

  • Multiple Campaigns Per Order - Send as many individual follow up email campaigns as you'd like for each order to maximize your chances of recovering lost revenue.

  • HTML Email Support and Personalization - Easily create text and HTML emails with personalization options such as customer name, email, and checkout link.

  • Open Email Tracking - Spot trends by viewing which campaign emails have been opened by customers and which are being ignored.

  • Campaign Analytics - Great looking reports that let you measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. Track total lost revenue, total recovered revenue, and recovery percentage.

  • Automatic SSL Encryption - All transactions in Jilt are handled with SSL encryption enabled to maximize security.


Jilt's goal is simple: to help you recover lost revenue. As a result, we've kept our pricing in line with this goal. You'll never pay more for arbitrary metrics like increased emails, more campaigns, or number of recovered orders. Instead, Jilt only scales up pricing as you recover more sales, which is why we charge a base fee + percentage of recovery.

Jilt starts at $29.99 per month, which covers an unlimited number of emails and campaigns. We charge a 5% fee on recovered revenue via Jilt, but we'll waive this fee for the first $1000 in recovered revenue for the month.

Here are two examples for pricing:

  • Store 1 recovers $887.12 in a month with Jilt. The cost of using Jilt for this month is $29.99, regardless of how many emails were sent or orders recovered, because this is under $1000.

  • Store 2 recovers $1311.55 in lost revenue with Jilt in the same month. The cost of using Jilt is $29.99 + 5% of $311.55 = $45.57 for that month. The first $1000 in recovered revenue for the month is always complimentary.

Don't pay for arbitrary metrics or resources that you don't need! Jilt only scales up as you make more money, ensuring your abandoned cart recovery remains profitable.

Get More info:

Have more questions about Jilt? We'd be happy to help! Please check out our documentation and FAQ, or use our pre-sales form so that we can answer any questions you have!

You can also visit our website, follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or contact us.


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Jilt - Cart Abandonment Solution reviews

80 reviews
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The customer support Jilt offers is world class. Whenever I have questions they are always on top of it. Financially they solve such an important problem by bringing in lost revenue to our store... plus it's a better experience for my customers and for me... what a win/win. I totally recommend it for other store owners.

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Would I use it again? Yes. €500 extra revenue in 10 days. Jilt has now paid for itself for next 8 months in only a few days.

Would I recommend to a friend? Absolutely. Especially if they are new or currently unsuccessful with recovering abandoned carts. Upon installing, Daniel at Jilt helped us setup our campaigns, giving advice and offering the best practice they have learned internally.

He even helped us with some of the HTML coding as I'm still learning.

Jilt is 10/10 in my perception.

If you are struggling with recovering abandoned cart and is at lower than 10%, get Jilt, and get the help.

Was this review helpful?

Easy to implement. Amazing customer service.

Was this review helpful?

Fantastic customer service. Had an issue with something that wasn't even in the scope of service for the application but one of their software engineers helped me out anyways and did it very quickly. Too early to tell how many recovered carts well be getting from this software but we have high hopes!

Was this review helpful?

Using this app has boosted our sales and has made a positive impact on our website. Really would recommend this as it pays for itself!

Was this review helpful?

Good cart abandonment app with excellent customer service! Daniel was able to answer all of my questions, and work with me to increase our recovery rate. Would like to see the reporting features get a little more robust, but customer support was able to help with any data I needed. Would definitely recommend.

Was this review helpful?

These guys have gone above and beyond to tailer my abandoned checkout recovery to work in the best way possible. Plus, we're getting more sales. I would absolutely recommend these guys.

Was this review helpful?

Easy to set up, very reactive team support, immediate recoveries, a must have app :)

Was this review helpful?

Fantastic app- pays for itself within hours. Best of all, their team is extremely responsive and offers top-gun support. I feel we are in good hands with this app & plan on using them for this crucial functionality for many years to come. 6 Stars.

Was this review helpful?

This is great - easy to use (I am non-tech) app
but I reviewed it because of their stellar customer service!

get the app - you won't regret it... and in all honesty its a must if you want to recover abandoned carts, and i love that I can set multiple emails, nit just stop at one

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From $29.99 / month

plus a fee of 5% of revenue recovered by Jilt*
*first $1000 recovered each month is included, and is not charged the recovery fee - Full details

14 days


Jilt account

Support & Sales

(800) 970-1259
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