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LangShop ‑ Language & Currency

by DevIT

Translate your Shopify store into multiple languages!

4.7 of 5 stars(151 reviews)

Boost your sales & conversion

Add new languages to your store to get new clients. Increase your global sales, reaching new customers. No coding required. No barriers.

Quick and Easy Installation

Combine automatic & human translation for top-quality content. Translate in just a couple of clicks - no code edits required!

Multilingual SEO optimised

We are following Google multilingual SEO best practices. Your store is indexed and your content is searchable in the multiple languages.

About LangShop ‑ Language & Currency

Translate and localize your Shopify store in minutes with our 14-day free trial

LangShop helps you grow and expand your business by adding new languages to your store. We help you increase revenue and sales by removing the hassle of translating and localizing your entire store. Visitors automatically see their preferred language.

As a store owner, you would like to:

  • Increase your sales by acquiring new customers
  • Improve conversion by speaking your visitors’ language

Select From 241 Languages

No matter where your visitors are from, we've got this covered. Adding another language to your store is simple:

  1. Click add new language
  2. Run auto-translate

All the content of your store will be translated into the new language within minutes ;)

Translate your content:

Simply choose one or more languages and start translating your:

  • Collections
  • Products
  • Product Variants
  • Pages ( including the checkout page without coding, native integration )
  • Blogs
  • Blog Posts
  • Navigation
  • Themes ( Settings, Locales, Static "hardcoded" text )
  • Text on Images. Display different images in a different language.
  • Shopify Notifications. Email and SMS
  • Vendors and Tags
  • 3rd party apps. Content from another app on your pages.

Please note that the products will be translated on the checkout page and in your notifications and will always show as you expected, in your language. Custom shipping/payment texts will be translated on the checkout page either.

SEO ready and optimized

Only LangShop offers 100% SEO-friendly "Server-Side Rendering" translation and no coding required. We are fully integrated with Shopify translate API and approved by Shopify.

  • Unique URL for each language. You can have your French content available at * and your English content is available at *
  • Meta tags, desc. tags, etc. detected and translated
  • Multilingual sitemap generated
  • Following Google multilingual SEO best practices

What else can you expect from LangShop?

We are thinking about your customers’ convenience and making your site look friendly. When you add customer language, is this enough to get an order? What about currency? LangShop solves one more business problem and integrates currency conversion technology for your business and your customers!

From now, your customers will use not only convenient Language but also convenient Currency in your store. Just as well as with languages, you can easily add a new currency to your store in a few clicks.

Add a currency switcher along with a language switcher - allow you to bring more customers! Because from now your customers will get a clear price on the go without manual conversion ;)

LangShop can localize any Shopify store - including yours.

Integrates with

  • Google,
  • Baidu,
  • Yandex,
  • Bing,
  • Watson,
  • Kakao

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Pricing 14-day free trial

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  • Unlimited page views

  • Unlimited translated words

  • Visitor language redirection

  • Translated statistics

  • Dedicated support

  • All features of app...

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 151 reviews

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Most recent reviews


I installed this app because the site says that the product supports export. I have installed this app on 2 website that actually already receives orders. But I found out today that the export function will be ready next week. I hope it really is because otherwise this app won't help you much. Because it is impossible to use Google shopping because you need translations for Google shopping.

If the export function as promised is ready next week or early March then I will adjust my rating to 5 stars.

Customer service does get 5 stars because they respond very quickly. And the user-friendliness of the app also gets 5 stars.


It is still in the preparation stage.
However, the support team's quick and clear response was very helpful.
It is a reliable app.

Meritum Design - możesz więcej

the app is great - saved a lot of time and work.
the support is even better - quickly and to the point.
thank you Dayana :-)