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40 reviews
Price: $17.99 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Managing products in different languages in one place
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on translation using the auto translation function. Embedded translation function
  • Increase the number of buyers from different countries

Why do you need LangShop?

  • It will help you to increase the number of clients which you receive from all over the world

  • You can share links in your preferred language

  • It will improve your SEO rankings

  • You can also manage all content in one place (instead of copying your website to another domain to get multi language)

Translate your content:

Create a new language on the start page, which will let you translate the following:

  • Collections

  • Products

  • Product variants

  • Pages

  • Blog Posts

  • Navigation

  • Themes ( static words )

  • Email Notifications

  • Theme settings

  • Theme options

Media Gallery

You can upload additional media files to your product / post description. You are able to manage files through the Media Gallery tab using a very simple and modern interface.


  • Auto translate

  • Multiple domains language support

  • Additional media library

  • Enable / Disable Google Chrome browser translate window

  • Using URL language parameters to structure a multilingual site for SEO purposes

  • Translate custom variables

  • Unlimited languages

  • Usable interface

  • The theme translations from Shopify are available for themes that include multiple languages

  • Multiple navigation with an unlimited number of items

  • Change the default language in the shop

  • Products Infinity Options

  • Multiple currency switches

  • Multilingual Site Map (SEO)

  • Search by translation


Integrated help system for sellers. In the FAQ section you will find answers to all your questions, including video-examples.


You do not have restrictions on the number of languages, which you want to have. Create two, three or more languages in the store without external payment.


You can send a request for help or if you find a bug via the admin interface. We will contact you quickly and help you to solve any current problem.


SEO search robots will track new URLs with language parameters of the LangShop .
Our application supports multilingual links and quickly detects the data query language.
For example, at the end of your URL, you can use '#de' or '?ls=de' to share the page in any language that you want.

Language Switcher

By default, we automatically install and enable a basic style for the language switch button.
On the settings page, you can dynamically, without any problems, disable basic styles and create your own CSS styles.
The application provides full functionality to upload new flags images for your own switch.

Currency Switcher

This is a new feature. Currency switches is based on customer language. Of course each user can change it.


Do you want to save your time and don’t translate all your pages and sentences?
We will help you with our "Automatic translation" feature, just choose what you want to translate automatically on any page in one click, that’s all;)
In few seconds you will see the translation of the full page into any language you want.
For example, you can have Deutsch, French and etc.


We continue to develop our application. We integrate new features and add more features for you.
Each client will receive new updates for the old version, of course, without additional payments.


Yes! We use services of Amazon EC2 and S3. You can be sure that your media files and access to the application are going day and night.


Check out our demo site with translated content and you will see a clear example for yourself! http://langshop.myshopify.com/#de

Getting started video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSrrwRndG3Q


v. 1.3.0:

v. 1.2.9:

  • New feature! Custom (multilingual) search.

v. 1.2.8:

  • New feature! Multilingual Sitemap (multilingual alternate links for store's sitemap).

  • The preview mode of the just translated theme.

  • Improved application functionality.

v. 1.2.7:

  • Bug fix.

v. 1.2.6:

  • New feature! Determination of the visitor's language by geolocation.

  • New feature! Assign a visitor's country (geolocation detection) to the language of your site.

  • New feature! Assign a visitor's browser (detect by browser) to the language of your site.

  • New feature! Assign a site languages to the site currency.

  • Integrated SEO features for reserved shopify pages (index, cart, etc.).

  • Improved support for IE 11.

v. 1.2.5:

  • New feature! Dynamic translation.

v. 1.2.4:

  • Integrated meta tags translation services.

  • Embedded automatic translation for the infinite options feature.

  • Improved mechanism for multi domain mode.

  • Fixed: Navigation on pages for posts.

  • Fixed: Limitation for the list of products in collections.

  • New feature! Hover default price.

v. 1.2.3:

  • Redesign theme of the page.

  • Email notification.

v. 1.2.2:

  • Optimized storage logic for the navigation menu.

v. 1.2.1:

  • New feature! Localization of theme settings.

  • Improved translation mechanizm.

v. 1.2.0:

  • Fix style issues.

v. 1.1.9:

  • Integrated new styles for currencies and languages switches.

v. 1.1.8:

  • Redesigned the migration system.

v. 1.1.7:

  • Integrated translation for checkout page ( without Shopify Plus account ).

  • Redesigned the menu of the main application styles.

v. 1.1.6:

  • New feature! Integrated currency switches.

  • Integrated settings for currency switches.

v. 1.1.5:

  • Integrated automatic translation of content into mass actions of products, collections, blogs, articles and lists of pages.

v. 1.1.4:

  • Integrated SKU filter for the product list.

  • Several fixes for optimization of application speed.

v. 1.1.3:

  • New feature! The process of automatic translation is integrated for the products, variants, collections, pages, blogs and articles during application setup.

  • Reworked query processing system, which increased the speed of the application at twice.

v. 1.1.2:

  • The searching engine is integrated for product list.

v. 1.1.1:

  • Improved work with theme customization.

  • Improved buttons representing and working with the multi domains.

v. 1.1.0:

  • Improved auto-translation for Chinese.

  • Improved loading of enormous aggregation of data for drop-down lists of products in the collection, product types and product vendors.

v. 1.0.9:

  • New feature! Detecting the language of visitors by the browser.

  • Integrated additional check of the cookie policy.

v. 1.0.8:

  • Added "Child <ul> Class", "HTML before child <ul> tag", "HTML after child <ul> tag", "HTML before <a> tag", "HTML after </a> tag", "HTML before title", "HTML after title" and "Visibility options" parametres for navigation constructor.

  • Fixed limitation of products amount for the dropdown list in collections.

  • Fixed limitation of types amount and vendors amount for the dropdown list on a single product page.

  • Domain aliases feature is enable for multi domain mode.

v. 1.0.7:

  • We use the meaning of Shopify description meta tag and title meta tag as the original meaning in LangShop for meta tags.

v. 1.0.6:

  • Fixed the navigation editor for Firefox.

  • Added a class attribute for the 'a' tag of menu items.

  • Fix issues.

v. 1.0.5:

  • Integrated SEO feature for products, blogs, articles, collections and pages.

  • Fix issues.

v. 1.0.4:

  • The Infinite Options feature is integrated .

  • Integrated multiple types for switches’ settings.

  • Fix issues.

v. 1.0.3:

  • Integrated migration system for app versions.

LangShop reviews

40 reviews
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What an app, looked at other. Language apps as getting a lot of European traffic to my store and chose Langshop. Not disappointed, easy enough to setup but had a couple of issues which were sorted within minutes by the support team. They even checked my store the next day to check all as ok and came back with suggestions. Ran the app and got sales in Europe the next day. Does exactly what it says it will and worth the money I think, Great app and no I don't work for them.


Amazing App! It translates everything with a click of a button! Many thanks to their Support Team. They have been of great help. Try this app, you will be grateful! :)


Super app and support! It is possible to auto-translate and to human edit texts. Easy to install and to work with.
The support is fantastic! They respond even on Saturday evening and do corrections immediately! I tried other translation apps, but this one is the best. Also important for me was no words limitation to say 50000, as by other translation apps. I can only recommend LangShop to everybody. See it in my shop: www.tokyo-outfit.com . LangShop also installs the currency converter for free.
Cheers, Andrei


Absolutely convinced. Easy stuff. Best language app on the store!


Also very good and speedy customer service! Check our website www.piniparma.com


I normally don't write review but Langshop really deserves my praise! I have tried 2 other languages apps but Langshop is the best by far as it allows me to edit and is much easier to use! Also, they offered so much help to me such as making an extra Chinese language and modifing the switchers! The service is really top notch and very accommodating! Love the service!

The only thing I would suggest is to let people know the names of the support team, so that it is more personable. ;)


I just got this app after having a nightmare with another one (webinterpret). I am absolutely thrilled with the App, the tech support (awesome and fast), pricing and the look of the currency converter and language translation button placement. I've had friends from Spain and Germany check it out and they said the translation is very good and they loved seeing my website in their currency. Since the total amount changes from foreign currenty to dollars at the checkout, LangShop is making a custom pop up/text letting customers know about the change on the checkout page at no extra charge. I have nothing negative to say. Sales are already up overseas.


Great app! Don´t understand why it isn´t ranked higher, since it´s really contains all necessary features (even autotranslate using yandex-api) and above asll the support team is very helpful and replies quickly. Top!


I've tried other Language apps too, but LangShop is by far the best multilingual solution I found for Shopify. Its fully integrated into Shopify control, it feels like a native function of Shopify.
Support is great too! Had a couple of problems but they fixed it for me in no time!


Fantastic support, requested help converting some parts of the site over, they had it done on the same day.

$17.99 / month

Price includes technical support 24/7

3 days


Yandex Translation API Keyfree

Support & Sales

skype: langshop support
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