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LangShop - Language & Currency translate

LangShop - Language & Currency translate

Developed by DevIT

77 reviews
Price: $17.99 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Translate store’s content in few seconds. No coding skills required!
  • Attract more customers and increase global sales.
  • Improve SEO ranking of the store.

LangShop is the best way to add multilingual content into store and improve conversion of the site. This app will be your reliable assistant in increasing sales and product promotion.

We have many clients who have already tried LangShop and have a positive result. Installation of the application allowed them to cover the markets of other countries and significantly increase sales. Especially they noticed great quality of translation even into Chinese language.

Our clients says that the number of customers increased and sales doubled. That’s incredible results, don’t you think so? And we are happy for our client! It is exactly that result, that our team wanted to get.

We’ve made LangShop to help not only add multilingual content, but also contribute to the development of your site.

Thanks to LangShop you can get:

  • increase sales by engaging new customers;

  • improve conversion by speaking customers native language;

  • improve conversion by using customers currency.

LangShop benefits:

  • Easy to install.

  • Automatic translation.

  • Intuitive navigation.

  • Native Shopify interface.

  • Manage multilingual content from one place.


  • Choose as many languages as you want.

  • Auto translation of content.

  • Language switcher.

  • Multiple currency switcher.

  • Support dynamic and static content translation.

  • Automatic determination of of customer’s language and currency.

  • Shopify meta fields editor and translator.

  • Analytics of translated content.

  • Affordable price.

  • Provides API for developers.

  • Multilingual Site Map.

  • Customizable export/import functionality.

  • Checkout translation.

  • Product infinity options.

  • SMS and email notifications

  • Free updates for clients!

LangShop has a great number of settings, features and tools. Now let’s consider them more detailed.


If you have a mobile application of your store, you can easily make it multilingual too. For this you can use LangShop REST API. It gives opportunity to get an access to LangShop localization.

Our app is user-friendly for developers. We gladly open access to the functional of LangShop.

LangShop API has its own Analytics center. There store owner will see analysis of API usage. There are different categories of requests:

  • by country;

  • by platform;

  • by device;

  • by device type;

  • by browser;

  • by API key.

In one place you have the most complete information about how often and from what devices your API was used during the day, week, month.

Keys was made in order to prevent unwanted access to the store. In Block List the store owner can add ip address, that cause suspicions.

In order to take some information, developer can send a request to the specified address. We use the most popular API developer tool - Swagger. It’s perfect for documentation generation.

For example, you need to get a certain product in certain language. Let’s imagine, that you want to get product translation. You can do it by id. In API Documentation you can find next:

GET - /product/{id}/{lang} – helps to get product translation by id.

Instead of “id” write the id of product that you want to get - 13. Instead of “lang” write the necessary language – ESP (Spanish). Your request will looks like:


Send the request. After a while you will get an answer with declared information.
Using this url, developer can use LangShop API for his aims: integrate into mobile app, applications for other platforms, etc.

Site Map

We’ve made everything for your comfort. Our Site map will help search engines to successfully index all your multilingual pages.

Let’s imagine that you have site in English and just translated it into Italian. It can happen that search engines still will see English text. With our site map search engines will find both versions of the site (English and Italian).

Your online store will be displayed in search queries of the inhabitants of Italy in their native language and currency. That will increase SEO ranking of native and translated store.

Auto translation

Auto Translation is a very useful and convenient tool. LangShop translates all content automatically. You just need to choose sections that you need.

Our Auto Translation integrates with best world’s best translators – Google Translate and Yandex Translate. This ensures the highest quality and accurate translation.

It works good even when you use difficult languages like Arabic or Chinese. Anyway customers will see products with clear description in their native language.


Our next special tool is Analytics. Here you can see content translation statistic in all languages that you’ve chosen.

Total content translation section shows what % of content is translated in general. Also there is a separation on sections:

  • Translated products

  • Collections

  • Pages

  • Articles

  • Blogs

  • Theme localization

  • Dynamic text

  • Static text

  • Navigations

  • Email templates

The app shows how many items do you have in each section and you can see what % of their content is translated into every chosen language.

Furthermore, Analytics section has a beautiful design and interactive map. In such tool it’s very pleasant and easy to work. On the interactive map stores owner will also see detailed statistic by every country.


You have a great quality product, your store has a user friendly interface and beautiful design, marketing and support team also work perfect but number of purchases is smaller then you’ve expected. We have bad news for you: your checkout process is not easy for them.

The store can lost some per cent of customers during checkout process. It happens because people usually don’t understand what button to click and what conditions do you propose. It leads to the fact that customers will not complete the purchase.

Well, now we have a good news: to solve this problem, you can use LangShop! With our application you will easily translate checkout process.

For example, your site is “English speaking” and you also have content in Chinese. In checkout form your customer from China will see products in his native language. Static text will be also translated into Chinese.

Not bad, isn’t it? It will make checkout process super easy and your merchants can buy products without any problems!


Notifications keeps merchants informed about products and goods they have bought at your store. Translate them into customer’s native language with LangShop.

Order section.
Here you can translate:

  • order confirmation, cancel, refund;

  • draft order invoice;

  • abandoned checkout;

  • gift cards;

Shipping section.
It provides you to translate different information about customer’s purchases. People are always worry where are their shipments.

So, it’s very important for them to control at what stage of delivery are their goods. To make them sure in your service, with LangShop help you can translate next notifications:

  • fulfillment requests;

  • shipping confirmation and updates;

  • shipment out for delivery;

  • shipment delivered (inform the customer that his package is already delivered).

Customer section.
For your customer will be very pleasant to see that you greet them in their language when he activates and completes his account. Notifications about password reset is also here.

Templates section.
Here you can translate order notifications for mobile and email.

People are happy when someone worry and care about them. Happy customers can be easily converted into regular customers.

If purchase process is clear and easy, and received product meets their requirements, they will definitely return to your store next time again and again. The main goal of business – to have a profit. Well, LangShop will gladly contribute to this.

Notifications will be sent automatically and you shouldn’t worry that something can go wrong. Your customers will be informed about all changes in clear native language that significantly increase their trust to you.

Media Gallery

Media Gallery is a unique and interesting tool. There you can download images of products or themes and manage them. It’s also used in Theme Settings. But that’s not the main feature. Pictures in one field can be changed with languages!

If you have two languages in your store, but, for example, in section About Us you want to change the pic with language, you can use Media Gallery. Upload two different images. One you can use with English text, another one – with French text. Pictures will change every time you switch languages.

Theme Localization

We’ve took Shopify Editor original interface and added there opportunity of multilingual tabs. Sections, blogs, carts, collections, contacts, customers, homepage, layout, products, gift cards and many other sections you can translate here. Add new tabs, if you want to translate more.

As an addition, you can use Custom Variables. With its help you can add or delete fields in store. Visual interface gives an opportunity to add some information or change it. This tool can significantly expand theme localization.

Currency Switcher

If the owner wants to translate the store, it means that he will have to use several currencies. In LangShop we have such function. Switcher works in accordance with the current exchange rate and converts prices when you change the language.

No matter from what country is your customer. Add the language of his country and he will always know how much should he pay for product in his currency.

Unlimited number of languages

More than 100 languages are available for you. App includes commonly used English, Spanish, French, all European and Slavic languages, and also such rare languages like Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Guarani, etc.

SEO optimization

LangShop helps to improve SEO ranking of your website. Translated version of the store will positively influence on sites visibility in web search engine’s results and bring organic traffic. Translated pages will have dedicated URLs for Google.

Social networks are important part of our and customers lives. For promotion in social networks we use OG tags.

What content you can translate with LangShop:

  • themes;

  • menu;

  • pages;

  • products;

  • blog posts;

  • navigation;


  • email and sms notification;

  • meta fields;

  • themes settings;

  • themes options;

  • images;

  • custom variables.

  • price.


We want to make it very clear for everyone and user’s feedback is very important for us. Thanks to them our team improved the functional and made it perfect even for those, who has never deal with coding. And feedback of happy customers is the best prize for us!

Every day we work at LangShop and try to make it perfect. Our team regularly makes updates. We send them to our clients for free.

So, how does LangShop work?

  • Install application.

  • On the control panel choose sections that you want to translate.

  • Click on “Translate” and just wait. Time depends on amount of content but in general it takes only few seconds.


Our company has a great support team. It works 7 days a week from 10 am till 7 pm (GMT +2). We are always ready to help you with all your problems and answer all questions.

Feel free send us messages anytime you need help. You can do it using online chat from the right side of the app. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Actually, that’s all. Everything is very clear and fast. In FAQ section in the app we’ve made a user’s guide with videos. Step by step we described all processes of LangShop work. If you have any question, our support team will help you anytime.

LangShop - Language & Currency translate reviews

77 reviews
  1. 5 stars (70 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (3 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

Great app! easy to use and install. I had a minor issues with currencies which was immediately taken care by the Devit team. Really helpful and good support.


One of "MUST HAVE APPs".
We strongly recommend this APP to everyone who is looking for multi-language tool.

Excellent support - one of the best supports I have ever met.

Отдельное спасибо за техническую поддержку на русском языке!


oh my god , don't use it , they destroy my store , even if i uninstall it it keep show me a red bar at the top of my store that tell me to install the app (even if i use my store as a guest) and translation button keep showing , i don't know what should i do to remove this sh**t


Below is my earlier review, which I rated the langshop set up with just 2 stars.

Having used their buildify app (page layout app that works with langshop app) and with all the swift and very helpful customer service, have to be fair and give credit to the team. Am still learning how to use both apps, but am finding buildify creates some lovely pages, was more straight forward to follow and use and yes it is quirky if you are not familiar with page design and I still don't quite follow how the layout can look so different on my working page to the website itself, but such is life and the team for both apps have been quick to reply with answers, screenshots to show the steps to take and so, if you are going to go down this same line - international language website, and using a page layout app - then I can highly recommend these two apps.

Original Review:

Bit mixed at the moment, we have just uploaded this app to our shopify store, and while it will translate the menus etc in the website, it will not translate any pages we created using a third party app - gem pages in this case.

Have spoken with gem pages, and they confirmed, they are not compatible with translation apps. So as many of us do use outside apps to create content/pages etc, and as langshop does not advise you upfront of any issues. Before you buy, before you even download a trial, save yourself the energy and email them with a list of all the apps/page layout apps etc that you use and make sure langshop can actually do the translation you require.


The app works great. Is the best of this type.
- Good support
- User friendly
- Easy to translate


I took the app and I contacted the support because I know that I myself will not be able to do everything properly, so frankly I was amazed within a period of 24 hours it has placed all languages I want and all currencies and my website is operational. if you think there are some words that are not translated well. you will be stuck doing nothing. it's the ideas that make you earn money and not the technical aspects. advise to target the countries separately and even the Ad you must do it in the language of the country with help of google translate. good luck to everyone. josef from Helsinki Finland


I have spend a whole week trying to figure it out this app!!! A bit disappointed as it seems to be very user friendly!!!! Also the tutorial video of this app is out of date!!! A bit disappointed! Specially if you have to pay!!! 3 days trial is not enough!!!!


App works great. Today I needed to contact support because I missed an update and they were very responsive, sorting the issue very quickly.


The App was good to use but i wont my shop just in english thats why i remove. The Support was very very good and helpful. Thanks


Shopify has made it surprisingly difficult to manage a store in multilanguage. Luckily LangShop has solved this problem with their awesome app. Be sure to give yourself a few hours to really understand the app, because it is so comprehensive. And when in doubt, make sure to contact LangShop's awesome customer service. They answer super fast (sometimes even on a Sunday evening) and they seem to really try their best to solve their customers' problems.

In other words, thumbs up and 5/5 from me!

$17.99 / month

Price includes technical support 24/7

3 days


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