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AdSpend Monitor by LeadsRx

AdSpend Monitor by LeadsRx

Developed by LeadsRX

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  • Learn which visitor sources bring the best buyers to your store
  • Find hidden marketing programs that work together in driving sales
  • Get new customers by mapping the journey that prospects take to become buyers


LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor connects the dots between your marketing touchpoints and revenue so you'll know which channel is bringing bigger orders and new buyers. No more guesswork or hunches – with AdSpend Monitor, you'll have actual data that proves one channel is performing better than another.

Not advertising yet?

This version of LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor is FREE FOREVER and is perfect for stores just getting started. It helps you understand which non-paid channels are bringing you buyers and lets you review direct traffic, social referrals, organic search, and more, completely for free.

What it does

LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor will tell you which non-paid channels deliver the best customers. We use a full-funnel, multi-touch attribution model, which means every marketing touchpoint is given a portion of credit for each sale. Then, attributed revenue is calculated so you'll know exactly where buyers are coming from.


LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor is a full-funnel, cross-channel attribution tool that every online retailer should be using!


AdSpend Monitor will also help you find new customers. We map the complete journey of people who come to your store and make purchases. Think of it like the "DNA" of a great customer! Armed with this knowledge you can clone successful patterns to bring new business to your store.


  • This free version of AdSpend Monitor works with all non-paid sources including direct traffic, social referrals, blog referrals, organic search, and more

  • Prevents duplicate order counting

  • Automatically picks up sales data in real time

  • Choose from 7 different attribution models for both direct response advertising and brand awareness

  • Installs quickly and begins collecting data immediately

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Great tool to have to keep an eye on your analytics.


This version of LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor is completely free forever - no hidden costs! It will analyze basic inbound marketing channels like:

  • Direct visits to your store
  • Referrals from social sites
  • Organic search click-throughs
  • Referrals from bloggers, news articles, and more
  • Email support is also included!

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