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16 reviews
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  • 100% marketing automation that requires no input once it is setup
  • Automated personalized campaign creation and product recommendations - delivery via email and screen pops
  • Increase sales up to 73% and increase sign ups up to 8x

LeftBrain is a very simple marketing automation tool that does 100% automation. We know that as store owners, you have to deal with too many tasks and managing relationship with each customer may become hectic. At the end of the day though, customers should be the number one priority.

Unlike many other marketing automation apps that are hard to setup and manage, we focus on simplicity. That's why we created LeftBrain Automation.

LeftBrain Automation

Every online store has a simple goal: to keep as many active customers as possible. An active customer means a happy customer who will consistently purchase at your store. However, keeping customers engaged is a continuous process that requires time and resources. Time and resources are hard to come by when you have a small to mid-sized store.

LeftBrain Automation is an offer-based marketing automation feature that continuously tracks customers and periodically contacts them based on a set of rules defined automatically by the system with very minimal input from the store owner. Automation's goal is to keep customers engaged and active.

So how does it work?

1 - Once you set up LeftBrain once and turn it on, it works by itself 100%, with no more interaction from you.

2 - LeftBrain AI automatically segments your customers into different segments based on each customers' shopping behavior. It then continuously tracks customers for segment changes.

3 - When a segment change occurs, LeftBrain automatically creates a personalized discount code for that customer, and delivers it via email.

4 - Customer then is able to use that code at checkout. It's that simple.

5 - In the case when customer misses the email, but comes to your store, he/she will be notified via screen pop that they have an unused discount code that expires on a specific date. This way, even if they miss the email, they won't miss their discount codes.

What do you have to do to get started?

1 - Install LeftBrain.

2 - Edit the email templates so that the wording of each email defines how you would like to approach your customers.

3 - Setup your widget (pop-up), same way.


5 - Enjoy 100% automation! Just watch sign-ups and sales grow by itself.

LeftBrain reviews

16 reviews
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LeftBrain helped us to segment our customers in different categories and offer tailored incentives based on their shopping behavior. We increased our sales by over 30% in the first month of installing the app, and have been able to convert dormant customers into active buyers with repeat orders. The implementation is very easy and seamless, and the team is very easy to reach and responsive if there are any issues or even just questions. We're very excited and happy to be using LeftBrain, and believe it will generate even better return as we grow our business.


With Leftbrain app, we are able to track and understand our customers' shopping behaviours in the easiest way . Instead of tracking active and inactive customers manually, which takes too much time, Leftbrain made it possible for us to do it automatically. Application enables us to save plenty of time with minimum effort. Installation is very easy and user friendly, moreover it has a remarkable effect on sales.


LeftBrain has enabled us to provide tailored opportunities for our customers, and as a result, our online revenue has increased by 19.2% within the first month of using the system. The installation was quick and error-free. With the help of their team, we were confidently using the system within 2 days. We are very happy to have discovered and utilised LeftBrain as a part of our brand growth strategy.


We had a minor issue at first but they were very responsive and solved our problem very fast. We were able to bring back some of our inactive customers and reduced the time for our active customers to purchase again. Overall very happy as we see increase in sales with no effort on our end.


We installed this and started getting additional orders within 48 hours. They have a very good customer support and were helpful in answering our questions quickly.


We wanted to have some kind of reward mechanism for our customers based on their shopping behavior. Doing this manually was a problem as it took too much time tracking each customer. We are happy that we started using leftbrain as it simplified and automated this process for us.

From $5.00 / month


14 days

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