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LimeSpot Personalizer - Targeted Recommendations

LimeSpot Personalizer - Targeted Recommendations

Developed by LimeSpot

Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Show your customers products they are more likely to buy and increase both the average basket size and conversion rate.
  • Independent 3rd party study shows LimeSpot increases store revenues by up to 67%.
  • Until LimeSpot helps to bring in more than 3x your monthly subscription fee, use our app for free!

#1 Rated Product Recommendation App on Shopify.

Our Support Wizards will visit your online store and customize the appearance on your theme within 2 working hours* of installation.

*Pacific Standard Time applies. Installations after this time will be assessed during the next working day.

(Last update: September 2016)


  • We are flexible about meeting our clients’ needs and helping them achieve their goals.

  • LimeSpot's pricing is aimed at helping eCommerce Startups to grow.

  • Outstanding Support. 98.5% Five-Star Reviews. Built-in appearance customization.

Why LimeSpot?

  • Third-party study by Compass shows LimeSpot's performance according to various parameters, before and after installation, as follows:

    • Average increase in Revenues: 18.35% – 67.04%

    • Average increase in Transaction Value: 1.18% – 9.77%

    • Average increase in Conversions: 5.56%

  • This Compass report explains how personalization works.

  • User-Interface Flexibility

    • Fully integrated with ShopPad Fablet Mobile App and Storefront

    • 100% Responsive (for tablets and mobiles)

    • Custom designed appearance for Out of the Sandbox and other major shop Themes

  • Multiple Websites

    • If you have more than one website, you can now publish all of your Intelligent Recommendations from your web-store on your other websites

Main Features

  1. Intelligent Product Recommendations on all pages:

    • Most Popular Products

    • Related Products

    • You May Like

    • Trending Products

    • Featured Collections

    • Recently Viewed

  2. Upsell Recommendations (new)

  3. Cross-sell Recommendations (new)

  4. Instant "Add-to-Cart" on product pictures (new)

  5. Recommendations on Search and 404 Error Pages (new)

  6. Top Picks for You (Personalized page with Facebook login)

Product Description

LimeSpot's patent-pending technology creates Intelligent Recommendation Boxes that can be placed on different pages of your store and showcase the products your customers are most likely to buy.

Recommendation Boxes can be displayed on your “Homepage”, “Collection Pages”, “Product Pages”, “Checkout” and “Blog Pages”.

All LimeSpot Recommendation Boxes are Mobile Compatible and you can use them on ShopPad's "Fablet" Mobile Storefront and "Fablet" Mobile Apps (new).

  • Related Products: Cross-sell and up-sell by showing products related to the one your customer is currently viewing, or the ones in their cart.

    • Manual / Handpick Curation: Take control of your related items and handpick items that you know work well together.

    • Automatic Curation: Let LimeSpot’s linguistic and machine learning engine be responsible and relate your items automatically using product titles, descriptions and every other attribute and associated tag.

    • Mixed: Handpick a set of related items and let the LimeSpot engine finish the job and curate the rest.

  • Most Popular Items: Use social proof to entice your customers with the most popular products on your website.

    • Storewide: Recommend your store’s most popular items on any page.

    • Within a Collection: Recommend your store’s most popular items from any of your collections on any page.

  • Trending Products: Capitalize on quick changes in the Internet's landscape by showing which of your products are going viral.

  • Featured Items: Feature the most popular items of any of your collections on different pages on your web-store.

  • Recently Viewed
    Remind shoppers of products they have considered buying before.

LimeSpot's algorithms are powered by big data, linguistic analysis, shopper behavior, and machine learning, to deliver great results. Stores have seen up to 40% more sales after installing LimeSpot! You can also check how your store is doing with LimeSpot from your own LimeSpot analytics dashboard.

Customizable Appearance to Match Your Branded Store:

LimeSpot’s Intelligent Recommendation Boxes display seamlessly with all major themes on the Shopify Platform. You can also customize/adjust the following parameters to best match your store appearance:

  • Recommendation box appearance (Title, Width, Height, Margin and Border Radius);

  • Product picture size (Max Width, Max Height);

  • Maximum number of recommended products on each page;

  • Auto-scroll interval option;

  • Add/Remove SALES tag on your product picture;

  • Add/Remove ZOOM on product picture when mouse-over; and

  • Add/Remove zero decimals on your product price.

And finally, if you have more than one website, you can now publish all of your Intelligent Recommendations from your web-store on your other websites:

  • Intelligent Recommendation on your external sites;

  • Seamless integration with your web-store and inventory; and

  • Recommend based on shopper’s profile and behavior activities.

For more information about this feature, please contact our support.

Additional Personalization Features

LimeSpot also offers unique personalization features. For example, Top Picks lets shoppers log in with their Facebook profile to see products intelligently chosen for them. These features can be activated from your
LimeSpot admin panel.

Important Notes:

  • We hope that you don't, but if you choose to uninstall LimeSpot, you must use our custom, automated uninstall procedure to remove all LimeSpot code from your store. The default uninstall procedure from your Shopify admin panel will not remove all LimeSpot code from your store and may result in error messages. Click here for uninstallation information and instructions.

  • Our Popular and Trending Products Recommendation Boxes rely on real behavioral data from your store, which is monitored from the time of installation. It may take up to a week for LimeSpot to learn from behavior on your store and display products that are genuinely popular.


For questions and support please see our Knowledge Base, see our Support Portal, or
contact us.

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of LimeSpot's features.


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LimeSpot Personalizer - Targeted Recommendations reviews (360)


Outstanding support and a great addition to any store! Provide superb insight.


This adds a little something extra to my shop! I would recommend this app!!


We have had great success providing recommendation to our customer through Limespot. We would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for a cost effective way to provide recommendations to their customers. Thanks for the great app Limespot!


Very useful tool! Seemed to be an tool that's really work and help increase sells. Also take a note that support is very helpful and doing this job an extra. Keep it up a good work!




Great support, very helpful!


EVERY SINGLE SHOPIFY STORE NEEDS THIS APP. A must have in building customer relationships and trust. Best app I have, phenomenal customer service.


Awesome and intuitive recommendation app -- definitely the best on the app marketing right now.


A couple of days in on the FREE trial and customer service is awesome!


Great app. Provides exactly what my customers need to be aware of what other customers are interested in.

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