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Developed by Isaac Bowen

100 reviews
Price: From $9.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Protection for everything in your shop - private areas, members-only products, subscription access, and more.
  • Insanely flexible permissions - grant access based on customer tags, purchases, passcodes, anything!
  • Rock-solid design for zero-downtime security - seamlessly integrated into Shopify to save you time and headache.

Hey there! Locksmith is a full-service content security tool for Shopify.

“The app works exactly how we hoped, wildly simple, and amazingly effective.” – Vs. Cancer Foundation

“This is probably one of the best investments I've made.” – Runners Supply

“Absolutely love the fact that you can passcode protect a collection on your site!” – SOAS Racing

“It is an incredible solution for my wholesale site.” – Edunique

“This app solved all of my problems for creating a wholesale pricing list at a fraction of the cost [...] AND IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY.” - The Vapor MD

Locksmith is the best way to make sure the right people see the right content in your store, with awesome customer support to back it up. You can lock any page, product, collection, or blog, or your cart, or your whole shop at once, and probably any other area you can come up with!

Locksmith is used by thousands of shops (in 2000+ cities!), to protect hundreds of thousands of resources. It's used by names you hear around the kitchen table, and by folks just getting started with their business.

With Locksmith, there are no surprise fees, no overselling, and no inventory issues. Just sleep-at-night reliable service, hugely flexible features, and great customer support.

Locksmith works, and it works well. :)

How do I control who gets in?

Most common use: customer tags. After creating a lock, add a key that's based on a tag, then tag any customer to grant them access!

You can also create keys based on...

  • passcodes (no login/signup needed!)

  • secret links (include special links in your newsletters!)

  • country or IP address (limiting access by location? sure thing!)

  • purchase history (unlock parts of your shop based on certain product purchases!)

  • purchase volume (open new tiers for your high-rollers!)

  • the day of the week (Monday-only sales!)

  • customer email addresses (expecting a certain customer, or a certain @company.com? add a key with their email address to let them in as soon as they register!)

... and almost anything else! (Want the full list?) Combine key conditions for more fine-grained behavior, or make custom Liquid keys based on any data in Shopify's system.

What else can Locksmith do for me?

  • Customize your nav menu and and search results based on the customer.
    Enable "Hide locked content" to only show links to things the customer can access. (Here's a guide!)

  • Autotag customers when they use a passcode or secret link.
    Up your conversion game by tracking customer acquisitions.

  • Ask customers to subscribe to your Mailchimp mailing list,
    before granting them access to your content. (Here's a guide!)

  • Hide prices and/or the add-to-cart form.
    Use manual locking to choose what part of each page are protected. (Here's a guide!)

  • Limit order windows.
    Prevent customers from re-ordering inside of a certain timeframe.

  • Add customer accounts in bulk.
    Have an existing list of customers? Import all of them at once, apply tags, pre-set passwords, whatever you need to get them ready for access. (Here's a guide!)

... and much more! If you've got a specific scenario around granting access to something based on some conditions, it's probably possible - either out of the box, or with just a little finagling.

How do I get started?

Use that green "Get" button in the corner, or visit uselocksmith.com to sign in and set up your first lock - it only takes a couple seconds to get rolling.

There's a 15-day free trial, with no limits on features - try it out, and contact me if you've got any questions!

After that, pricing starts at $9/month (read more about pricing here) - no surprise setup fees like other apps, and no artificial limits, just one low cost for unlimited use.

I've got questions!

Fantastic! I'm the app developer behind this project, and I'd love to help you get off to a great start, or just say hi. :)

Start by checking out the official set of Locksmith guides, and our set of FAQs.

If you're still stuck, drop me a line at isaac@uselocksmith.com, and I'll do whatever I can to help out.

By the way, are you a nonprofit? Or are you a maker, and feeling like a trade? Drop me a line and let's talk about pricing. :)

Locksmith reviews (100)


Amazing customer support, highly recommended.


Good app~!


We are an B2B, online ladies clothing wholesaler and need to have our products only visible to our customers and legitimate retailers, Locksmith has made that very easy. It also allows us to capture the contact details for all of our visitors, letting us follow up all our enquiries. Locksmith is definitely worth it!!


Absolutely AMAZING customer service! These guys were SO HELPFUL, I am astonished. I have never had this much help and support and quick response time with ANY other app provider for shopify. I would always use these guys and this app, which also works perfectly, every time I can!


Great app!! Quick chat service too :)


This app is all that it claims to be and Isaac responds to questions at lightning speed. The best service I have had from an app so far! A+


Instant Wholesale App. Leaving a review finally. We installed and app months ago, and it was an nstant fix to make our Wholesale Pricing invisible to all, except the customers we tagged as a wholesale, which allowed them to view it.

Then we had a web guy make some changes to our site, this conflicted with the locks we setup. Issac was very fast to help review, and fix the problem for us! Thank you for that Issac. You can check out our store and Wholesale Tab at https://www.VitaStik.com


Amazing support!!! I had an issue with my theme and Isaac helped me solve it! Great app and great service!:)


We don't need to use Locksmith a lot but when we do, I wish every Shopify app was like it:

* Straightforward: does exactly what it says it does
* Powerful: a lot of options to fit our needs
* Easy to use: all controls are essentially available from 1, maybe 2 windows
* Simple install and uninstall, if necessary. No more paying someone or spending hours cleaning up code on your own
* Support is fast, knowledgeable, and cooperative

Perfect. Thank you.


Fantastic. lots of great options to protect your content and ways for people to access it. i was up and running with it in only a few minutes. great app.

From $9.00 / month

Locksmith is priced on a scale based on your Shopify subscription level. Learn more here!

15 days

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Isaac Bowen
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