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Loyalty Points Manager

Loyalty Points Manager

Developed by SpurIT

16 reviews
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  • Set up Rewards Program for your store easily. Fast launch. No coding.
  • Motivate your customers to buy more with 5 effective ways to reward points.
  • 100% Unlimited Lifetime Free Plan and 24/7 Live Support.

★ We are the only developer who provide 24/7 live chat support with an average response time of 42 sec. Try our live chat support right now.

Turn Shoppers Into Loyal Customers With Our Loyalty Points Manager

Launch Loyalty and Referral Program for your store easily! It's an easy to use but still extremely powerful way to grow your customers' loyalty and skyrocket repeat orders. Reward your customers with loyalty points, motivate them to buy more and refer new customers.

Why customers choose our apps

  • Free: 100% Unlimited Lifetime Free Plan

  • Easy Setup: No Coding Skills Needed

  • Easy to Use: Fully Configurable in Less Than 20 Minutes

  • Highly Customizable: Customize Appearance and Functionality

  • 24/7 Absolutely Free and Fast Support: Our friendly technical support specialists will help you with the app's settings 24/7.

  • 100% Mobile Friendly App


Why Should I Use Loyalty Points Manager to Grow My Shopify Business?

It's well known that repeat customers are more likely to buy than first-time visitors. Additionally, they tend to spend several times more per transaction than new buyers! Reward customers and watch them spend more at your business.


Incentivize purchasing behavior, rewarding customers for their loyalty with points that can be used as virtual currency to pay for an order either in full or in part. Actions that can be rewarded:
  • Store Purchases

  • Referring Others to Your Store

  • Creating a Store Account

  • Interacting With Your Brand on Social Media

  • Regular Customers' Visits

Loyalty Points Manager allows you to:

  • Choose Reward Conditions: Decide which actions should be rewarded, and how

  • Select Products To Use In Loyalty Program: Decide which products participate in loyalty program or choose all

  • Set Loyalty Points Expiration Date: Create urgency by setting loyalty points expiration date

  • Set Point Value: Points are worth money, and you determine their value

  • Show Customers their Awarded Points: Let your customers see how many points they earned within store’s badge or top bar

  • Integrate In Store’s Shopping Cart And Checkout Page: Decide where points redemption field will be shown

  • Customize Rewards Window Look

  • Customize Rewards Top Bar and Badge Look

  • Customize Email Templates

Grow faster, grow bigger with Loyalty Program Manager!

New Features Monthly

We are constantly working on improving our app. New features are added monthly. If you think that our app requires a new feature or functionality feel free to drop us a line at support@spur-i-t.com and check back later, as your suggestions are likely to be implemented in the next version of the Loyalty Program Manager.

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Contact our 24/7 live support team.




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Loyalty Points Manager (FREE) : Launch simple and effective Loyalty program.

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Enjoy the app and email us if you need custom programming or design for Shopify stores!

Loyalty Points Manager reviews

16 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

SpurIT Team have been a great help and were very quick to respond. They have responded within minutes, and made changes the same day!

They translated the widget according to my wishes, and also changed the colour scheme of the Loyalty Program Points Manager, so that it now looks as part of the store.

Since, I come from Slovenia, you can assume not many loyalty programs support translations, and they usually want to charge for translations, that store owner basically has to make by himself. Thank you Alexander and SpurIT Team! :D


This is an excellent app. I installed it and it has worked very well. The support is a little delayed but the situations are solved.


Thanks heaps for your support! The support you have given was great and I appreciate it a lot! It is great to have an app installed and know that the developer is willing to help out And the app itself is great, good to gain more customers with


5 star for now.. but i can't promise I will keep it up 5 stars in future..

I lost faith using this company with there other apps which was advertised free and then one day we had to pay money for it.. although previously it said 100% free lifetime.. but they will give you a cheap plan thats not worth free..

tons of customization and i like this app


I have almost tried all loyalty apps on Shopify. This one from spurit is the most easy-used and easy-undstanded one. No massive coding. First class service from the support team - help with all translation and colour editing. Thank you.


I don't tend to leave reviews, but SpurIT have the most amazing support who have gone beyond anything I ever expected to get their App working with my unusual coded theme / Cart! They have got it working 100% and it is so much better than any other Loyalty app on the Shopify App Store (I have tried them all!) as it doesn't use stupid discount codes. Customers can sign up to your store and save money on their first purchase.

This is a True Loyalty Points App with amazing support. I can't believe this is Free I would pay for such amazing support. Thanks so much SpurIT please keep up this amazing standard of support your a credit to the Shopify App Store.


Easily one of the best apps on Shopify, provides everything you need for the perfect looking loyalty program. And they have the best and most cooperative support team, they helped customize the app to match my exact needs.
This will be a huge marketing booster for my store <3


I like this app. It works great, excellent customer service


Guess you get what you get when it's something advertised for FREE. My experience with this app was very poor and annoying. While the app is great in many aspects, when it comes to customization it lacks greatly! The customization is very limited and certain aspects of the app leaves your website looking unprofessional and tacky. I simply inquired about Spurit customizing the pop-up that's present when the customers sees it in their account and customizing the buttons and text in the checkout cart. I emailed Spurit team and heard nothing back at all. I tried to be patient but their customer response time is so poor; matter of fact as I'm typing this, I still haven't even heard anything back from them and it's been past 2 days! While I appreciate the fact that the app is free, I don't feel it's worth installing and needs a lot of improvement, and Spurit team needs to work on being more professional, prompt and responding to their customers in a timely manner. That is the way a real, true business operates. It's better to just pay for a loyalty app that is worth the price and still provides great value.


For a free app its great however it could use a few more features that other apps have which is why we have only given it a 4 star rating. Feel free to check it out at our website. www.Gamers247.co.uk


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+1 888 663-6479 (CA)
+44 800 069-8693 (UK)
+33 805 088-783 (EU)
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