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Edited December 14, 2018

Why wasn't I contacted? You changed to a paid system and just blocked my site and customers without telling us? We gave you loads of ideas for future development and in return, that's what you do? No one there could pick up a phone or send an email or jump on live chat on our website?

That's how you treat your first generation of customers its disgusting.

United Kingdom
8 months using the app
January 30, 2019

I had no active campaigns and did not want their paid service (I had just installed it to see how it would work).

But I guess customers have still been able to create accounts (for a loyalty program that doesn't exist) AND now they are publishing updates to my theme AND creating draft orders.

Mooncat Crystals
United States
4 months using the app
Edited December 30, 2018

HORRIBLE app! Steer Clear! My customers not only didn't get their sign up points, but their balances kept showing $0 even after multiple purchases. What a disaster! I have since uninstalled the app.

Dog Collar Fancy
United States
6 months using the app
Edited January 9, 2019

Not a good app.. too expensive and complex as hell.. we had it when it was free but we just couldn't handle how not flexible it is, and now your charging 18$ for what?

4 months using the app
August 25, 2020

I spent 2-3 hours of setting everything up, changes were not saved properly, settings would disappear. When everything was done I could not change the very title of the loyalty program (I run my store in Swedish and wanted it to be in Swedish). I reached out to support, they gave a standard answer that this could be changed in the settings which was not true. After som time they told me it could only be done with CSS but they hade no code for it. So WARNING if you run your shop in another language than English, do not use this app!!!

3 days using the app
SpurIT replied August 26, 2020

Thanks for your feedback and sorry that you've faced such difficulties. We contacted you via email in order to discuss this situation and help.

September 25, 2018

Issues, issues, and more issues. All we have had is problems with this app. After considerable time and effort we gave up on it ever working. The fact that it can't be used with dynamic categories is a HUGE flaw. The app developers did try to help but even with their effort, it never functioned correctly. If you have a small amount of products and can actually get it to work, it might be ok for you.

Biggs Ltd
United States
15 days using the app
November 12, 2018

I hate it, it not properly work on mobile and after uninstall they are not uninstall. Please team resolve

1 day using the app
April 3, 2018

Guess you get what you get when it's something advertised for FREE. My experience with this app was very poor and annoying. While the app is great in many aspects, when it comes to customization it lacks greatly! The customization is very limited and certain aspects of the app leaves your website looking unprofessional and tacky. I simply inquired about Spurit customizing the pop-up that's present when the customers sees it in their account and customizing the buttons and text in the checkout cart. I emailed Spurit team and heard nothing back at all. I tried to be patient but their customer response time is so poor; matter of fact as I'm typing this, I still haven't even heard anything back from them and it's been past 2 days! While I appreciate the fact that the app is free, I don't feel it's worth installing and needs a lot of improvement, and Spurit team needs to work on being more professional, prompt and responding to their customers in a timely manner. That is the way a real, true business operates. It's better to just pay for a loyalty app that is worth the price and still provides great value.

Hhn Marketplace
United States
2 days using the app