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Connect your store to Lyst, the global fashion search platform

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Access new customers

Connect your online inventory to Lyst to reach over 65M global Lyst shoppers

Luxury-focused market

Reach new luxury fashion-focused customers

Streamlined order processing

Effortlessly process Lyst orders within the existing Shopify dashboard, alongside your web orders

About Lyst

Lyst is a global fashion search platform, with a mission to empower customers to find the fashion that’s perfect for them.

Lyst partners with luxury, contemporary and High Street retailers, including some of fashion's worldwide leaders, spanning boutiques, speciality stores, department stores and globally recognized brands.

Existing partners include Gucci, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Totokaelo, Ralph Lauren,, The Webster, John Lewis, Selfridges and many more.

Partner requirements In order to increase your chances of acceptance as a Lyst partner, please make sure that your online store complies with the following:

  1. Applicants should carry reputable brands and/or have an established namesake to be considered
  2. Applicants should carry fashion apparel or accessories. Lyst does not accept childrenswear
  3. Applicants should carry more than 150 items
  4. Applicants must provide a proficient level of customer service for customers purchasing via Lyst
  5. Applicants must be able to fulfil orders within the US, UK or EU regions
  6. No resale or consignment merchants
  7. Applicants' websites must be live at time of applying to be considered, i.e. websites that are "coming soon" will not be accepted
  8. Sadly at this stage we are unable to work with sole traders

What to expect as an approved partner on Lyst

Lyst charges commission on sales before returns, so you don't pay us anything until you make a sale via Lyst (sales before returns means that commission is charged on all completed sales, including items that are refunded later on, resulting in less invoice admin for you!)

See our installation and help guide for more details.

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16% on all sales before returns

Overall rating
2.3 of 5 stars
Based on 9 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Baxter Manor

elitists... LOL... they have no clue what they are doing - the app is horrible. elitists... LOL... they have no clue what they are doing - the app is horrible.

Matisse Footwear

Lyst has been an excellent customer acquisition/brand awareness tool for our brand. It essentially has replicated the content of our site and served it up to an entirely new, fashion-focused, audience. The integration process was quick and easy and now that we're up and running, the program literally requires zero attention. I strongly recommend to all fashion retailers.


As a luxury handbags retailer I feel there is no reason for my brand NOT to be on Lyst, nevertheless the application was rejected - why? I think we should be given feedback so that we can potentially fix whatever the rejection reason is. I am currently on made-to-order, however no different to other brands (who I won't name here) on Lyst. I guess it could be that I am a new brand, however if platforms reject new brands(even if they may be better than others) how are we meant to grow? Seems to be very non-friendly towards establishing brands whereas these are the ones needing the most support.