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Magic 360

Magic 360

Developed by Magic Toolbox

8 reviews
Price: $169.00 Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Spin products in 360 degrees and zoom in!
  • Give customers total confidence.
  • As close as you get to real life.

Magic 360 is the ultimate way to display products on your store.

Try the demo here!

Show customers every detail of your product with 360-degree spin. Customers can even zoom-in and enlarge to full-screen too.

Why 360°?

Why have mega-retailers adopted 360° for their websites?

  • Immediate confidence - increases sales by removing any doubts about the product.

  • Save time - eliminates a high percentage of customer questions, easing pressure on your customer service team.

  • Fewer returns - customers are unlikely to send an item back (because they know what they're buying).

What you'll need

A set of photos which show every angle. Your product moves ever so slightly in each photo, to create the 360 effect.

Saved as JPEGs about 800px to 1200px wide. Shopify will automatically resize images throughout your store. These big images will create gorgeous spin, magnify & full-screen effects.

Naming your images

Number your images in the order you want them to appear on your Shopify product page eg: shoe-01.jpg, shoe-02.jpg, shoe-03.jpg etc.

360 photography

By using 18, 36 or 72 photos (or any other number), your products will look incredible.

Scared about photographing them yourself? No problem - ask us to get a quotation from a professional photographer. A specialist studio can shoot 20-60 products per day on their specialised robotic equipment and it's a lot more affordable than you may think. $50 per product is a rough benchmark for a batch of 10 products.


Enjoy the many features of Magic 360 for a one-off payment:

  • Auto-spin once, twice or infinitely

  • Spin on hover, drag or mousewheel

  • Click to magnify

  • Spin in full-screen

  • 3D spin (left-right and up-down)

  • Supports any number of photos

  • Adjust the text on buttons

  • JavaScript API for control over start, stop and loading

  • Customizable loading message

  • Easy to setup

  • Free support from us, the developers

And that's not all, because Magic 360 is built with JavaScript not Flash, it works on iPad, iPhone, most Android devices plus all major browsers, so your customers can view your products whenever and wherever they want.


Magic 360 supports over 30 different Shopify themes! What's more, it also supports themes with a gallery layout and HTML code similar to the standard Shopify themes.

If Magic 360 doesn't work immediately on your site, email us and we'll add support for your theme too (free of charge).


Shopify demo: Try the demo here!

For more demos, visit the examples page.


Try first, buy later! We recommend you try Magic 360 before you buy. As the trial version and the full license use exactly the same functionality, a 'Trial version' message appears in the corner of the spin. Once you're happy with Magic 360, buy a license to remove the 'Trial version' message.

  1. Install the 30 day free trial Magic 360 app. (If a message shows that your Shopify theme is not supported, please contact us and we will add support for your theme).

  2. Go to your Magic 360 app settings page and specify how many photos make up your spin (the default is 36). Every product that has that number of images will automatically have the Magic 360 effect applied to it.

  3. Upload your set of 360° photos to your product page using the standard Shopify image uploader. (See 'Setup a 360 spin').

  4. Enjoy your 360 spin!

  5. Not working? Contact us and we'll identify the issue.

    1. Setup a 360 spin

      1. Open the product which you'd like to spin.

      2. Upload your set of 360 degrees images to your product page using the standard Shopify image uploader on the product page.

      3. Once all your images are uploaded (a tick will appear on each one), save your product.

      4. Refresh your product page to see Magic 360 working.

      Show zoom images & 360 spins

      Magic 360 only shows one spin on your product page - it takes the place of any zoom images you have. Instead you can show zoom and spin images on the same page!

      With our highest rated Shopify app, Magic Zoom Plus, you can display beautiful image zooms and 360 spin.

      Try the demo here!

      This very popular combination uses our hosted image service, Sirv. Simply upload your spin images to Sirv and display them automatically on your corresponding Shopify product page.

      Follow the step-by-step instructions to get this killer combination.

      Include static images

      If you have static images (but don't want to zoom them), you can still display them alongside your 360 degree spin. Simply upload static images first to your product as normal, then upload 360 spin images. Easy!


      Please email us any questions.


Magic 360 reviews

8 reviews
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Jake and the people at Magic 360 really helped me out a lot and were understanding and patient with me and all my questions. Thanks so much guys, I appreciate it and all your hard work!


Great feature and quick support!


Great app and excellent support. The Magic 360 script gives our customers a better look at our products while they browse and it has increased the customer's engagement with our website.


Terrific app and the support team is BEYOND amazing. Worth every penny.


This is a great app. The support is fast to respond, well mannered and very helpful to my suggestions/concerns. Great functionality at an affordable cost.


A great product, but do not underestimate the learning curve involved in creating the images required for a good 360 effect. I would strongly recommend using software like photoshop cc and shoot all your images in raw, this will give you the tools to reduce any background colours and shadows. We used a 1 meter square sheet of painted glass mounted on a bearing, we then marked out the surrounding board with 36 incremental reference points. That with a combination of good studio lighting and a camera with a 3 second timer we were able to get some great results. The more information you can give your potential customer the better, with magic 360 you will have another great tool to show of you product. Like I said great tool and well worth the effort.


Amazing functionality and great support! We migrated from WordPress to Shopify because of this app!


Great app! Does exactly what is advertised. I've researched a couple of the other 360 spin apps on shopify and in my opinion Magic 360 out weighs them from the standpoint of having the ability to pay one price and you can add as many spins as you like. No monthly bills is a plus. The reason I'm giving this app 4stars in only because I would like to see the spin perform a little more of a smooth spin, its just a little too jerky. I've tweaked the setting many times and cannot come up with the perfect setting for a smooth seamless spin, however.. don't get me wrong, the spin looks fantastic!! Hopefully Magic 360 will address this issue and I'm all in for the 5stars..
[EDIT] The Support at Magic360 is awesome. Paula is fantastic, As I stated in my original review,"The reason I'm giving this app 4stars in only because I would like to see the spin perform a little more of a smooth spin, its just a little too jerky" Paula was able to come with the right solution to get me the smooth spin I was looking, therefore I think this app is worth the 5stars.. Thanks guys.. Keep up the good work!

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