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  • Stop worrying & wasting time fulfilling orders
  • Fulfill lineitems from different suppliers / vendors using Fulfill by Sku
  • Send shipping emails for orders with new / updated tracking information


Do you have a large amount of xls files containing tracking numbers? We know how troublesome it is to add tracking numbers and tracking urls one by one.

That's why we made this app!

MassFulfill has already processed over two millions orders and line items!

Thanks to our users feedback, we managed to make the app accessible for all.

Send Shipping confirmation & update emails to your customers

Bulk fulfill orders with tracking information in seconds. All you need to do is upload an xls file. Tracking information is optional, and can be added or modified at any time.

Fulfill Lineitems

Do you ship different skus from different locations or suppliers? Add the skus of that location to the .xls file, and fulfill only the lineitems that satisfy the sku / order_number conditions.

Google Sheets integration

Create a spreadsheet using our app and share it with your supplier. Fulfill contents in the spreadsheet.

Confirmation Page

Now you can see what is about to happen, before it happens, with our confirmation page. This will reduce the chance of you sending the wrong information to your customers.

Bulk Unfulfill

Should you upload the wrong information, you can also unfulfill orders quickly, by uploading the same file, in the unfulfill box.

(Bonus) Bulk Mark as Paid

We even added mass mark as paid functionality for those of you that have Collect on Delivery shipping options.

(NEW) (Bonus) Mass Tagging by order number

MassFulfill now supports bulk tagging of orders by order number. Just write a few order numbers in an spreadsheet file, upload it, and we'll add the tags to the orders. This does not replace the tags, or add duplicate tags.

How to use

Just follow three simple steps.

  1. Select what you want to do.

  2. Upload a file with the relevant information.

    *If you use Aftership, you can add the tracking url here.

  3. Tell us how to read the file. We will remember this for later.

  4. Review the fulfillment, and click the fulfill button.

Perfect for Aftership / (or 17track.net)

Aftership provides a clean tracking information page for existing fulfilments. MassFulfill takes care of fulfilling orders so your customers can get the tracking url.

It is the Ship that must take place before Aftership (or other shipment tracking service)!


If you have any problems or you think there's something that we can improve, please don't hesitate and contact us.

We will be adding functionality as we go along, so stay alert!

MassFulfill reviews

58 reviews
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unbelievable. i have many orders and too lazy to do it manual. i tried to find fullfill app and didnt think MassFullfill is that good. Every second i hit F5 button to see if the app works, it works perfectly and number of unfullfilled orders decrease continuously.


Excellent app, this makes CSV ordering very easy. Does it's job well, and the best part: it's free!!


Was a great app the couple of times I was able to use it. Now it won't load at all, and no response from tech support.


This app is AWESOME! Well built, intuitive and easy to use, and works like a charm!
Truly amazing work, guys!


Actually a fantastic app. I was ready to be disappointed but I couldn't be happier.


I don't give out 5-star reviews easily, but this APP deserves it from my 1st time experience (6th March 2018).

I downloaded and installed the APP, then had a few questions. I sent an email to support and within 12-hours had a reply from David, whom provided clear responses and instructions.

Particularly I was concerned with how the Excel sheet file columns should be titled and in what order (response = choose your own titles, put columns in whichever order that you prefer)

I decided in the end to perfectly match the column names to that of the APP (at the stage where you identify which columns contain which fullfilment details), so that absolutely no mistakes or confusion was possible (and other staff can then take care of it confidently).

I must say I'm impressed. The APP works perfectly, fast, accurately and the email report is great (this identified one issue that I had for an order with 2x the same order number = recovered the error from this report).

So of course I'm happy and feel this would be money well spent for this great tool (but actually currently its free!!). This tool that saves me time, improves efficiency and accuracy in fullfilment and helps identify errors in the process.


Oh, wow! Just finished the first batch of orders with the app and it just worked perfectly.


This app makes my life a lot easier. I love you


Amazing app! Simple to use and as our online shop is growing it becomes really tedious to fulfil 10+ orders manually one by one with individual tracking numbers. We have it now working with a google sheet and it works seamlessly with tracking number output from our couriers in csv file.


I don't normally write reviews but this app saved us so much time, it's only right I write one. Simple and effective app! (:



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