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  • Provides a fast, and easy way for customers to buy your products on Messenger
  • Reach customers instantly with messages about their orders
  • Give customers one place to track purchase confirmation and shipping details

Messenger for Shopify is now available to store owners everywhere. Customize your Messenger chats in any language!

Why Messenger?

The Messenger sales channel allows you to have real-time conversations with customers, similarly how you can converse in physical retail store or pop-up.

Buying is easy, customer's simply select “Shop Now” from their Messenger menu. Customers can browse your products, select variants, and purchase with the “Buy Now” button all in Messenger. You’ll also be able to quickly answer questions about stock availability, product details, purchase confirmation, shipping notifications, and more.

Checkout, inventory, and reporting is managed in Shopify. Start the conversation by adding the Message Us button to any Shopify store.

Learn more from the Shopify help centre to get started.


  • Easy: Setup directly on Shopify by connecting your Facebook Page

  • Sell instantly: Customers can shop and make purchases directly in Messenger

  • Save time: Casual conversations answer questions faster than email and bring authenticity to the buying experience

  • Stay Organized: Shipping and purchase details for each customer stays in single chat thread

  • Customizations: Make Messenger your own and customize any message or button

Case study: Erstwilder

  • Learn how Erstwilder made order receipts a huge area of user engagement

  • With Messenger, Erstwilder delivers first-class and industry-leading customer service

  • More than 80% of customers responds to order receipts resulting in post-sale conversations

Everyone's talking about Messenger:

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  • Business Insider - Shopify has added a direct purchase feature to Facebook Messenger

  • BuzzFeed - With Facebook Messenger integration, Shopify lets businesses sell via bots

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Messenger reviews

51 reviews
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  5. 1 star (8 reviews)

Game. Changer. I love how this connects to the Store's FB instead of my personal one, and my customers are tickled and surprised when they immediately get a FB message thanking them for their purchase. It drives interaction with our FB page, and helps us to be able to better target our customers because they inadvertently tell us who they are and what else they like :)
This is utterly fantastic.


We love using the Facebook messenger at Drawersunlimited.com. Since we have a lot of customers who buy from our Facebook store it just makes sense to message them that way as we know they spend a lot of time on Facebook and use it more than others may. It makes for easy, quick personal contact with the customer! I would recommend it to everyone!


This is an excellent addition to Shopify! The notifications my customers receive are instant, professional, and informational. No need to make customizations. For those who opt into messaging, 98% respond with a thank you, and this starts up some great conversations. It's a wonderful, social way to connect with our customers, and we highly recommend it!


Love this new app! Simple integration and comes with auto updates.


Forms an immediate connection with our customers during checkout and through to and after the product ships.


Love this new app for my shoe store Obsessive Shoe Addict! It gives me another great way to communicate with my customers, which allows them to feel more comfortable when purchasing online


I look forward to using this, great addition to the store!


Works great. Had a customer contact me with an issue that she had and I was able to message her and get it fixed in minutes. She was thrilled and no email back and forth.

Works awesome.


Awesome app customers are loving it so am I


Very cool app! Easy addition to the arsenal and already have several customers comment that they noticed it :). Thanks Shopify.

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