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Free Metafields Manager by HulkApps

Free Metafields Manager by HulkApps

Developed by Hulk Code, Inc.

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  • Virtually customize every part of your Shopify store with additional (extra fields)
  • Customize products and product variants with additional information
  • Expand what you store for customers, capture for your orders, & more.

Metafields are one of the most important features that you can add to your Shopify store. Metafields allow you and your team to maximize the power of content throughout your Shopify shop. However, this feature is not 'visible' within your Shopify store, but now, with the help of the Metafields Manager, that invisible feature is unlocked for you.

Metafields manager gives every merchant the power to add, manage, import, and export extra, additional fields for pretty much anything you can imagine...this includes anything in your shop like collections, products, pages, product variants, orders, blogs, articles, etc.

Metafields Manager will allow you to create, add, edit, and manage metafields in your store, however, it will not make modifications to the theme that you are using. For more information on how all of this works, Shopify has provided a pretty awesome article: Using Metafields in Your Shopify

IMPORTANT: This is not an SEO app that enables meta tags. Meta tags are different from Metafields. Meta tags are utilized for only providing search engines with information about your website, but Metafields are additional fields you can add to your store to any degree you want - including for meta tags / SEO purposes. Metafields Manager truly empowers you to do anything you want.

Functionality Summary

  • You can add additional fields/descriptions to any Product or Product Variant

  • You can add extra information on Collections pages

  • You can add extra information on any Page like Home, Contact, About, etc.

  • You can add extra information for Customers

  • You can add extra information to Blogs and Articles

  • You can even collect additional information as part of Orders.

Some example Use Cases:

  • Add additional collection descriptions

  • Create brand profiles for collections

  • Add fields to product detail page to highlight material, size, measurements, etc.

  • Create Customer Profiles

  • and so much more

Full Customer Support & Knowledgebase

We provide support for all of our apps and themes. You can contact us at anytime by visiting our Support Portal at support.hulkcode.com.

Our apps are built for simplicity and the Form Builder app is fully responsive. It is optimized for all devices, making it easier for your customers to sign up.

Free Metafields Manager by HulkApps reviews

4 reviews
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Works as described, great option if you need to mess around with metafields in a tidy interface.


this app is a musthave in your store ! Support is very helpful, kind and fast


Finally found a way to set custom fiels for the products! Coming from a more flexible tool like WordPress, Shopify feels very limited. With Metafields, one can finally customize the templates and make every product page different.

I do understand the limitations of the meta-fields to be only numeric or strings BUT this tool could have a wrapper to store multiple types like dates, even if they are just strings internally, but could help a lot with the administration of the products.

If that wrapper could be added, it would be a killer app! (and of course, have a 5 stars score)


This metafields manager is robust and easy to use with a slick user interface. Install the app, create some fields and enter some values, pretty easy. Was able to create some fields for my products and edit the theme code to display them on my product pages. Even greater is their quick responding and friendly support team who helped resolve my issue. Thanks!!


Support & Sales

Hulk Code, Inc.
(773) 831-9374
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