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Developed by sineLABS

28 reviews
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  • Add extra data (or meta) fields to your Shopify resources
  • Edit metafield data for multiple resources at once
  • Import & export metafields data via CSV

** NEW FEATURE: Writable customer metafields! **

With a bit of custom code in your theme, you can now update customer metafields from the front end of your shop. This means you can ask the customer for their preferences, measurements, birthday, or any thing else you'd like to gather and store them in metafields you configure using our app. If you have the coding capabilities to customize html, css, and javascript in your theme and want to utilize this new feature, take a look at this discussion thread on the Shopify forums for some helpful tips and example code to get you going!


Did you know you can add extra data fields to nearly every resource in your Shopify store? It's true. Shopify has a somewhat hidden feature they call metafields (not the same as meta tags) which has previously been available only to developers thru the Shopify API. The Metafields2 application now provides you the ability to add, manage, import, and export extra fields for nearly everything — the shop itself, collections, products, product variants, customers, orders, blogs, articles & pages!

The app installs like any other app and adds context-aware links within your Shopify dashboard to the app where you can create and manage all of your extra fields. The app also provides full import/export capability via CSV files similar to the way you can import products and/or customers now in your dashboard.

Affiliates of sineLABS receive this app free for life. Contact us for details at our support email address.

NOTE 1: This is NOT an 'SEO' app enabling meta tags. Although the name metafields might make you think of 'meta tags' at first, the resemblance is entirely coincidental. Its name is simply the same name Shopify gives this 'extra fields' feature via their API (http://docs.shopify.com/api/metafield). With that said, you can certainly use this app for meta tags or any other 'extra' data you want to attach to Shopify resources for SEO purposes, but its utility is much, much broader and the use cases are really limitless.

NOTE 2: This app will allow you to create, manage, and add data to metafields in your store but makes no changes to your themes or templates on your behalf. To put the metafields you create to use in your themes, you will need to do so manually, they will not automatically display or trigger any special functionality for your store. For reference, this blog article from Shopify on metafields is helpful.

Metafields2 reviews

28 reviews
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Unless you are a developer, this app won't help you. Set up is easy. Creating metafields is easy, but then doing anything with them is where this app falls down. Shopify doesn't give you any access to the fields (in product export for example) so you have to use the export utility in the app. The problem is that creates a line per product per metavalue, which unless you are going to throw the results into a SQL database, is beyond useless.

I can see the point of the app for some people, but it didn't solve our problem for creating the technical details as fields on products as a simple grid layout for our price list.


Perfect app to allow both retail and wholesale customers on the one store front, and allow for quantity breaks, custom messages and more! Love love love this app!


Great App, simple and effective – we recommend it for all our clients www.echic.com.au


good app for www.westcoastvapesupply.com


Fantastic, exactly what I needed. This is a piece of functionality that I was surprised to find Shopify didn't support in their UI. This implements exactly the kind of missing functionality I expected. I tried 2 other metafield editors from the Shopify App Store and neither of them allowed me to edit existing tags (why?).



Great app! Very easy to add custom fields. AAA


We needed a simple and efficient way to bring in multiple metafields into our complex store - trueclub.com. This is an app that does exactly what it says. Great user interface and great support. We can’t recommend it highly enough.


Uninstalled after 5 minutes because the length of the meta description is limited


Very powerful. Easy to manage large amounts of data across all template types. The perfect solution for truly getting under the hood and customizing any data including richer collection layouts - which is one of the many reasons we use it - we created a secondary control panel for displaying additional images and contents to create a rich visual experience on a specific collection pages. Definitely for developer level talent to organize the fields, but easy enough for end users to manage and use them. One of the best apps we use for its shear ease and power.


A surprisingly useful little app. It solved a major problem for us (we couldn't add editable content to a particular page on our site), and this was a really slick solution. Thanks!

$7.00 / month
7 days

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