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75 reviews
Price: $35.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Offer a large variety of products without investing in inventory
  • Onboard new brands in seconds with just one click
  • Stay updated on inventory levels, imagery, and descriptions, all synced in real-time

Modalyst is the world's first dropshipping marketplace featuring hundreds of independent brands from around the globe, all with inventory available immediately for dropshipping. Easily source and sell an assortment of cool, edgy products to make your store stand out.

Dropshipping on Modalyst enables online retailers to manage hundreds of suppliers through an automated platform , which integrates real-time info and order processing with your Shopify storefront.

The Modalyst app allows Shopify retailers to:

  • Instantly add hundreds of brands and thousands of products to their store in just one click
  • Stay updated with automated real-time product feeds, including inventory levels, imagery, pricing, and descriptions
  • Manage hundreds of dropship suppliers in a single, centralized platform - working with 100 brands is just as easy as working with 1
  • Communicate with brands directly through our inbox communication
  • Track orders from the point of purchase to delivery using an ordering system that syncs with Shopify
  • Modalyst has all the tools and functionality for an online store to source, list, and sell a large array of differentiated products, with zero upfront inventory costs – all automated with ease. It takes an instant to integrate your store. And a click start to curating the hottest store on the market.

    Modalyst enables retailers to bring hundreds of niche brands to market across apparel, accessories, childrens, beauty, and home.

    MODALYST reviews

    75 reviews
    1. 5 stars (66 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (4 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (1 review)
    5. 1 star (2 reviews)

    Using this app has helped grow my business and become more active in the Ecommerce world. First purchase was shipped same day my customer ordered.


    I use Modalyst frequently and I enjoy their products. I would recommend it.


    HA! I laugh at those not using MODALYST. The amount of content on here is amazing. I was using Aliexpress for a little bit but once I started to using this splendid app I deleted everything I imported from Ali and replaced them with MOD'S suppliers. Sorry, Ali..LOL NO I'M NOT!!


    I absolutely LOVE this app! The ease of use to integrate products to my inventory is wonderful, not to mention the quality & fashionable styles. Love, love, love!!! Yes I would recommend Modalyst to everyone who has an online store!


    I've been having great success with Modalyst. When used properly, a retailer can build great relationships with wholesalers and bring some unique offerings into their store. Communication is KEY, though. I appreciate the daily digests that come directly from Modalyst. It's very helpful. So far, so great!


    Nice selection, good costumer service, and the integration makes it really easy to add to the store. I added recently, so I haven't had sales yet to review that part of the process. So far I am very pleased. The only thing I would like to see improved is the search - it is somewhat slow, and sometimes filters don't work well. But all in all, I am very happy to have found them!


    I've only been using Modalyst for about two days now, but already my store looks more professional. I love how the products import into my Shopify store, it makes it so much easier to organize products. The products import with professional looking titles, pictures, and descriptions. This saves me a lot of time compared to other apps I've tried. I have not sold anything yet, but I feel pretty good about Modalyst so far! I will keep using this app for sure!


    A must app to have if you're a fashion store. Stop reading this and Get It. Love It, Love It.


    Love this app. Great items to sell and great support. Do not miss out!


    So far I like this app. Specifically, I love the variety of options- there are many wonderful designers to choose from. I am still building up my store, so I have only had three orders so far. All 3 were from different vendors and all 3 shipped quickly with good communication (tracking update, etc). I love that inventory levels are tracked automatically with Shopify- this really makes life easy! (I use some other dropshippers outside of Modalyst, too, and keeping up with inventory is a giant hassle!!).

    I have experienced a few cons, which is why I have not rated this 5 stars:

    1. I have a terrible time loading the Modalyst page / app. It can take FOREVER to load, and it is consistently slow. I want to chew through my wrist while I wait for the pages to load!!

    2. I find the app / webpage very UN-intuitive when it comes to searching / finding items. There are drop down boxes along the top for category and subcategories, but it is not easy to find a search box to search for specific items. For instance, if I want to search for "red bag" or "emerald", it is really hard to do this because I have yet to find a search bar on the home page. You have to go into an actual category, as best I can tell, to find a search bar. And then it takes forever to load (see #1). Also find it hard to just find your products added to Shopify with a specific designer within the app. These things can all be done- but certainly not as intuitively as they should be. Takes a little extra work / digging around- and who has time for that? Especially with the slow load times! (again, see #1!)

    3. Some designers are more responsive than others. I have messaged a few- and only one has really been responsive.

    Overall, I would recommend this app/ service to others. It really makes finding unique dropshippers easy- and so far I have had no issues with the ones I have chosen (other than the aforementioned lack of response to inquiries). I think the margin is reasonable, given how little work you have to do as the retailer. The Shopify integration is fantastic.


    $35.00 / month

    $35/month billed monthly
    $30/month billed annually

    14 days



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