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84 reviews
Price: $35.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Offer a large variety of products without investing in inventory
  • Onboard new brands in seconds with just one click
  • Stay updated on inventory levels, imagery, and descriptions, all synced in real-time

Modalyst is the world's first dropshipping marketplace featuring hundreds of independent brands from around the globe, all with inventory available immediately for dropshipping. Easily source and sell an assortment of cool, edgy products to make your store stand out.

Dropshipping on Modalyst enables online retailers to manage hundreds of suppliers through an automated platform , which integrates real-time info and order processing with your Shopify storefront.

The Modalyst app allows Shopify retailers to:

  • Instantly add hundreds of brands and thousands of products to their store in just one click
  • Stay updated with automated real-time product feeds, including inventory levels, imagery, pricing, and descriptions
  • Manage hundreds of dropship suppliers in a single, centralized platform - working with 100 brands is just as easy as working with 1
  • Communicate with brands directly through our inbox communication
  • Track orders from the point of purchase to delivery using an ordering system that syncs with Shopify
  • Modalyst has all the tools and functionality for an online store to source, list, and sell a large array of differentiated products, with zero upfront inventory costs – all automated with ease. It takes an instant to integrate your store. And a click start to curating the hottest store on the market.

    Modalyst enables retailers to bring hundreds of niche brands to market across apparel, accessories, childrens, beauty, and home.

    MODALYST reviews

    84 reviews
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    5. 1 star (2 reviews)

    I really love the interaction of the app. Also, it tend to get slow as I look into more products maybe it's my Internet speed maybe not. Anyways. I'm happy I found this app. It has help me out slot so far in the aspect of adding and looking for trending products to put up at my store.


    Starting a new business from the ground up and having to buy a ton of inventory isn't very fun. With Shopify, there are a couple companies that offer drop shipping solutions where you can simply install, pick and price your inventory, and earn sales. One of the companies that I have used is this one, Modalyst.

    This company has a ton of unique and diversified suppliers around the world. Some great, some questionable, but overall a nice selection. Their process is very simple, support is very helpful, and overall their team is very effective, from the support, all the way up to their CEO, Jill. Everyone is amazing.

    Now, obviously each of you will have your own experience, and will have to judge for yourself, but if you are looking to run an online boutique, gift store, fashion store, etc.; I would recommend you check them out before you start investing into huge amounts of inventory.

    My only advice is that for each product you import into your store, be sure to create your own custom description for the products. Several of the suppliers have great merchandise, but when it comes to descriptions, not so much. Besides, if you just grabbing a product and publishing and not doing anything to double check the published product, then that's on you.

    Now there is a monthly fee, but let me be realistic. The profit off these products is so great that 1, 2 or 3 items sold and it covers your expense. Think about the money you will save from having to buy inventory and just let it collect dust!

    The bottom line is if you are looking for a wholesale drop shipping solution that is going to make you profitable, take it from me, this is an app you need to install - today! Honest truth, uncompensated review. :)


    Modalyst is the best app or site that I have found for drop-shipping or wholesale. The products are high quality and easy to add to my store with the app. It is worth the monthly fee because of the sheer quality of designers and suppliers you will get access to. Great experience, I definitely recommend.


    Modalyst is easy to use and I like the variety of designs. I would give it a 5 star if it was available in South Africa.


    Easy and simple to use! At a click of a button, you get the items you need right in your store! Also great selections


    I have been using this for 2 days.
    1. the app did not mention anywhere that i have a limit of 5 Items during a free Trial.
    2. after doing some research with the suppliers . The Prices advertised on modalyst side are WAY different to the suppliers website price, sometimes fass less, some WAY more, and margins do not make sense. so if my customers are smart enough to do their own research they would buy from the designer's website.
    3. some suppliers advertise their products are made in the USA etc but some are in fact shipped from CHINA. and not from "Shipped from USA"

    UPDATE 5th DAy. 3 stars to 2 stars


    1. Noticed that this app does not upload Variants. added some rings and the the ring sizes are not added to variants.

    2. Not all images are available

    I have to go to the Suppliers website, find the product and then manually add the variants and Images that are missing form the Modalyst APP.

    What if i make a sale, and the prices are very different than advertised !! the customer pays $100 and i have to pay $200 for the supplier, with 60/40 margin i would make huge losses instead of a profit.

    For now i have to close all the imported products and uninstall the app from my website until Modalyst make Improvements, such as Auto Sync and Auto Updating Prices, Include the ability to upload Size and color VARIANTS, Make all images from the suppliers website Selectively uploadable, Include Price change notification. etc LOOK AT OBERLO FOR EXAMPLE.


    Is a good app for an online fashion store anyway poor support service.


    Modalyst is the best dropshipping webpage so far! I'm glad I came across it! They have several suppliers with amazing products and customer support is very helpful.


    This has been a great experience using the Modalyst app for adding products and drop-shipping. In fact we even recommended a vendor join to sell their goods! Great product selection, great quality and very easy integration with our Shopify store. Quick response from support too!


    Using this app has helped grow my business and become more active in the Ecommerce world. First purchase was shipped same day my customer ordered.

    $35.00 / month

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