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MODALYST for Suppliers

MODALYST for Suppliers

Developed by Modalyst

23 reviews
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  • Offer your products to 1,000s of ecommerce stores globally - in minutes
  • Automated updates – including inventory, pricing, and orders – all from your Shopify store
  • Earn higher margins than selling wholesale

It used to take an average of 38 days to create a dropship relationship with a retailer. Now it takes seconds.

Are you a brand which produces your own products and wants to gain distribution? Do you want to earn higher margins than selling your products wholesale?

Modalyst connects brands to a wide distribution network of tens of thousands of retailers. Connect your inventory to Modalyst in just a few clicks. We then keep all products updated across the thousands of retailers which you meet through Modalyst. All inventory updates and price changes are synced in real-time. Retailers will then pay you 60% of your listed price and all orders are paid for before they ship. No waiting time to be paid. Now you can easily increase your distribution and your margins by dropshipping on Modalyst.

The Modalyst App for Shopify Suppliers includes:

Easily Sync Your Collection

Install the app and watch as your products flow into your Modalyst account including imagery, product details and stock levels

Automatic Inventory & Price Updates

With Shopify as your master of stock, your inventory levels and prices automatically update across all of your retailers

Order Management

All orders on Modalyst flow into your Shopify account with full details including customer information. Now managing 1,000s of retailers is as easy as managing 1

Direct Communication with Retailers

Our Inbox tool allows for direct communication with the retailers so you can work out any details necessary with orders

Pre-formatted Invoices to include in Packages

Click to “Download Invoice” and use our well-designed receipt to include in packages to your retailers' customers

Direct Payment from Retailers

Retailers pay for orders directly into your Paypal account. All orders are paid for prior to shipping, including the shipping costs.

Standard Commission Split

We have a uniform commission split to eliminate the time it takes to negotiate with retailers. You receive 60% of your product price on all orders

No Monthly Fee

There is no upfront fee to join Modalyst - we have a small transaction fee of 5% on sales


The Modalyst Marketplace is curated. We do not accept suppliers which are reselling products from another marketplace. We have strict requirements for suppliers to join the marketplace.

Please apply if you meet the following conditions:

  • Create unique, original items

  • Manufacture products, own the inventory, and have stock ready to ship

  • Not purchasing ready-made products and reselling them in the marketplace

  • Agree to a 14-day return policy

  • Orders arrive within 5 - 7 business days

  • Offer blind dropshipping - no branded invoices with pricing nor promotions included in a package

  • Tracking numbers must be included with each shipment

  • Have prior dropshipping experience

MODALYST for Suppliers reviews

23 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

impotent service to help individual brands. have some errors if you not working from USA. hopefully team will adopt changes .


Be sure you want to commit to dropshipping with Modalyst because if you want out Modalyst will not uninstall. We have contacted per their instructions numerous times with no response and no uninstall so the orders keep coming.


I was told that you cannot sell my product so I cannot give you a good review.


First, Lillian is AWESOME! Thanks for welcoming me to the family so warmly. Also, thanks for proactively informing me of all of the support options you guys offer. I considered using modalyst as a retailer a while back and stumbled upon the supplier app a few weeks ago. After many MANY tweaks to my production process (my husband is silently mouthing UGH! - hahaha) I was finally ready to pull the trigger and apply for your program. I knew what I was expecting as a retailer and I would never have offered another retailer anything less. I'm so happy to offer retailers affordable quality domestic merch. Bonus points for giving me clout for offering free shipping! If you're considering becoming a supplier please know that you must be willing and able to earn a decent net profit with receiving at the least 50% MSRP. If you have to artificially inflate your prices just to meet that threshold then this probably isn't the app for you OR you need to reassess your production process... Hahaha... In order for you to be successful, retailers have to be successful. In order for retailers to be successful, they have to be able to offer consumers products at a realistic price point which allows them to profit after their own expenses. Thank you Modalyst!


I've known about Modalyst for years now, talked to them off and on through out the years, we joined this year www.no-fixedabode.co.uk its a truly great platform for brands, so easy to integrate, the support team are very helpful and respond quickly, to any questions you have. This platform has been better that some of the sales agents we have employed! All the website owners we have dealt with have been lovely. It has and is all positive from us. They take 5% of any sales you make which is very reasonable. Normal sales agents take 22-30%


I'm leaving this app a 5 star review because I believe it is a wonderful idea. The application is easy to setup and syncs with products quite well. Unfortunately, I cannot markup my MSRP high enough to even make $5.00 per transaction. So, unless you have a markup of over 100% there just isn't enough room for it to make it worth it. I pay for advertising on a regular basis and will continue to go that route rather than this B2B arrangement for exposure. Still, a great job and my situation is probably unique to me.


I have to delete this app because wholesale price setting is taking time from me. we have to prepare excel files for bulk price. Old system. If we change bulk price like bulk editor system.This app is good but old system so sorry


This is one of the best apps ever. The customer service is great and the service they provide are Outstanding. Great way to communicate with retailers and help them to see what suppliers have to offer. Just outstanding it's a must have for any supplier or wholesaler..


Modalyst is a very professional company in any respect. Their feed is very well made and with just one push of a button and no additional manpower we got every SKU listed on their portal. Their customer service team is superb and super responsive. We are so glad we work with them. Thank you, Modalyst.


Just an FYI this app focuses on fashion and home products, check out their website prior to installing to ensure its right for your product line.


Modalyst is free for suppliers. We charge a service fee of 5% of MSRP on all sales.

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