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MODALYST - Dropship Name Brands

MODALYST - Dropship Name Brands

Developed by Modalyst

242 reviews
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  • Dropship name brands - Calvin Klein, Diesel, Puma & many more reliable brands
  • Source a wide range of categories - apparel, jewelry, beauty, home, accessories, gadgets, electronics & more
  • Fast shipping - name brands are delivered in 3 business days

Source, list and sell millions of products across 40+ categories - including name brands - with fast shipping

Modalyst enables you to find products for your store and have them sent directly to your customers. Increase your sales with faster shipping & our unique product assortment. We are the only marketplace with a large selection of name brands, in addition to a mix of cool, niche suppliers and trendy, affordable goods.

We have a strong focus on reliable brands with fast shipping.

Modalyst has 4 main marketplaces:

Name Brands

Superga, Calvin Klein, Diesel, DSquared, Puma, Lacoste, Cavalli, Moschino, Dolce & Gabanna, and many many more - sell well-known brands that your customers know and love

  • Fast & reliable delivery in 3 Days

  • Thousands of items in Womens, Mens, & Kids

  • Amazing imagery

Independent Brands

We curate a selection of 600+ cool, niche suppliers which will make your store stand out against your competition

  • Suppliers located in the US & Europe

  • Inbox Communication to speak directly with your suppliers about orders or product details

Trendy, Affordable Products

With a strong focus on teens and young women, this marketplace has tens of thousands of items, with new products added daily

  • Free Standard Shipping to the US with orders over $49

  • Fast Standard Delivery (6-8 days) to the US

  • Ships to over 80 countries worldwide

Low-Cost Goods

Source from millions of products across 40+ categories ranging including drones, kitchen gadgets, sports gear, apparel, and accessories

  • Faster Shipping items for delivery in 5 - 8 Days

  • High-margin goods to help you turn a profit

Modalyst has all the features which you need in a reliable dropshipping platform

Single-Centralized Platform

Manage thousands of suppliers and millions of products all in one platform

One-click Sourcing

Instantly add products from any of our marketplaces to your store

Item Customization

Edit descriptions, pricing, variants and imagery before adding products to your store

Inventory and Pricing Updates

All items are continuously updated with info related to inventory available, imagery, descriptions and pricing

Pricing Rules

Automatically mark-up all items based on rules that you create. Pricing Rules can be set per marketplace source, so you can maximize profits

Suppliers Offering Free Shipping

Source from selected suppliers on Modalyst that offer FREE shipping

Automatically Add Shipping Costs to the Product Price & Offer Free Shipping

Choose to include shipping costs on every item so you are never losing money - offer free shipping to your customers without impacting your margins

Sync Tracking Numbers

Orders and tracking numbers are synced with Shopify so your customers will know exactly when the products will arrive

Profit Calculator

See what you will earn on each product in real-time

Customers prefer Modalyst over Oberlo because of our:

  • Fast shipping

  • Curated marketplace of suppliers from the US / Europe

  • Huge selection of items which sell fast

  • Direct communication with suppliers
  • Profit Calculator

  • Ability to add shipping directly into the price of the item

Pricing Plans Include:

Basic: $0/month, unlimited access to our Chrome Extension marketplaces of Trendy, Affordable Items and Low-Cost Goods, 25-product limit of Independent Brands, 5% transaction fee

Pro: $45/month, our Basic plan + unlimited access to Name Brands and Independent Brands, 2% transaction fee

Premium: $150/month, our Pro plan with a reduced transaction fee of 1%


Modalyst Help Center is open 24/7!

If you’d like to email us, please contact our customer success team at support@modalyst.co

Looking for advice about dropshipping? Check out our Blog to learn how to grow your business.

MODALYST - Dropship Name Brands reviews

242 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (30 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (11 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (12 reviews)
  5. 1 star (15 reviews)

I like it a lot the only thing I wish could be changed in updating prices for all items instead of 1 at a time


Would be good to have more premium products that ship to Australia.

Its a shame the brands are targeted to the US only.

Otherwise, the independent brands are not bad but they are limited especially limited in their locations.

But, the app is great and offers variety so I am happy, thankyou!


So far so good but really wish they had a select all feature when setting up import list.


So far this is a great app.very easy to use!!!


It's pretty good, although for most niches I personally would stay away from name brands. But I like that they offer a variety of items.
A very important part of their items, for me, is their pictures. Very detailed, numerous amount, and (most importantly) no background picture... or something along the lines.

1 Cons I keep running into when importing that Oberlo has an edge over Modalyst is grouping items. When I was trying to import items, some items that were exactly the same but different color had to be imported as "different items". In oberlo, all colors are able to picked within the same item. This gets frustrating because I want to make my store looking very clean and not cluttered with the same item all over the place.


Our store is brand new and just opened today. I've only been using Modalyst as a vendor for about a week, but I already like it a lot. It's easy to make sure products are not drop-shipping from Asia, so shipping times are reasonable. It's easy to add products to my shopify store. Customer service to me is (so far) outstanding. I can hardly wait to start looking for other things to add to our mix.

Even if you don't wind up using Modalyst, it's worth a couple of hours to find out.


I had some big frustrations, but eventually figured out the problems were mostly with Shopify, not Modalyst. Actually, there was only ONE problem with Modalyst, a glitch in the app that got fixed within hours of reporting it.. I think they should disconnect from Shopify, here's why:

1. Using the 25% rule*, they could eliminate the headache of ecommerce novices who end up finding out Shopify may not be any more convenient than ecommerce platforms available through regular web hosting. In fact, Shopify can be quite limiting for some business models.

2. Applying the same rule as above, I suspect the limiting nature of Shopify on certain business types is also limiting the quality of their independent name brands. Some of them are great, but variety could be better. Integrating with the other major ecommerce platforms could open up more high-quality independent vendors for their dropshippers.

*The 25% rule: Increase your quality/prices/expectations by 25% thereby eliminating 75% of negative experiences in your business transactions.


Hi Modalyst, it's my first experience with the site and I'm very excited,
The site is easy to used, very friendly and organized. The brands and products you have are of all kinds of taste and preference. The support and attention to the user are wonderful. Modalyst is amazing!


Great app for quality products


An excellent app for starters. But you also have negative aspects: the impossibility of communicating with the producers of the goods (they do not respond to messages), some products have poor quality pictures and a poor description, the products are listed mixed although I only interest a certain category (for example, the beauty category is mixed with the health category, which is not ok). I am currently on the Pro plan and frankly I'm afraid to move on to the Business plan for fear of losing money. If the business plan is as unpredictable and mixed as the pro is not worth the effort. But for a beginner who issues some quality product claims presented in the app store this is ok.

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