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Ship to Multiple Addresses in a Single Order.

4.8 of 5 stars(18 reviews)

Remove A Key Point of Friction

Improve the customer experience on your store by giving your customers the ability to send items to multiple addresses from a single order.

Set Up in Less Than 30 Seconds

Adding Multiship to your Shopify store takes less than 30 seconds. Click “Add app,” configure your settings, and you're done!

Fulfill Orders As Normal

Fully compatible with 3rd party fulfillment apps like Ship Station. No change to your current fulfillment process is required.

About Multiship


Sending items to different shipping addresses within the same order has become an essential part of the online shopping experience. Amazon and other e-commerce giants have set a new standard for customer service by empowering their customers to have total control over where they would like their items delivered.

Once reserved for e-commerce websites that had enormous budgets for custom development, you can now compete by offering the same level of customer service!

Your customers can set an address for each individual item in their cart, as well as select a unique shipping rate per destination. They can easily group items going to a single address, quickly select from Saved Addresses, having confidence in our intuitive process every step of the way!


  • Toggles between shipping to multiple addresses, and the regular Shopify checkout
  • Let's your customers choose from their saved addresses, or simply fill out a new one. This makes quick re-orders to multiple addresses a breeze!
  • Integrates with 3rd party shipping fulfillment services
  • Inherits styles from your theme to blend seamlessly
  • All design elements are fully customizable with CSS
  • Calculates shipping and taxes for each item in your cart
  • Calculates taxes and shipping based on your shop settings
  • Works with an infinite amount of products
  • Offer free shipping for any part of an order that exceeds your free shipping amount
  • Validates submitted addresses to ensure accurate postage rates

Need more features like Gift Messages, Delivery Date Picker, and Upsells? Search for our other Shopify App, Giftship, which has the core multiple shipping address functionality plus a lot of other features to help you sell more!

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Pricing 7-day free trial



  • Ship to multiple addresses



  • Ship to multiple addresses

  • USA Sales tax calculation by TaxJar



  • Ship to multiple addresses

  • USA Sales tax calculation by TaxJar

  • Google Shipping Address Autocomplete

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.8 of 5 stars
Based on 18 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Snooks Candies

This app downloaded in about a minute. I actually went to my website and placed an order to 2 different addresses so I could experience what the customer will experience. It worked very fluid. I had concerns on how it would import into my shipping program. It separated the 2 orders (allowing us to include the packing slip for each address) and also kept the gift message I used on both orders. Just what I was looking for in features.
I requested 1 minor edit that had to be done by the developer and that was enlarging the font size. He did it the very next morning as my request was sent late the night before.

Bootleg Bourbon Balls

After reading reviews of mutiship app options, I decided on Multiship by Pix. It has a reasonable cost, which for a very small business, cost is an important factor. There is a 7-day free trial and although no customers have used the app as of yet, (I just downloaded the app today), when I did a test order all went quite smoothly.

My #1 reason for choosing this app is the customer service. I have spoken with Tim several different times and he has always answered my questions thoroughly, while evaluating what my needs are without pressuring me to upgrade. Today (Sunday), he took extra time to customize the apps to fit in with the look of my website, colors, fonts and also changed up some of the language in order to make choosing multiship addresses streamlined and customer friendly. I have used multiship address apps in the past with a different e-commerce platform, which was not intuitive, customer friendly at all. I pointed out Sunday, because when I called to inquire about getting the app up and running today, due to the approaching holidays, the operator took my info and said we will try and get someone to address your concerns today, Monday at the latest, and 45 minutes later, I was talking to Tim and within a matter of minutes, the app was fully functioning!

The other thing I like, I am billed via Shopify, so all charges are on one invoice. I wish I were at a place in my business, to go up to the next level which includes TaxJar, especially for filing my quarterly retail sales tax, but my sales volume does not justify the added expense at this time....Someday, I will upgrade.

In today's world where Amazon has set the bar so high for anyone who has an e-commerce store, for an efficient, streamlined multiship/checkout process, I strongly recommend this app.

Thanks Tim and Team



Took us 2 weeks to install, but then I like people so I gave a chance.

1st Install, does not work - 2nd chance
2nd Install, does not work - 3rd chance
3rd install, this time by themselves -Gave collaborator access. Does not work!
4th Testing - Does not work and asked me to clear my cache - Does not work!
5th Testing - Ask for support again. Then support send me an email claiming that he was finally done fixing it and acording to him it did not work bec my site has a bad theme and that it its inevitable that due to java clutter it would cease to exist!

Support was RUDE and ARROGANT! Why?

Althought I apreciate his advise that I need to clean up my site as java sems to clutter due to install and uninstallation of aps, etc. BUt as a suport:

1. He does not need to RUIN the whole site just to install the APP. My entire website has product images, banners, texts from homepage to inside pages corrupted. All stopped working!

As a support, ther are other scenarios he could have done: A. Contact me and say, due to the current state of my site it might afect the performance or even file,script and 3rd party ap deletion, if he tried to fix the issue. Better have it fixed first and re-install once you have cleaned up your site's cluter, AM I RIGHT?

2. If you must push your brand to ruin other apps or in exchange collapse all function in the website, then you are no expert sir in fixing things, you are however, a DEMOLITION MAN!

3. By doing this to my web site, you have DISRESPECTED me by doing whatever you felt like without boundaries! YOu did not seek my opinion, you just got in, guns blazing and later claimed your app has been fixed!

4. In FINALITY, you have ruined my site and you have the arrogance to claim that you app has been fixed. I thought I had a consolation, BUT NO! I TRIED CHECKING THE APP AND STILL DOES NOT WORK!