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5 reviews
Price: Free – $30.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • PROFESSIONAL MARKETING for your shop: No design or technical skills.
  • BUILD your BRAND: Auto-promote on all your social media channels.
  • SAVE TIME: Create product sales, shop sales, daily deals & more in seconds.

NOTE: App is FREE in Beta, followed by a 7 day FREE TRIAL. Beta testers will also get Early Bird discount.

Auto-promote your shop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr!

92% of marketers say social media has generated exposure for their business. Can you afford to miss out on this?

Marketing is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

We know how busy you are managing your store. With OrangeTwig, you can market your store & promotions on social media in seconds - with no design or technical knowledge.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You create a sale or simply select products you want to promote.

  2. Your products are auto-fitted into our gorgeous, professionally designed layouts.

  3. These are posted on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr accounts for the duration of your campaign.

    • The posts are auto-scheduled to be posted at the optimal frequency & timings for each social channel.

    • Customized, editable text is included with each social media post. This includes details of your sale or product.

    • All aspects of the layouts - color, font, images etc - are completely editable by you.

OrangeTwig Features:

  • Product Sale

    Put any products in your online store on sale and promote these on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Tumblr.

  • Daily Deal

    Put one item on sale every day and promote this on social media. This encourages fans to visit your shop daily to check out that day’s deal.

  • Coupon Code

    Import your coupon codes from your online store and auto-promote them on social media.

  • Product Posters

    If you’re not ready to start an automated marketing campaign, you can personally choose any of our layouts to promote your products and shop.

  • Auto- Pilot (coming soon)

    Create an automated marketing campaign for your non-sale products.

We’re fanatical about our customer experience and would love to hear your feedback about our app.

OrangeTwig reviews (5)


I started using this app in my Etsy shop (am still using!) When I opened my Shopify site, I tried another promoting app on a recommendation, after a day I thought...this is really silly, use what you already know works! So I moved to Orange Twig. I love this app, it's SO diverse!

Here's what I have to say about this app...

1. Reasonable prices, more than one package to choose from.
2. GREAT designs for shop/site sales and marketing promotions! I receive compliments from people on different social media sites for the layouts they're seeing!
3. It really drives traffic to my shop/site. My sales (on Etsy, I just set up my Shopify site a few days ago,) have increased tremendously since I started using this app.
4. GREAT customer service!
5. Love the auto-pilot promoting feature. Set it and go!
6. Love the different types of "sales" you can set up for your shop/site.
7. SO many different social media sites to choose from.

They're always improving their app. I've tried many different promoting apps over the past 3 years, this is BY FAR the best I've ever used. I recommend to my Etsy friends all the time!


Very very cool tool! I signed up when the app was just leaving beta and I wanted to use it during our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. It's now December 1st and I am very impressed!

It works like many of the other sales apps, picking the products, selecting the days, setting discount, etc. It then allows you to create a “marketing plan” based on the social platforms you connect to and the number of posts you want to publish each day. (ex. Friday: Twitter 5posts, Facebook 2posts, Instagram 3posts, etc) It then pulls your product images from Shopify and automatically generates some well designed "generic posts" for each day of your sale. All the images and text can be edited as well. You'll need to do some small adjustments on the images and customize the text, but the app makes it 100 times easier than creating each post from scratch.

What I really like about the app is the “pre-settings” are smart and designed to get the most out of your sale. For example, I might not have posted seven tweets on black Friday. (I'm not a tweeter) But because the app suggested seven nice images for me to post, I came up with seven different things to tweet about. Another example is how nice the "generic designs" are. All of them work fundamentally well for attracting customers. Big bold font, images arranged with a good flow, little gets cropped or cut off when published. It leaves you to choose the design that works best for your brand's style and not worry about which designs work functionally better than another. You end up with a ton of options which leaves little need for adjustment.

If you use my example above, “Friday: Twitter 5posts, Facebook 2posts, Instagram 3posts, etc” you would need 70 posts during a one week sale. This app allows you to organize a large amount of social content and holds you to your marketing goals.

As you can tell, I really like this app and the company behind it. Being that it's so new, I have found a few bugs which they were able to fix in an incredibly short amount of time. Which leads me to the best feature of this app, the chat window at the bottom of the interface. You actually get to talk to a real person who can fix problems in a few hours. (during business hours) They're excited to help, want to hear your feedback and are looking for suggestions. You can really tell they are proud of their product and want to make it the best it can be. Which is why I went out of my way to write such a long review. : )

So check it out! I think you’ll be impressed!


I think the App is quite okay, it works seamlessly and does what is announced. Nevertheless we decided to move on without it, at least for a while, because in our point of view the apps consequent style decisions don't fit to every niche and shop theme. At least 4 stars!


Orange twig is a social Fuel tank. It does the work of three people at the fingertips of one man/woman. Now they have quotables and Auto pilot.
Cant wait to try this new feature.
And they have been a big help the whole way.
Thanks Karan.


Totally love this app!! Very easy to use and has a great range of templates for promoting your products on social media. Makes life a lot easier!

Free – $30.00 / month

App is FREE in Beta, followed by a 7 day FREE TRIAL. Beta testers will also get Early Bird discount.

We will be introducing additional plans shortly.

Pricing page: https://orangetwig.com/landingpage/index.html?tab=pricingShopify

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