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September 11, 2023

Cliff notes:
Doesn't work well, no support documents, no documentation explaining what the dashboard controls, more laid-back and unprofessional than I had hoped.

Recommendation for merchants:
Just add a second shipping option that is more expensive and includes insurance cost. Its free to set up, more intuitive for the customer, and has the same end result without a headache.

Recommendation for Order Protect:
The lack of explanation/professional documentation about the app was really frustrating. Even if the app had been compatible with my store, this was a huge stumbling block. Consider making a screenshare video of someone walking through and explaining all the settings in the app--this would have been REALLY helpful and would probably be a lot easier and cheaper to put together than actual written documentation.

Here's the story:
I had high hopes for this app after I heard about it on Liam Brennan's podcast. I reached out to the owner (who was on the podcast) to ask if my particular set up would work with the app. (I use direct links to check-out through a sign-up flow like Liam recommends.) I was told that it would work with some custom coding; a few days later, the custom coding was done but nothing worked. I was told that it was because I was using a legacy version of a subscription software and to reach back out when I had a chance to migrate to any subscription app that used Shopify Checkout.

A few months later, I had migrated to a new subscription app and reached out to Order Protect to get everything installed and working. They installed it over the weekend and told me I was good to go. I said thanks and then asked if there was any documentation that would walk me through finishing set up and what each window/option in the App dashboard would do. I was told there was no documentation and that there was no need for me to do anything except toggle the app on. So, I went to the app dashboard and toggled the giant "ON" switch at the top of the page to turn it on. Four days later, I notice that the app is not working, so I reached out again and was told that the on switch I toggled was not the correct one and then was given directions to find the second, obscure switch to toggle on. (Weird--and some user documentation may have helped prevent this issue.)

I toggled it on on a Friday (and they had told me that they integrated this with my store and everything was working correctly at the beginning of that week) and then found out on Monday that this app had broken my entire website. Something about having the Order Protect app turned on made every image link on my site malfunction. Since my site is set up with an onboarding flow to get new members, this broke basically my entire onboarding flow, as members click an image in 5 separate steps to help build their box and select a membership option.

No one that made it to my site over the weekend from any of my paid ads were able to even start my sign-up process. When I found out the issue, I turned the app off and then reached out to Order Protect to see what was going on. They had told me a few times that things would work for my set-up. Three days after reaching out, I was told that the app will not work with a sign-up flow set-up because the customer needs to view the Shopify cart in order for this app to work.

I do wish they would have told me this from the beginning and I would not have been in such a hurry to migrate subscription apps (that is quite a pain!). And also would not have wasted the time of Order Protect because I would have known the software would not work.

Also, I did take a look at what it looked like in the Shopify cart before uninstalling, and it was really hard to miss. I am not sure that I like that from the customer experience side of things--but maybe that all was something that could have been changed through the app dashboard if there was some documentation that showed you how to use that.

Actually, even a screenshare video of someone walking through and explaining all the settings in the app would have been REALLY helpful and would probably be a lot easier and cheaper to put together than actual written documentation.

In Order Protect's defense, they did refund me for the one month charge when I requested it. (The free trial had expired the exact day that they notified me that the app would actually not work.)

Sew What Box
United States
24 days using the app