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Order Tagger

Order Tagger

Developed by Leumas Digital

9 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Automatically tag orders based on the details of that order
  • Assign orders to a department or person to be processed
  • Categorise and group orders based on there tags

What does Order Tagger do?

Order Tagger automatically tags orders based on a variety of actions. You simply create a rule and then when an order matches that rule we tag it. This allows you to group your orders based on tags to streamline your fulfilment process, highlight particular orders and much more

Automatically tag order based on what product or product variant is bought

You can automatically tag an order if a certain product or product variant is purchased. Maybe you’re stock is split into different warehouses so this will allow you to highlight any orders where the stock needs to be collected from another warehouse.

Automatically tag order based on the value of the basket

This feature will allow you to tag any orders which are less than, equal to or over a certain amount. This means you can filter out orders which could potentially be fraudulent or maybe you want to give away free gifts to those big spenders!

Automatically tag orders based on the discount code used

You can automatically tag the orders that have used a specific discount code. This works by looking for an exact match to what you specify. Maybe you are using discount codes to track where the order has come from, this will allow you to easily split them out.

Automatically tag orders based on delivery zipcode/postcode

You can automatically tag orders based on the zip code or postcode of the shipping address. You might manually fulfil local addresses or use a different courier for particular areas, so this will allow you to split them out.

Automatically tag orders based on the country of delivery

This will allow you to split out the orders, based on the country of delivery.

Automatically tag orders based on the weight of the order

You can tag all the orders which weigh over a certain amount. This will allow you to monitor and group those orders which are especially heavy and require a different courier or fulfilment process.

Automatically tag the order based on the shipping method used

This will allow you to tag the order based on the customers chosen method of shipping. If you offer a same day delivery, it’s beneficial to highlight these orders so they can be fast tracked through fulfilment.

Custom Features

We are constantly adding new ways to tag orders and welcome new ideas. If you have something more specific in mind, get in touch sam@leumasdigital.co.uk and we will see how we can help.

Tagging Customers

If you are looking to tag your customers and not orders, use this app instead: Customer Tagger

Email Marketing Automation

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Order Tagger reviews

9 reviews
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Muy sencilla y funcional
la recomiendo


This app does what we need in terms of sorting through orders with different shipping options by using the tags. It's also very easy to set up and use! Saves use a good amount of time.


Order Tagger, is a fantastic app. Very easy to use, and extremely helpful! It's made organizing orders so much easier than it ever has been before. Their customer service is fantastic as well. They are pleasant to work with, and respond very quickly to any questions we have. We've enjoyed working with them and would recommend this app to anyone who would like to make their life easier. 100% satisfied.


Great service, way above all expectations!

We use the app to tag our orders so that our different warehouses know which orders they should fulfil. This works great.

The app does what it should do, but when we had a problem (after using it for a month or so), the developer went over and above to help us. Always responsive, friendly and dedicated to get it going for you.


Una de las mejores apps. Shopify no tiene ninguna funcionalidad para establecer un tag automático que nos permita conocer qué pedidos deben ser atendidos durante el día. Tenemos que buscar orden por orden y ver si ya se atendió. Esta aplicación evita que generemos boletas duplicadas al saber exactamente que se está atendiendo y que ya se encuentra confirmado.


This is more than a great app, it is a necessary app for every single shopify store. In Shopify there is no way to know if an order has been printed. You can check unfulfilled orders, but we have made to order items and partial shipments so unfulfilled does not answer the question of what has been printed.
Well order tagger does, as explained in the last review by TrailDesigns. Just assign a tag to all orders over $0.01 called "Not Printed" and then when you print the order just remove the tag. When you want to check what orders need printing just click on the tag "Not Printed" and all orders that need printing magically appear. I am not sure how everyone does not have this app, do they just hope all orders have been printed? Get this app and make your life way way better!


Great app, easy to use.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This solves a major headache for us. Shopify doesn't have a great system for custom workflows. What we wanted to do is set it up so all new orders get tagged "Print" so the shipper knows to print them. Once tagged, we can save a custom search so the shipper just goes into Shopify and looks at the Print tab on the orders page and boom! He knows which orders came in since last he printed. Then he bulk prints and clears the tag and the order goes to the In Process tab (same search, but without the Print tag).

But how to tag orders automatically was the stumbling block and Order Tagger solves this.

When we first discovered it, Order Tagger would only tag by product, so we went through and set up all products to trigger the tag. But Sam told me they hoped to add other criteria that would save us this work (it's not much work, but I was afraid of someone forgetting to do it when adding a new product and the process would break).

With the latest release of Order Tagger, you can now choose a lot of different criteria, such as order value. I can just set an order value of $0.01 or a weight of 1gm to make sure every order is tagged.

Sam is super friendly and responsive. The app works very well and is very straightforward. This solves one of our last two stumbling blocks to make the store go live. Thanks Sam!


Sam was super helpful with the setup. This makes organising packing jobs between different departments of our business extremely easy - don't know what we'd do without it!

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