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April 17, 2024

I am surprised to read bad reviews. They are doing pretty good job making a speed of my store in a good range and I have got support very quickly.
Thank you !

USA Apteka
United States
7 months using the app
Edited May 23, 2024

Hello, I really like Marc. He has been a very helpful guy and works great for me. I am surprised that my web vitals changed suddenly with his help. I wish Marc all the best and luck for the future. I must recommend installing this app. Marc I am giving 5 ratings just for your hard work and suppot.

Moehair USA Inc.
United States
5 months using the app
Edited May 24, 2024

The app has been incredibly helpful for me. Marc was really supportive, and I highly recommend this app to everyone. Every single penny spent is worth it.

Moehair USA Inc.
United States
5 months using the app
April 17, 2024

Good app if you have a problem with the speed of the store

Leading Wish
United Kingdom
10 months using the app
April 2, 2024

Eu recomendo, as métricas para computador ficaram ótimas. As métricas para celular foram otimizadas mas ainda falta melhorar o desempenho e acessibilidade, voltarei em algumas semanas para dizer mais !

29 days using the app
January 18, 2024

WOW! I have been struggling for so long with my site speed and Flash just fixed it in a matter of minutes with almost no effort on my part. I honestly cannot believe how great this works. I was paying for another service and constantly had my speeds dropping into the 30's. Since installing Flash my site speed has been between 90-100 for both mobile and desktop. I cannot suggest this app enough.

United States
1 day using the app
Edited February 15, 2024

Great response from flash speed team. Increased my website speed from 70 to 91. Also got 2 months free sub as a trial. Great initiative. Thans Marc

United States
13 days using the app
October 4, 2023

OMG!... A FREAKING APP THAT WORKS as it is supposed to! .. So if you are a small business owner with the technical knowledge of a rock but you know a mess load about SEO, Ranking and Spending a Crap ton of money on Ads that are not coverting then you know if your site speed is slow as rock, then your just burning cash.. You need a site that converts.. (or at least thats what they say) So, Iv hired shopify specialists several times over the years and paid out the nose for Website Optimizations. Well, NOT ANYMORE.. Thanks to this APP. Literally, within 2 hours of installing this app my GOOGLE scores are in the 90% Range for all 4 Scoring Matrix's. This APP is wonderful. I highly Recommended -- here are my speed site score link if youd like to see performances https://pagespeed.web.dev/analysis/https-mattressxperts-biz/kmk6rwjulq?form_factor=desktop .. Get it! it works

Mattress Xperts Florida
United States
4 months using the app
October 5, 2023

We are using a customized Empire theme. It is not obvious that one can improve speed easily n our case. However, I was amazed at how we have gained the speed. The first step was from 40-50 to 85 in Lighthouse metrics. Finally, with the help of Marc, we managed to get that last metric (LCP) to green and the overall Lighthouse score to 100/100.

5 months using the app
November 19, 2023

Page speed is 99, amazing! Great app, give it a shot!

Running With Wolves
United States
5 months using the app