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Developed by Pasilobus

Price: $2.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Disables right-click, drag & drop saving, printing and download your images
  • Advanced features to prevent Google image indexing, and to display a custom right click message to visitors.
  • Works on all major browsers, iPhones, iPad & Android Devices

Photolock protects your images from being stolen without your permission and prevents you from being on the wrong end of copyright infringement.

Since the internet came into existence, image theft has become a widespread problem. It’s so easy to download and copy images from the internet and a lot of people fail to realize that they are using someone else’s work without permission which is copyright infringement.

✓ Prevent Everyday Site Visitors from Stealing Your Work

The easiest way to get photos from a website is by right clicking and choosing the “save image” option. Photolock disables users from right clicking and saving images from your website. You can also prevent users from drag and drop saving of images, and block Google from indexing images on your site .

✓ Protect Copyright

Copyright protection is important for people who sell their photos or digital images. The ease with which someone can steal images from a website requires an added level of protection. It is also important for stores that use supplier provided photography because many companies are required to comply with copyright and usage-rights agreements.

Photolock helps to protect your images and designs from being stolen from your website.

✓ Prevent Google From Displaying Your Images In Search Results

Extend your image protection beyond only your website. Optional Google Lock prevents Google from indexing your site’s images, which makes it more difficult for digital thieves to save your images from the web.

✓ Full Control Over How Photolock Works

Install Photolock with one click without the hassle of coding or manuals. Photolock includes the following features for robust image protection.

  • Full Right Click Disable, to disable all right-click activity on your site.

  • Custom right click prevention message to display to visitors.

  • Custom mouse hover message on images.

  • Drag & Drop Disable, to prevent image saving through drag & drop methods.

  • Prevent visitors from printing images from your Shopify Store.

Photolock works on:

✓ All Major Browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE)

✓ iPhone, iPad & Android Devices


Awesome Customer Support

In need of assistance? Contact one of our app experts with your requests & we will respond promptly. We will do our best to respond your inquiries within 24 hours during business days.


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Photolock does not prevent site visitors from accessing the code of the website and assets embedded in the code, therefore it cannot provide 100% protection, however average users will not be able to save images, since right-clicking has been disabled. Using Photolock as an added level of security is effective protection for approximately 95% of site visitors

Works best on fast loading stores:
It is possible to experience 0.5 - 1 sec delay until lock triggers depending on your store's loading time. Have a look at these great tips to optimize your theme's performance

New Version Features:

  • Google Lock - image index prevention

  • Full Right Click Disable

  • Drag & Drop disable

  • Custom right click prevention message

  • Custom image hover message

  • Prevent visitors from printing images on your site

  • Watermark (coming soon)

Photolock reviews (18)


Great App! Easy to use


I definitely I would recommend this app to anyone who is trying to keep their photos their photos. Awesome app! I am thankful that this app keeps me safe and sound. I would recommend everyone to try this app because you will definitely like it!


Works well on the website (5 stars). But the stock photo can still be copied from Google images (not secure from web search image collection)


Love this app. Highly recommended especially if you use your own photos that you invested time, $ and effort in.


i liked it


Does as promised. Couldn't be easier to install. And a bonus is that it locks down your text too. No more to copy and swipe.

In case you need it, the team at Pasilobus provides top drawer customer support. Seems to be around the clock. I don't know when they sleep!


great app! works perfect


This app is an absolute necessity for our store www.collectionearth.com


Very pleased with this app so far. Easy to install and works immediately.


Finally, I can lock my product photos.. I was fed up spending time photoshopping my images to have other people steal them. This app works great - the guys are helpful as there was an issue within my theme that was stopping all images being locked but within 2 hours of contacting them they got that fixed for me. It works well. Thank you for your help!

$2.99 / month
7 days

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