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Pirate Ship

Developed by Pirate Ship

18 reviews
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  • No monthly fees, label fees, markup, or minimums
  • The deepest USPS® discounts: Commercial Plus Pricing®
  • #1 choice for subscription boxes, batch shippers, and small businesses

Pirate Ship® is the only 100% FREE shipping software!

We got sick of buying & printing shipping labels with software that charges fees & adds markup on top of USPS® services, so we built Pirate Ship.

We don't charge any fees or add any markup, so you just pay for the cost of the postage as you go, and the costs are the lowest USPS® pricing tier available: Commercial Plus Pricing®. You get the cheapest rates for all services, including Priority Mail Cubic®, which can save you up to 89% compared to buying shipping labels with other software!
(Compare the rates for Priority Mail Cubic® vs. Commercial Base Pricing® for weight-based Priority Mail®)

Pirate Ship has all the shipping features you need and nothing you don't:

  • 100% free, easy to install, and easy to use... start shipping in seconds!

  • Automatically marks Shopify orders as "Fulfilled" & adds tracking numbers

  • Works great with Shopify Apps for recurring subscription billing like ReCharge

  • Print domestic & international postage with any type of printer

  • Get USPS® Commercial Plus Pricing® with no markup or fees

Wait... doesn't everyone else offer the "best" USPS® rates, too?

ARrrr matey, they're lying to you! Other shipping software adds 10-40% markup on top of the Commercial Plus Pricing® rates for services like Priority Mail Cubic® (Don't believe us? Compare their rates!) Pirate Ship is the only software that passes through the cheapest pricing tier that USPS® offers for all services with no markup or fees. Don't let yourself get swindled!

Access markup-free Commercial Plus Pricing® for all USPS® services:

  • Priority Mail Cubic®, the cheapest way to ship small packages that weigh up to 20lbs

  • First Class Package®, the cheapest service for packages that weigh 15.9oz or less

  • First Class Package International®, the cheapest way to ship up to 4lbs internationally

  • Media Mail®, for packages that only contains books/media with no other products or ads

  • And all other shipping services, including Priority Mail Flat Rate®, Regional Rate®, etc!

  • We can help you figure out the cheapest/fastest/best way to ship anything! Just ask :)

The simplest way to buy labels for subscription boxes & batch shippers!

Pirate Ship makes shipping identical packages a sea-breeze. Quickly search, filter, and sort your Shopify orders into batches, then buy as many labels as you need for that variation. With no limits on the size of your batches, it's fast & fun to buy the postage you need whether it's just a couple of orders or tens of thousands.

Pirate Ship is fully loaded with all the bells & whistles:

  • Import orders from Shopify, upload any spreadsheet, or enter single addresses

  • Automatic USPS®-certified address validation & correction

  • Google-powered address auto-complete & saved address memory

  • Schedule tracking emails to send shipping notifications at specific times

  • Generate PDF or ZPL labels for any type of printer

  • Create End-of-Day Scan Forms for each batch of labels

  • Print directly to any printer in the world with Google Cloud Print

  • Create a public Share Link to send your labels to someone else

  • Pay-on-Use Return Labels for easy customer returns

  • Simple customs forms for easy international shipping

  • Add-ons like insurance, signature confirmation and more!

Here's our pirate philosophy: Cheapest is better & FREE is best!

Call us pirates, but we think the cheapest shipping rates should be available to shippers of all sizes, not just a competitive advantage that's reserved for the Fortune 500. And while other shipping software is built by giant corporations who'll nickel & dime you at every chance, we're a tiny team that actually cares about you and your business. Chat with us any time, we're always happy to talk about shipping and anything ecommerce-related!

Come aboard Pirate Ship to level the playing field & make your competition walk the plank!

United States Postal Service® trademarks are used with permission by Pirate Ship®, an independent provider of pirate jokes, friendly support, and shipping services.

Pirate Ship reviews

18 reviews
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I compared using postage for the cubic rates on here and my regular priority mail for U.S. shipments....I was able to get postage at 1/2 price what I usually pay. Great free app. I use it for shipping U.S. boxes and use endicia for my other shipments. The only feature it basically does not have that I wish it did would be to add your own logo on the label or design. Thats the only thing it is missing. Stealth postage is included on the label which is nice.


We just stumbled on this app a week or so ago and have to say it's fantastic! There is no cost to use this app unlike the other postage printing services that charge a monthly usage fee. The rates are the lowest you can get and it will always suggest the cheapest way possible for you to ship. Already this app has saved us the $35 monthly service fee we were paying with our previous shipping platform and it's saving us money on every label we print! Support is awesome! They answer the chat box quickly and provide easy to follow instructions. Definitely happy we found this gem of an app. Thank you Pirate Ship!


We love Pirate Ship..works great right from the start! Best USPS Rates!


I literally recommend this app and website to every single business I work with! I have had small businesses thank me over and over for pointing them towards this amazing business and I even once had a lady in our local post office look at me in shock at the price we were able to get through Pirate Ship. We own two subscription box businesses and I can't ever tell you how much they have saved us!!! On top of all of that, one of the even more important things you should know is that this company seriously cares about their customers. The owners have personally called me before and or messaged me directly to walk me through any questions I may have. AMAZING people AND amazing prices? I'll never go anywhere else and I will ALWAYS recommend them. What are you waiting for? Seriously download this! Come back and thank me later lol! (No this is not paid for or solicited in anyway I am literally from one small business to another trying to tell you that it really is the best!)


Kind of amazed Pirate Ship doesn't have more reviews.

Not only do they not charge a monthly fee (as other more popular solutions do) they offer the best pricing on USPS labels.

No markups and you get cubic rates if applicable.

That right there in and of itself should be enough for people to take a serious look at them but they also have the most responsive and helpful customer service I've ever dealt with - it doesn't seem to matter what time or day . . .

You should seriously check them out.


Pirate Ship is awesome! I was a little worried about shipping a large amount of packages and I needed to use the USPS media rate. Pirate Ship was my perfect solution. If you have questions they are there to help. It works great with Shopify orders, and you can even manually create a label. My favorite features are: Print the order contents on the label, save package weight and measurements so you don't have to enter it every time, and the ability to designate the date and time my customer gets the notification email. We love it!


Best shipping service I have used yet, Great support as well. Thanks!


They had a few things that needed to be tweaked and they did that immediately. Can't ask for anything more than that. They were even willing to go the extra mile to customize something for me - way beyond what they needed to do. Now this is the kind of service that everyone is looking for! Pirate Ship has the cheapest rates. I can't imagine why anyone would use any other app because the only one that truly has the cheapest price, regardless of whether you send 1 package a day or 100, is Pirate Ship. I have tried them all. I have tried Shippo and many others who claimed they had the cheapest rates but they don't. In the case of Shippo its business model changed after a year of doing business with them but they didn't even notify me or honor its commitment to customers who were guaranteed the lowest rates - now they just provide a discount. Who wants to do business with a company that doesn't honor its commitment and isn't transparent? Not me, I can tell you. Totally unacceptable. I wouldn't waste your time on any other apps since I've gone through them all and FINALLY have found the cheapest rates. Plus, the app works well. And, when I say cheapest rates I mean as compared to Shippo, on average, $.50 cents a label plus Shippo's $.05 fee per label - total $.55 cheaper per label. This really adds up over time. And, customer service has been great. Pirate Ship is really the only shipping app you should consider!


The beauty of this app is in its simplicity, from easily importing orders and calculating the cheapest rate to printing shipping labels. If your shopify store ships primarily with USPS then you will greatly benefit by using Pirate Ship. They have the cheapest commercial rates available with no fees or markups. The chat support is quick and helpful and the cute pirate theme just makes shipping that much for fun!!


Pirate ship has been a god send for my business and the continuous updates & stellar customer service are bonuses. I've been telling other entrepreneurs I know to jump on board.


Get the cheapest USPS® rates with no fees.


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