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Edited August 26, 2020

I am not sure what is going on with this app because they used to be GREAT. Now half the time orders aren't processed or for some reason aren't sent over? It is utterly frustrating and this app has cost me more money than it should. Also, their pricing for t-shirts is misleading and the actual cost is much higher so if you don't pay attention or think that your mark up is high enough, you may be actually losing money with each sale.
MJ / Crow Tarot Shop

The Humane Home
United States
Almost 5 years using the app
Edited April 23, 2020

Wow…I agree with everything I’ve heard and it’s not cool to be the slow one because once you discover comments like these...your trying to figure out why it is not working and I just spent days on this?! All in all, what do you do now ? Pricing is too inconsistently changing not dependable so do you drop shop yourself? What gives ?!

United States
Almost 2 years using the app
January 11, 2020

From the surface Pixels can offer your business a lot of value and ease of use for a print service. But the reality is once you use it for almost a year and see hardly any return on sales, accompanied by losing money over shipping/payment integration issues. followed by everything mentioned below on my cons list. its not worth it. Long Story Short If you are a Fine Art Photographer or looking for a professional looking website with access for clients to purchase High quality prints directly from your site using a 3rd party print lab Run away from this one..
-Only app that will work with sopify store for the above use.
-lots of product selections

-25MB File Size maximum (red Flag #1)
-Payment Integration is a nightmare
-Display Images of your FINE ART you want people to BUY with money on your website looks HORRIBLE. and I mean awful compared to the Full Size Image File. (this is more of a Shopify issue but none the less its a HUGE problem)
-for correct Shipping Calculations to be determined on orders (Pixels wont mention this part), you have to Purchase and Install ANOTHER 3rd party shopify plugin (advanced shipping Rules) that does this for you. Thuss making overhead go up, and the value of pixels go Down..oh and if thats not bad enough you have to pay for the entire Year upfront of shopify service just for the advance shipping app to work with pixels properly. so now even if I want to stop using pixels/shopify I wont be able to get that money back. (Huge Bummer)
-user support for this service is horrible
-User Interface (UI) is not great and often times confusing.
-claims to have lots of frame options but on my site it would only allow B&W frame/Matting options.
-uploading new Content to put on your site is time consuming.
-Prices are not any better than its competition

I do recommend that you check out the company PixieSet, They offer Website building,Professional Client Proofing service, a Store that works with 4 different labs you can offer your clients. and much more. I just started with them on a Free account and so far my its so much better than what Shopify/pixels can offer your photography business.

Nature Through Frames
United States
About 1 year using the app
September 5, 2019

I thought this app would be great to share my art and sell them on products on my website shawlinshop.com I am disappointed as it does not import tags or text on the given fields.

5 months using the app
Edited January 30, 2019

Tested the Print on demand service to my own address. communication from the site was poor. details for shipping non-existing the "shipping tracking" given does not even show it past. entered country destination after that seems to be off with the fairy's

customer service is delayed or unreachable. prices are all over the place one page shows 11 dollars actual order shows 8 dollars.

fast to take transaction slow to respond after that. order initially placed on the 23/12/2018 still in the wind today with no details from the Print on Demand Service Pixels.

Snow Convenience
2 months using the app
Edited September 27, 2016

The app was easy to install and it was very easy to use. However after going through all the setup for the various products, when it came time to add them to the store not all the products were available. The app still needs work.

The base prices are ridiculously high. I appreciate the ease of using a print on demand service but if no one purchases your products because the prices are too high then it defeats the purpose and no one makes any money including Pixels.

As a last note. I had emailed their customer service several days ago and still have yet to receive a reply. To the extent that Shopify has contacted them as well, requesting that they answer my query.

I will be removing this app and trying another company.

Dragon Star Creations
United States
About 2 months using the app
September 8, 2016

The base prices are insane. There are way too many other print-on-demand companies with MUCH lower prices to go any farther with my test of the app.

I only got as far as uploading a photo in order to see base prices for all products. After seeing the same products I pay other printers 50% less for, I quickly uninstalled. $30 base price for a phone case?? $20 for the same tote others sell for $10? $18 tees others sell for $10-13? No.

Aka Style Co
United States
3 minutes using the app