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Power Tools - Bulk Edit Tags

Power Tools - Bulk Edit Tags

Developed by Power Tools

48 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Add and remove a tag or tags from every product in a collection
  • Bulk delete tags, or update tags based on combinations of other tags
  • Add and remove tags based on your product descriptions

Easily add or remove product tags

This is a very simple app, but if you have ever needed to add or remove a lot of tags you'll appreciate how useful it is.

Currently the only way to bulk add or remove tags is to use the export to CSV option, and then you have to deal with removing tags using Excel - which is a lot harder than it sounds!

Power Tools - Bulk Edit Tags makes it easy to add or remove one or more tags from every product based on collections, existing tags, or even the product descriptions. Or perhaps you need to delete all instances of a tag. Simple as that!

Given that Power Tools has all the technology for managing tags from our other apps, such as the Filter Menu we thought we'd give this away for FREE, as it is only giving a taste of what we already do for many other stores. We hope that if you like it you'll give our other great apps a try!

Combine Collections

This app can also be used as a simple way to create more complex collections, or even combine existing collections. All you need to do is create a new collection with the rule

tag equals 'my-new-tag'

and then add that tag to all the products in a couple of clicks. This is a cheap way of getting some of the functionality of our Smarter Collections app - which you can always upgrade to if you need more features.

Add, Remove and Replace based on tags

You can now find your products based on their tags. This new feature also allows you to replace any existing tag or tags. For example if you have a product tagged 'Red' and 'Blue' you can add 'Multicolor' or even replace 'Red' and 'Blue' with 'Red-Blue'. It's another option that can come in handy when you need it!

New Feature - Add and remove by product description

Ever needed to add some tags based on the product description, then this great new feature has got you covered. For example if your products have a description like: Organic: Yes, then you can tag all of your products with 'Organic' in one step!

And did we mention it is FREE, give it a try today!

Power Tools - Bulk Edit Tags reviews

48 reviews
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Great app, easy to edit lots of product tags PVC Safety Signs.co.uk


I now know what this is free! Because once you try one PowerTools app you'll want them all...thanks guys...as if I didn't have enough cool apps to play with. When will I find the time?



Another smart tool to improve your shopify experience.


Edit: developer seems to have done something to reduce or solve this issue. good app.
at first it seems great, but then i noticed not every job i requested is being correctly completed or even fully completed. maybe because it is doing the jobs slower than i am putting them in?
for example: i have a group or products tagged "great" and i want to have all of those also tagged "yellow" . i have another group tagged "super" that i also want tagged "yellow" and submit the job.
i submit the request. now i want the tag "great" removed

it botches.


Amazing! Seriously the best app on shopify. I have hundreds of variants and I did all of my product tagging in just a few minutes. Couldn't be happier!


Good one to have!


This worked perfectly and saved me so much time! Easy and free! Thanks!


Pretty easy to use, I had to request the job twice before it got done but it did the edit I asked for. Very good app for a Free app.



Very easy to use and super useful, Highly recommended.


This is a really great app. It saved me a ton of time when I needed to adjust one of my tags. I just went into this tool, used the "replace with" option and boom! All updated! Thanks so much, I will definitely be using this one again!



  • Large

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